International Dot Day!

In celebration of International Dot Day (September 15th-ish) I am making a special second blog post today! I learned about Dot Day through Patricia Tilton’s awesome blog “Children’s Books Heal.” Dot Day is celebrated around the world. The goal of Dot Day is to help kids (and grown-ups) express themselves and be creative. The day is based on Peter H. Reynolds great picture book “The Dot.”

For a summary and review of “The Dot” please visit Ms. Tilton’s website HERE.  To learn more about International Dot Day, please visit the official website HERE! My sister and I decided to make our own dots. Please visit Josie’s blog to see her dot by clicking HERE.

This is the dot I made!

“Dot” by Erik 2012

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  1. Love your collage-dot, Erik; I need to pop over and see Josie’s now!

  2. Oh WOW! WOW! That is so COOL! Erik. what a great artistic dot! I keep looking at it trying to pick out what you used to create this masterpiece, material, pictures, papers…… Well done!

  3. Cool! I love making collages — what a great idea to make a collage dot! This is great, Erik! (And I already saw Josie’s — love her rainbow of hand-prints.)

  4. Hey Erik – you have a great sense of color! Wunderbar!

  5. What a totally cool dot, Erik! I love it! So colorful and creative!

  6. What a cool dot! I love your collage.

  7. Thank you! You’ve put a smile on my face! 😀

  8. Looks like fun! And it has personality.

  9. What a great concept! 100% support from me!

  10. Great ‘dot’ Erik. I love the idea of ‘International Dot Day’ and have been promoting it in this part of the world (New Zealand). Thanks for sharing your wonderful post and artwork 🙂

  11. Oh I missed this virtual party, Erik. I know about Peter Reynolds and most of his works, but have not really had a chance to get them from our libraries – now I feel more than ever that I’m missing out on so much. Your ‘dot’ here is very creative! Lovely collage! 🙂

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