Mikey the Vampire Monkey 1: The Beginning of Mikey By Mike Gasaway

Mikey the Vampire Monkey 1: The Beginning of Mikey

By Mike Gasaway

53 pages – ages 8+

Published on Mar 15, 2012 by Amazon Digital Services

Mikey didn’t want to go to school. He would have rather stayed in bed and finished his dream about clobbering some huge evil snakes, but his mom got him up and told him it was time for his first day of school. Mikey was always homeschooled… until now. His mom got a job and Mikey is forced to go to school with all the other kids… ER, monkeys. Did I mention Mikey is a monkey and he lives in a world where all the monkeys act pretty much like humans? Mikey also is a vampire. Can Mikey survive his first day at school surrounded by kids who think he’s weird?

I kind of laughed when I got this book…vampire monkey, that’s pretty funny. After I read the book (which has some very funny parts), I thought, “Is that it?” I think the plot idea of the book and the Mikey character are really good but I was totally confused by this book. The story starts off with Mikey having a dream and then waking up having to go to school. There weren’t any details about the monkey world Mikey lives in or any mention that he is a vampire except he doesn’t like sunlight and garlic and he eats blood fruit. The story ends before Mikey’s first day of school is over. It kind of felt like I jumped into a story that I missed the beginning to. Even though there are other books in the series, I think there should have been more of an ending. I do think this book would make a great comic or a really good book (because I do like the plot idea) if it had more parts to it to really tell about who Mikey is.

I give “Mikey The Vampire Monkey 1 :The Beginning of Mikey” two out of five bookworms.

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  1. This one does sound like it would be a good graphic novel. The images could fill in some of the gaps in the story or set the scene for the monkey’s world. Thanks, Erik!

  2. I like Heather’s thoughts. I have a bit of an aversion to vampires, so not sure how I would enjoy this one. I love how you review books that might not be so to your taste, but might just be spot on for someone else.

  3. Great honest review, Erik. Let ma know if you get lots of web traffic today, monkeys seem to be a popular search term 😉

    • WOW! I did get a lot of veiws today! More than I got in a long time! I guess monkeys and vampires are really popular! I guess I’ll just start tagging my posts with “monkey” 😉 I am glad you like my review Ms. Johnson! 🙂

  4. My first reaction to the book was “Vampire Monkeys?” I like monkeys though. I always appreciate your honesty in your book reviews.

  5. Like everyone else here, I appreciate your honesty in your reviews, and that you review all kinds of books. You really provide a service for young readers!

  6. It can be really hard to write an honest review sometimes, can’t it? I have a post scheduled for next week about doing this very thing. But you always balance negatives with positives and you do it with respect and courtesy. Great job.

  7. Great honest review Erik! I like monkeys but not much on vampires. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  8. Not even just monkey vampires…this one started as a homeschooled monkey vampire. Great review – I’m not sure I can even take that book seriously. lol

  9. Hm. What can you say about monkey-vampires with the same first name as the author?

    Every book I have ever read where the author uses her/his own name or the name of their child, was never a great book.

    Doctors are not suppose to be the doctor for their family or friends because objectivity tends to go out the window. I think the same might apply to writers and characters.

  10. This is a good review, Erik. I always love your candor and your very tactful way of sharing your thoughts and views. You’re born for this, dear! I can’t wait until you write your own books. 🙂

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