Computer Problems and a Cool Book!

Hi everyone! I am back from New Mexico! I was planning on telling everyone about my trip  in a post I wanted to publish yesterday, but our computer crashed and I couldn’t put the pictures in the post. My mom let me use her laptop to try to catch up on emails and posts 🙂 I hope I can tell you about our trip on Wednesday.

I don’t have a regular review for today, instead I have a  cool book to tell you about. The book is released today and I have been waiting for its release!  Some of you may know that I am a huge fan of Star Wars and I am also very fond of origami, so this book is one I am very excited about.  

Star Wars A Galactic Pop-Up Adventure

By Matthew Reinhart

Ages 7+


Published by  Orchard Books/Scholastic Inc. on October 16, 2012

I got a promotional book from Scholastic with only a portion of the pop-ups in it, but I was very impressed with how the pop-ups were designed! It seems more like origami than pop-ups. It’s like a  pop-up book for older kids or adults. I asked my parents to order me the whole book (I hope they get it for me). Along with the pop-ups there is text that tell about all the characters/places/things that are in the pop-up. A lot of it is information Star Wars fans may already know, but I still enjoyed reading the parts in the promotional book. I opened and closed the book a bunch to make sure the pop-ups didn’t stop working or to see if they bent the wrong way, but they kept working. I think any kid/adult that is a fan of Star Wars would like this.

Check this out!

Did I mention Darth Vader’s lightsaber actually lights up too?!? Pretty cool. I am not giving the book a bookworm rating because I didn’t read the completed version. I’ll let you know what I think the rating is when I get the completed book (please Mom and Dad) 😀

If we don’t get our computer back tomorrow to get the pictures of our vacation to post about on Wednesday, I will still post a book review 🙂

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  1. Hope you had a great trip, Erik! This looks like a must-read for any Star Wars fan! Have you ever seen any of Robert Sabuda’s pop-up books? They’re very intricate and amazing. These pop-ups remind me of his. Good luck getting your computer back!

  2. Sorry about your computer. The pop-up books sounds wonderful. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

  3. OMG, Erik! This book looks amazing! I am ordering this for my son for Christmas. I just added it to my shopping cart using your link. Thanks!

  4. That book looks like all kind of pop up fun! By the way I wanted to thank you again. I received Of Giants and Ice. I’m enjoying it. From my daughter’s interest in the cover, I have a feeling I’ll be sharing it with her very soon 🙂

  5. That is so cool. I love pop up books. We are star wars fans but I know some kdis around the corner who are totally into star wars. I’ll have to tell them about this. Can’t wait to hear about your trip, Erik!

  6. Erik, I hope you get your computer fixed because I am dying to hear about your trip! Also, thanks for this book. I am currently planning a Star Wars LEGO birthday for a six-year-old. This book looks like an awesome gift!

    • We are getting pur computer back tonight (I am still borrowing my mom’s laptop). I will try to have the trip post on Thursday (I hope if I have time). I think any kid who likes Star Wars will LOVE this book! Last year my mom did a LEGO birthday for me. I had a cake with LEGO blocks made out of icing!

  7. I’m with Kirsten; can’t wait to hear! Computers that don’t work rate top ten in annoying things that sometimes happen.

    I am amazed at the intricate detail in this book. I’d almost be afraid to read it. My boys are Star Wars gurus, too. In fact, Micah was intrigued by your Star Wars Reads Day icon in your sidebar. I can’t believe how popular those old movies still are!

    • It is pretty annoying but at least my mom is letting me use her laptop.
      I keep looking at the folds trying to see how it works when it folds back up. It’s pretty cool to see up close. I wasn’t home for Star Wars Reads Day or I would have posted about it. It’s a day to get kids to read by getting them to read about Star Wars. The book store where I used to live was having some cool events around it. Too bad I couldn’t be there 🙁

  8. I love, love, love pop-up books. Thank you for testing to see if the pop-ups stayed good through many page-openings. It is so disappointing when they break or tear or bend wrong.
    Eagerly awaiting the report of your trip!

  9. The light saber is tooooo cool!

  10. Welcome back, Erik! I’m sure you had a great time on your trip, can’t wait to read about it.
    I certainly understand the frustration of a computer crash, I had that happen once and it was a terrible inconvenience. (We have come to rely too heavily on them, I think.) It’s nice of your mom to lend you her laptop. 🙂
    I’m impressed with the Star Wars pop-up book, it looks to be very interesting and fun. Your complete review of the whole book will be great.

  11. Wow, that book looks very cool indeed. If you like pop-ups, you do need to see Robert Sabuda’s books, too.

    Welcome back. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!!

  12. That’s a really awesome pop-up book on Star Wars, Eric! Sorry to hear about your computer woes, hope things get fixed real soon.

  13. Frustrating when your computer is down. I look forward to your pictures of your trip. I have always been a fan of Star Wars and find this book appealing for young kids.

  14. wow! That is one heck of a pop-up. That Darth Vader looks terrific. I am aghast. I LOVE, LOVE pop-ups. One my my all-time favorite things. I would love to know how that one is folded. Amazing. Since it is a promo copy (lucky you, tell me how you did it), why not deconstruct it? Okay, maybe that is a bad idea.

    So glad you are back. I missed you especially the day I reviewed a Lego book. Sure you would have loved that one. Martial arts, dragon-things, and Lego’s. Sorry about the computer. Those things have surely taken over our lives. Happy you are back.

    • I am still catching up on the posts/emails while I was gone. I saw the title of the Ninjago book you reviewed in my inox but I haven’t read it yet 🙁 But I WILL!!

      I met a Scholastic publicist at a book signing and that is how they got my name. The people at Scholastic are super nice. I usually don’t ask for books (I think I did once or twice), they just send them to me.

      That’s a cool idea to take it apart and see how it works! I am going to wait to see if my parents get me the full version though before I do that in case I can’t put it back together…

  15. Ooohlala! A trip to New Mexico, you are such a jetsetter. Can’t wait to see your photos and hear about your trip. While I do enjoy pop-up books, I often worry about their longevity – I get anxious about how they’re folded, if they have tears and such (must be the obsessive-compulsive in me). And yes, I also LOVE Star Wars (same with my daughter). I wonder if we have this book now here in Singapore. Will look for it and let you know.

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