Perfect Picture Book Friday! My Name Is Georgia by Jeanette Winter

Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday. It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people. I chose this book because tomorrow we are going on vacation to New Mexico and I wanted to find a New Mexico related book. I found a lot of cool books having to do with New Mexico, but I choose “My Name is Georgia” because I thought it was “perfect” 🙂 Georgia O’Keeffe wasn’t born in New Mexico but she loved it there and painted the things she saw there. She moved to New Mexico in 1949 and lived there until 1984 when she died at 98 years old! Because I am going away I won’t be posting for a week but I will catch up when I get back!

My Name Is Georgia

by Jeanette Winter

48 pages, ages 6+

Published by Sandpiper (Reprint edition) on March 1, 2003

Theme/Topic – Art/Biography/Non-fiction

Opening and Synopsis –  “When I was twelve years old, I knew what I wanted – to be an artist.”

Georgia sees the world differently. She drew things BIG so people could see how she saw things. She painted everything, statues, skies, flowers, bones, and the Earth. She loved to paint. She did it until she died at the age of 98. Now, her paintings are known all over the world, and through them, we can see what she saw.

Why I liked this book – First of all, it has wonderful, I repeat, WONDERFUL, illustrations. Second, I like that it is nonfiction and about an artist I really liked learning about. It is written in the first person of Georgia. I like that. It is unique. I like all the drawings of what she actually painted (cartoon-y versions of her paintings). That was cool. I recommend this book to kids 6+.

Activities and Resources –

I think a good activity is to go outside and paint, draw, color the things you see. Maybe a parent and kid can paint the same thing (like a tree or flower) and then you can talk about how different your paintings are because you see things differently!

I found a bunch of Georgia O’Keeffe activities for parents, teachers and kids on Brain Pop Jr. Click HERE to go to it!

This is a pretty cool video that has Ms. O’Keeffe talking about what she sees in the things she paints.

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  1. Oh! My Goodness! I am just amazed that you have discovered Georgia O’ Keeffe at the tender age of 10. You are developing such an intellect. And your parents must be sooooooooo proud of you, Erik. Apart from being your own individual, talented self with so strong an identity of your own, you are such a credit to them. They obviously have poured their love and inspiration into teaching you and inspiring you about the greatest art and literature. I will definitely be buying this book. And I will be reblogging this post to the Plum Tree Books blog.

  2. Reblogged this on On The Plum Tree and commented:
    I am blown away by this 10 year old boy, Erik and by his parents…Read for yourself his review of a Georgia O Keeffe book for 6+ year olds…I am going to read this!

  3. Yes, you are amazing, Erik. Your interest in things beyond your years will really take you places. I love paintings, this sounds super!

  4. Wow! You sure know how to pick’em Erik! This is a wonderful find. I love biographies and the film clip is amazing. I love, just love her drawings, the fine texture she brings to her paintings, so beautiful and bright – even with bones! Thankyou Erik for sharing this with us and I also agree with Niamh, you are a credit to your family.

  5. I love picture book biographies of artists, Erik, and have read many, but this one has slipped me by. Thank you so much for the recommendation. You do exactly what I do before a trip -read ALL I can about the place!

  6. I love reading about authors and illustrators…this one looks great, Erik! I’m looking forward to watching the video. Thanks!

  7. It is amazing the way Georgia drew life into something often related to death. But watching the video you provided, I can see why. She didn’t connect them to death, so she didn’t draw them AS death. She drew them with life.

    What a great PPBF post, Erik. Thank you 🙂

  8. Great review, Erik! I love your activity idea of parents and kids drawing the same thing together. That sounds fun.

  9. Wow Erik, you are full of surprises. Well, you picked a brilliant woman to review a book about. Did you know she was also an author? Her paintings are all huge and often carried a connotation many people did not approve of, though Ms. O’Keeffe never looked at things this way. There is a lot to learn from just this one woman.

    (Erik, I don’t want anyone else to hear this. Do you think I could go with you guys to New Mexico?)

    • I am glad you like my pick Ms. Morris! 🙂 I didn’t know she was an author! Thanks for telling me that! Ms. O’Keeffe was really fascinating!
      (Sorry, my cousin already said he would hide in my suitcase. You can hide in my backpack! 😉 )

      • Well, I did lose twenty pounds. When are you going? I think that is the week I have something to do. Darn! Does it need to be that week?! Couldn’t it be the other week?

        Well, I am disappointed, for sure. Will you tell me (us), all about the trip when you get back? That will help soothe my disappointment.

        Have a nice time. Remember–Pictures! 😉

  10. What an excellent review of what sounds like a fascinating book. Thank you, Erik! Have a great time in New Mexico. How awesome that you might get to go to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum!

  11. Oooo, Jeanette Winter is a favorite of mine – read all our libraries have! Great pick Erik!

  12. What a great review on a wonderful book about an amazing person! You have such a wide range of reading interests Erik. That is so good. Have a great time in New mexico..

  13. I’m jealous that you’re going to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum! I haven’t seen this particular biography that you’ve reviewed here, but I did interview Amy Novesky, who published a PB biography about Georgia in Hawaii earlier this year. There are a few of her paintings in the Honolulu Academy of Arts, which I hope to see later this year when I visit my family.

  14. We also are big fans of Georgia O’Keefe and this looks like a really nice book. Thanks for finding it and recommending it! And thanks for the video as well. It makes the story come alive to see the real person attached to it. Have fun on your trip!

  15. I love Jeannette Winter. And Georgia O’Keefe. Make sure to read GEORGIA IN HAWAII too. And have a fabulous time on vacation.

  16. Great book choice. I am very impressed with your diversity in books. It’s wonderful. Have a fun time in New Mexico!

  17. Thanks for a great review of a very interesting looking book, Erik. I’m really happy to be adding this one to our list. But I LOVE that video – so fascinating to hear Georgia speak about her art – to actually hear her take on it. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  18. I do love her artwork and this sounds like a wonderful biography.

  19. I read this book to my kindergarten kids when we paint flowers like Georgia O’Keeffe. Thank you for sharing the video. I had not come across it before. Next time we will read the book and see Georgia talk about her painting before we head to the paints.

  20. I love so many of the books that Jeanette Winters writes — and have reviewed a few. Wasn’t familiar with her book about the famous Georgia O’Keeffe. Will definitely have to look it up. Lovely review. Could tell you enjoyed it! Sorry, I’m late responding as I just returned from a trip.

  21. Erik, you have done your usual outstanding job of reviewing! I love that you included the video clip…and that you are going to New Mexico (you have probably already been by the time you read this) and will have a chance to see the museum that will give you even more insight into an icon in the world of art. 🙂

  22. Hi Erik dear, I have a special affinity with picture book biographies – I even do several presentations about them here for teachers, but this is one title that has escaped my notice, thus far. I must remedy that soon, and thank you for letting me know about this. We’ve been toying with the idea of having an ‘arts’ theme in GatheringBooks – maybe sometime in 2013. 🙂 Then we shall definitely feature this book – I’m sure I would find this in our libraries.

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