Today I’m not here. I’m on Youth Tube!

Today I’m not here. I’m at Youth Tube getting interviewed! Check it out HERE! Wait… I mean THERE! *hee hee*

Youth Tube. Youth Tube is a site for kids to “share their art, videos, stories, reviews, songs, feature books and a whole lot more. Youth Tube’s goal is to encourage “early literacy and children’s creativity.” Dr. Niamh Clune and the team at On the Plum Tree created Youth Tube as a safe place for kids to show their creative work.

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  1. GREAT interview, Erik! Thanks for pointing us there!

  2. You are a cool kid. I enjoyed the interview. I’d LOVE to read the ABC book about Lincoln.

  3. Excellent interview, Erik. But .. what happened to visiting Canada? hmmm???

    • Thank you Ms. Davidson! YIKES! OF COURSE I WANT TO GO TO CANADA! Well technically I was already there twice (once on the Gaspe Penninsula (I remember ice fishing and sledding there) and once on the St. Lawrence River (we stayed on an island and I knocked one of my teeth out but I was a very little kid). And Novia Scotia is now on the top of the list! 😉

  4. Very cool interview. Thanks, Erik!

  5. Erik I really enjoyed the interview.! I definitely see you going places!!!

  6. Yes! Thank You so much for agreeing to do the interview. Fantastic!

  7. I love your interview over at Youth Tube. You answered the questions so well. Keep up the good work!

  8. Great interview Erik. Love your sense of humor. Glad you’re involved with Youth Tube!

  9. Have a great time, Erik. What a great place to share your talents with other creative kids. I’m sure your interview will be super. Thanks for letting us all know about Youth Tube.

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