My September Upper Bucks Free Press Newspaper Column is Out! – “Meet Bucks CountyAuthor – Debbie Dadey!”

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I usually don’t post on Tuesdays, but my September Upper Bucks Free Press newspaper column just came out and I wanted to share it because it is about a local author who I met a couple of times and she is SUPER nice AND she writes great books! Below is my column (with a couple of extras) or you can see the newspaper version at the UBFP site by clicking HERE (it’s on page 13)

Meet Bucks CountyAuthor – Debbie Dadey!

Debbie Dadey is the author and co-author of 155 books for children, including the Adventures of the Bailey School Kids. Debbie is a former first grade teacher and school librarian who now resides in BucksCounty with her three wonderful children, three dogs, and one fabulous husband, Eric Dadey. Her website is she hopes you’ll like her on!/debbiedadey. She volunteers at Christ Home and The Moland House.

Ms. Dadey’s newest series is called “Mermaid Tales.” In Book 1, Trouble at Trident Academy, Shelly (a mergirl) is worried about starting school at TridentAcademy, one of the best schools in TridentCity. It doesn’t help that there is a mean rich mergirl in Shelly’s class named Pearl who doesn’t like Shelly. With the help of Shelly’s best friend, Echo, Shelly hopes to still have a good time at TridentAcademy!

I got to ask Ms. Dadey a few questions about this series and her newest book, “A Whale of a Tale.”

Erik – Your new series is “Mermaid Tales.” How did you get the idea for this series?

Debbie Dadey – I had just gotten back from a beach vacation when an editor from Simon and Schuster emailed me asking if I’d be interested in writing about mermaids. I thought it sounded fun and I did some brainstorming. They liked my ideas and Mermaid Tales, complete with TridentAcademy and a fun group of merkids, was born.

Erik – I like that the whole plot idea of writing about merkids in school. TridentAcademy sounds like a cool place. The new book in the series, “A Whale of a Tale,” was recently published (August 28, 2012). Can you tell us about the story?

Debbie Dadey – An exciting part of school is a field trip, but when your school is under the ocean you go on ocean trips. How exciting to get to visit a humpback whale pod! Only one mermaid, Kiki, is afraid of whales. Will Kiki get over her fear and get to breech on the back of a whale? I hope you’ll read to find out. When I was doing research for the book (as I do for every book) I found out my nephew had actually swam with humpbacks so he told me about it so I could use it in the story.

Erik – WOW! I’d like to go on that field trip! If you were a mermaid, what kind of mermaid would you be?

Debbie Dadey – I would probably be Shelly, the mermaid in Mermaid Tales, who likes sports and animals. And she has a blue tail, my favorite color!

Erik – I really like hearing how authors do research for their books. It is neat that your nephew was able to help you with his whale experience. I read on your website that you went skydiving to get an idea for a book. I would LOVE to know about that!

Debbie Dadey – I have a story that I’ve been working on for a while about a kid who helps an older woman for the summer. The old lady decides she’s never done anything exciting and decides to sky dive! The kid tries to talk her out of it. After all, what if her false teeth fell out of her mouth and killed someone on the ground? But since the older lady was going to do it, I felt like I needed to do it for research! I’ve also gone to space camp and dropped 400 feet into a shark tank for research! Luckily, I was separated from the sharks!

Erik – Thanks Ms. Dadey! Mermaid Tales is a great series for young readers and kids just looking for a fun story. I am also a huge fan of Ms. Dadey’s other series like the Key Holders and the Bailey School Kids. To read more please check out my website!

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  1. This is a great piece, Erik. ‘m impressed with how much Ms. Dadey has accomplished. Micah loves the Bailey School Kids, and I love the cover art on this new book!

  2. Congratulations, Erik, on a great interview. You’ve done a great job, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn about these books and a little about the life of the author. Her cover art is impressive!

  3. These books look like a fun way to explore ocean life!

  4. Lucky you! I once met Debbie Dadey, and you’re right – she IS really nice! And has written an impressive number of books – wow! I like imagining what an ocean trip would be like. Do you have a favorite school field trip Erik?

    • Ms. Dadey is super nice! She has a lot of different books too. I haven’t been on a lot of field trips but I think my favorite so far was going to Harrisburg the captial of Pennsylvania and touring the city. That was cool. I think this year I get to go to Gettysburg (which is cool) but I’m not sure. What was your favorite field trip?

      • My favorite was to Philadelphia. I was in the fifth grade and it was a long ride on the bus from Long Island. I’ll never forget seeing the liberty bell and finally learning how to play a clapping game to the Oreo song with the many hours we had on the bus. Make sure to write a post about Gettysburg – I’ll be looking forward to it!

      • We never went to Philly on a field trip, but my parents took us there a lot. It is a great place!

  5. I love learning about other authors. Debbie Dadey does some awesome research fo her books. The mermaid series sound great! Thanks once again Erik for introducing me to another author.

  6. Great interview, Erik! And boy, hasn’t Debbie done some amazing stuff!

  7. Wow! I think she wins the title of Most Adventurous Author!

    Great interview Erik – her niceness shines through!

  8. wow! I enjoyed reading about Debbie’s research for her books. She is one active lady! Not sure I would go in a shark tank for research. Love your interview with her Erik!

  9. Great post, Erik. I always enjoy hearing your distinct voice in your interviews. Thank you for introducing us to Debbie’s work.

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