Chrysalis Chronicles Book 1: The Eyes of the Desert Sand by Edwin Wolfe

Chrysalis Chronicles Book 1: The Eyes of the Desert Sand

By Edwin Wolfe

320 Pages – Ages 12+

Published by Fox Hunt Publishing Group on March 24, 2012

 Ethan Fox lived in the city but really wanted to be somewhere outdoors with big open spaces. His family took a vacation to the beach and Ethan went for a walk where he met a young girl, Haley. Haley had amnesia and couldn’t remember anything. While Ethan was talking to Haley, he saw a blue bunny with yellow polka-dots named Jasper. Ethan followed the bunny and Haley followed Ethan and they found a hidden staircase into the ground. From that moment on, both of their lives get more dangerous and more exciting when they meet the Caretakers and their allies!

I loved this book! The characters in the book were very unique and cool. Some of the creatures were totally new and some were ones you heard of before but were totally different from what you know (did you know that leprechauns are really nasty small people who kill the Grumplings by using a four-leaf clover (a Grumpling’s favorite food) as bait?) I liked really liked the Hydromorphs (creatures that could breath under water and shape-shift). The strange creatures and hidden worlds Mr. Wolfe describes are very interesting and I really got into the story. The reading level was more challenging and that made it more enjoyable for me. I recommend it to kids 12+ and young advanced readers that are 9+.

I give “The Eyes of the Desert Sand” five out of five bookworms!

To learn more about Mr. Wolfe, visit his website, HERE. There are a lot of fun things to see on the website and you can even read a sample chapter of “The Eyes of the Desert Sand.”

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  1. Outstanding review, Erik! & Thanks for specifying the reading level.

  2. Sounds interesting, Erik! The beginning has a “down the rabbit hole” flavor like Alice In Wonderland, but then it seems to take off in a whole new direction. Thanks for a great review!

  3. I love how you constantly challenge yourself to read books that are a little more complex and difficult. This does sound like a fascinating read, Erik. What’s your schedule like for reading? How many books do you usually get to finish in a day?

    • Hmmmm my schedule is I read all the time 😉 No seriously, I do! I even get in trouble for reading so much! It depends on if it is a middle grade, picture book or YA book. I usually read 3 middle grade books a week during school. During the summer I read a MG book a day. YA books take 1-2 days. I LOVE TO READ!!

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