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 Mission control we have a book launch!

Author Michelle Isenhoff

I am so EXCITED to be the first stop on a month-long book launch tour for Michelle Isenhoff’s newest book – “Beneath The Slashings”! The book officially launched yesterday (August 1st) on Mrs. Isenhoff’s blog – Bookworm Blather, (click HERE to go to it)!  I’ve been waiting for the final book in her Divided Decade Trilogy and HERE IT IS…

Beneath The Slashings

By Michelle Isenhoff

129 Pages – ages 9+

Published August 1, 2012

Grace was so happy when she heard her Pa was finally coming home from the Civil War! Grace and her brother Sam had been staying with their Aunt and Uncle while their Dad was away. Her happiness soon turned to anger when she found out her Dad sold their farm and was taking them to live on a lumber camp in Michigan. Grace tried reasoning with Pa to not sell the farm, but it didn’t work. She grows so angry with her Dad that she stops talking to him. When they arrive at the camp, Grace is less than thrilled. The only people in the camp that Grace likes are Ivan the Russian cook who she and Sam were working for and Johanson, the blacksmith. Grace finally starts to open up and enjoy living at the camp but she still doesn’t forgive her Dad. Things in the camp start to fall apart and break down and things start to get dangerous. Grace realizes someone is sabotaging the camp! Grace tries to investigate to try to figure out who is doing the sabotage while also trying to have a better relationship with her Dad. Will Grace uncover the saboteur and finally forgive her Dad? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT!!

Beneath The Slashings is the third book in the Divided Decade Trilogy (the first book was “The Candle Star” – click HERE for review and the second book was “Broken Ladders” – click HERE for the review). It isn’t a secret that I am a HUGE fan of Mrs. Isenhoff’s historical fiction books! I did an interview with her where she told me about how she does the research for her books and her writing process (click HERE to read it). Beneath The Slashings was an exciting and emotional book! The time period it was set in was very interesting. It is in the time just after the civil war (a time in history I haven’t read too much about). I liked learning about how some people felt about their relatives and country just after the war. It was also cool to learn about the lumberjacks and their camps. Grace is a great main character. She is nice and thoughtful yet very stubborn.  I was surprised to find out that one of the lumberjacks, Jefferson, was related to Malachi (the son of a freed slave), a character in Mrs. Isenhoff’s book “The Candle Star”. That was a cool connection. I really like how Mrs. Isenhoff adds a lot of detail and lots of action and adventure and makes it totally appropriate for kids. I also like how I learn history from her books. Mrs. Isenhoff also has teaching resources for her books at her website (click HERE).


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  1. Erik, excellent review of Michelle’s new book. Now I can’t wait to read it. Have read the first two and learned so much about the time period. I ordered the book and should get it soon. I can’t wait to read the final book in her trilogy. I love the research she has done. And, I love knowing more about the the Civil War impacted the North. Sounds like another great read!

  2. This is another great review. You are right. The time period just after the Civil War is one that isn’t flooding libraries with information. It had to be a very difficult time dealing with all the changes and healing from the divisions. This sounds like a wonderful historical novel.

  3. WOW! Erik, you are truly a wonder. You’ve even convinced ME to go buy the book! 🙂

    Thank you for a beautifully done, detailed post. To me, a year’s worth of work is so worthwhile if kids can learn a little history and have an enjoyable time doing it.

    Mission accomplished, Houston!

  4. This looks like a wonderful way to learn about Civil War history. Thanks for sharing this series. I hope you enjoyed your camping trip. I was happy to see you didn’t blog a bit.

    • It is a wonderful way to learn about the Civil War! I hope you get the books! I LOVED camping, except for the fact that we were terrorized by overly friendly skunks that went around like they owned the place! >:-( *hmph*

  5. Welcome back, Erik! And what a way to show that you’re back–this terrific post. Michelle’s new book sounds fascinating! Thank you! 😀

  6. I presented you with the Blog On Fire Award…you can pick it up here…http://www.donasdays.blogspot.com

    Donna L Martin

  7. What a great review, Erik! These books seem to be what I would especially enjoy since I like historical fiction.
    (Did you program your blog to post this while you are/were away? which is a such a handy feature. I’m looking forward to your telling us about your camping trip.)

  8. Oh wow, how generous of you Erik to include all the links for the blogtour. You are truly awesome that way. I am a huge fan of historical fiction and I am glad to know even more titles through you. The book covers also look inviting.

  9. What a supercalafragalisticly done review, Eric. (I have owed you a comment since the last Perfect Picture Book Friday.) I have been meaning to get by here, but we had a death in our family. I hope life has been good this summer. I will catch up reading your posts right now. But what a superb review. I love this book and all of Michelle’s books. She’s just such a terrific writer. That first sentence in Beneath the Slashings got me. It told me I was going to love this book! And love it I did. Hope you had a great vacation. *waves*

  10. Excellent review! We just reviewed Beneath the Slashings on our blog, too. It was fun to read a review by someone else and nice to see what you liked about the story. Great review and a book that others will certainly enjoy.


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