Song of Sahel Charity Event Hosted by Niamh Clune of On the Plum Tree

I follow Niamh Clune’s blog “On the Plum Tree.” When she started blogging about the problems in Sahel Africa, I didn’t comment on the posts. She blogged about people being hungry and not being able to grow food because of a drought. I didn’t comment on any of the posts because I really didn’t know what to say. The problem is so big.

Dr. Clune then announced that she was  having a charity event to help raise money for a foundation called SOS Sahel and she asked that artists, writers and poets to send in work for a book that she was putting together to sell to raise money to help the people of Sahel. Dr. Clune asked me if I would think about sending something in. I didn’t think that I could really do anything. I kept thinking that the problem is so big. I decided to write how I feel about it. My sister wanted to send a painting in. She said she wanted to tie hope and love to a balloon and send it to Africa to help the people there. I wanted to post it on my blog but she wanted to post it on hers so please click HERE to go see it 🙂

Dr. Clune put together a whole book of art, music and poetry and is hosting a charity event today and an art auction tomorrow. Click on the book cover to find out more. My poem and Josie’s painting are in the book along with great works from people all over the world!

This is the poem I wrote –

One Kid

By Erik W., Age 10


One kid.

That’s what I am.

What can I do?

The problem is so BIG,

And I feel so small.




I could write a poem.

That poem will be read by at least

Seven people, who now know.

Those seven people will tell their friends.

Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians.


Ordinary people who care.


They tell their friends.

Soon the news is spreading.

Help comes really soon to the people,

A world away from me.

Crops are planted, water is fresh.


There is time for school.


A child may be able to have the things

Every child should have.

I begin to realize, there is a chance

I can help, at least,

One kid.

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  1. And your poem and Josie’s art are fantastic additions to this wonderful book. Thank you, Erik and Josie for your contributions. You are an inspiration to other children (to adults too.) And thank you to your parents for bringing up such wonderful children and allowing them to participate in the beauty of this event.

  2. You are very gifted with words, Erik. The message in your poem is profound, and the form is beautiful. I am following the Song of Sahel project and think this is a fabulous contribution. You are making a big impact in the blogosphere and I appreciate all you share.

  3. That poem was very beautiful, inspiring and very moving Erik. What a lovely contribution to help the people in Africa. I loved also Josie’s painting.

  4. Erik, I like the article you posted, but especially loved the poem you submitted. Good for you. I also released something today to help this very worthy effort.

  5. What a powerfully moving poem, Erik. We all feel “what can we do” in the face of something so big, but every contribution gets closer to the goal. Thank you for all you contribute to the world.

  6. P.S. I saw Josie’s painting, and was very impressed by it, as well. I left a comment on her blog.

  7. Beautiful poem, Erik. What a super you’ve done. Not many kids can say they have actively made a difference. It looks like a great keepsake. Well done.

  8. Erik, your poem is so powerful! You are a gifted writer with a beautiful soul!!

  9. What a powerful poem! You are right that you are spreading the word and everyone you tell can also spread the word. I also loved your sister’s painting.

  10. Erik, this poem is phenomenal! Is the book for sale yet? I will definitely buy a copy and I’m going to share your post on my Facebook page.

  11. Such an amazing poem, Erik. It made me all misty-eyed. And Josie’s painting is also beautiful. You guys are the kind of people who will make good change in the world because you care and you try. If what you do helps one person, the world is a better place 🙂

  12. Erik…what a beautiful, beautiful poem. Don’t ever doubt that YOU are a writer, my young friend! Congrats!

    Donna L Martin

  13. Hi Erik,
    The more I read of your writing, the more I realize that you are such a special young man (well, I had already realized that a while ago). Reaching out to help others in whatever way we can is one of the most important indications of our humanity. I read your blog, Erik, and my hope for the world is renewed! Thank you. 😉

  14. OMG (Oh My Goodness) your poem is just perfect. You and Josie should be proud to be part of such a worthy cause. (I am proud to know a kid who can write such an amazing poem). I am in Germany right now, the first time I am near a computer.

  15. What a fabulous poem! You are wise beyond your years and infinitely talented. Thanks for bringing this charity project to our attention. So cool that your poem and Josie’s painting are in the book!

  16. Wow,Erik! I am simply lost for words.
    Your parents must be extremely proud of you and Josie.

  17. Wow. Like I said on Josie’s blog, I love your compassion. One person can make a difference. Many can make a big difference. What a neat project you are a part of.

  18. Oh Erik, I love this post. Sometimes, all it really takes is one kid. And when things seem so overwhelming as they often do, remember this post of yours and see the world of difference it did make. 🙂

  19. In looking over a few old posts, I realized I didn’t comment on this one. Erik, I love that your heart is tender toward others; it shows in this great poem you wrote. I’m glad you shared it here.


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