Linc Adams and the Freddie Fantastic Summer by Becky Van Volkinburg

THIS IS MY LAST WEEK OF FREEDOM BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS AAAAHHHHH!!! So I better celebrate what’s left of my summer! First I want to announce the winners of the Elliot Stone and the Summer Vacation Sea Monster (see my review HERE) Books. I want to thank LP Chase again for giving away three copies of her book here on my blog! I had to wait for Josie to get up this morning so she could pick the winners from the hat 😉 The winners are –

Patricia aka Mamaw!

Michelle Isenhoff!

Jess Haight!

Congratulations! I will be emailing you to get your mailing addresses!

Now the summer celebration continues with an awesome book that was just published!

Linc Adams and the Freddie Fantastic Summer

by Becky Van Volkinburg

140 pages – ages 7+

Published by Tate Publishing on July 31, 2012

Jefferson Lincoln Adams (A.K.A. Linc Adams) plans to have a marvelous summer. He’s planning to go to the beach, camping, play kickball, meet new friends, stand up to bullies and meet his hero (Freddy Fantastic). Linc soon finds out that his summer isn’t going to be what he was planning. He didn’t plan to get attacked by birds, hurt his friend’s feelings or get covered in glitter…

I squeezed out some shampoo and lathered up my head and finished washing everything else. What was that smell? It was sweet, like my sister. Oh, no! I looked at the bottle in my hand, and to my horror realized that I had used Maddie’s Sparkle Princess Strawberry Wash. I was covered head to toe in glittery, strawberry-scented soap! I started to frantically rinse off when my mom popped her head in the bathroom.

“Come on, Linc. Let’s go. Shut the water off.” Was she nuts? I couldn’t shut the water off! I had to rinse and rewash! (taken from the back cover of the book)

 This is a book that was fun to read. I even thought the title was fun. The story is humorous and enjoyable and I think kids of all ages would like it. It would be especially good for young advanced readers because it is a clean read! Linc is a very silly comparison to a modern American boy (with a cool name like Jefferson Lincoln Adams he is American!). I also liked the couple of simple illustrations included in the book.

Five out five book worms for the fun beginning chapter book Linc Adams and the Freddy Fantastic Summer!  


To learn more about Ms. Van Volkinburg and Linc Adams, please visit the Linc Adams website HERE. The website is pretty cool. It has some games, an “about” section about Ms. Volkinburg and you can read an excerpt from Linc Adams.

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  1. This looks like a great beach read to me – short, easy, funny. Thanks for the recommendation, Erik, and enjoy this last week of vacation!

  2. Enjoy your last week of vacation. School starts today for us! I’m crossing my fingers we all get out the door on time.

  3. Enjoy your last week of vacation. But, I imagine you are excited about school starting too? I always was, even though I clung to those last few summer days.

    This book sounds like a very light and fun read. Love the cover!

  4. Sounds like a fun book. Great review Erik! I hope you enjoy your last week of vacation. Thanks for the great post and best of luck to Ms. Van Volkinburg.

  5. I sure hope you enjoy all that is left of summer before school starts and that school itself will be a fun-filled learning time.

  6. About three more weeks of summer vacation here. I think you had a great summer, Erik, by what you have told us. Use up what’s left in a great way!

  7. Enjoy the last days of vacation! Thanks for sharing this book! I hadn’t heard of it- but it sounds like fun. I can imagine the shampoo incident. lol

  8. AHHH!!!! Sorry you’re almost out of summer 🙁 But school will be fun too – at least for a few days 🙂 Great review – sounds like a fun book!

  9. Sorry to hear your summer is coming to an end. Odd, we never went back until AFTER Labor Day. Your review is good. This looks like a fun read. I might check it out.

  10. Thanks for this great review. Enjoy your last week of summer holidays. I am sure you will enjoy your new school and make tons of new friends.

  11. Sounds like a perfectly delightful book, Erik! Aren’t you excited that school just started? I’m sure you’d have a blast! 😉

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