Seed Savers By S. Smith

Seed Savers

By S. Smith

232 pages – ages 9+

Published by Sandra L. Smith on April 17, 2012

One day, Clare brought back these things called seeds to her brother, Dante, and her best friend, Lily. She got them from Ana, a friend from church. Ana starts to teach them fruits, and vegetables, and what seeds do. They soon learn that saving seeds and growing your own food is illegal in the U.S.A. The only food allowed is the kinds you get from Stores. They decide to secretly become Seed Savers with the help of Ana. When the government finds out what Clare and Dante are doing, the kids flee to Canada with the help of other Seed Savers across the country. They think growing food in Canada is legal because it isn’t part of the US. Can the kids get to Canada before they get caught by the government??

This was an interesting book. I like dystopian books where something “wrong/bad” has happened. In this book, it’s an evil government that wants to control the food of their country. “Seed Savers” was really good. I like the character of Clare. She was really smart. Dante seemed like he should be 14 or 15 not seven, but he was still a good character. I think the cover art is cool. This was a good reading level for me. The story was involved and it read well. The plot was pretty unique. I like how the setting seemed to be some-what in the future. I also liked reading about the types of food they have (like “Sweeties”). I recommend this book to kids 9+.

I give a unique-read, Seed Savers, four out of five book worms!

To learn more about S. Smith please visit her website by clicking  HERE.

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  1. I like the cover too – really nice! – and it sounds like a very interesting premise for a book! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  2. Good review, Erik…this topic is not too far from the truth! I love a good mystery…

  3. A dystopian for a younger age group. Sounds quite interesting. Thanks for mentioning this novel.

  4. I have to admit that the last dystopian novel I read was probably George Orwell’s 1984. This does have an interesting premise though.

  5. Thanks for the review, Erik!

  6. Oh, I have read very few middle grade dystopian books and I just love the government’s threat in this one. I will put this one on my TBR list, Erik.

  7. Escaping to Canada?! Love that! 😉 What an interesting premise – and rather a bit too close to reality. Great review Erik!

  8. Great review, and kinda scary since the theme is so real. You might be interested in this organization:

  9. Saving seed is essential if we are to prevent even worse famine across the world. What an important lesson, Erik. It is great that you are recommending this book.

  10. Great review Erik. Think I should look this one up.

  11. I’m a big gardener, and I have heard real concerns about the possible regulating of seeds, so this does have a scary realness to it. Besides the Giver trilogy by Lois Lowry, I haven’t read any other MG dystopian novels. May have to look this one up.

    • It’s weird, I never thought that something in a fiction book would actually happen… A bunch of people commenting said that it is close to some things that may be happening now. I really liked the book, I think you may too 🙂

  12. Good review Erik. What if it is also illegal in Canada? Where will the kids go? This must be book two. Now, I am curious.

  13. Good morning, Erik
    Just want to invite you to stop by my blog a moment…

  14. One of the things I love about dystopian books is that it makes us appreciate the world as it is today, reminding us that it is not too late to change our ways. Thanks for telling us about this book, dear Erik!


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