Where I Live by Eileen Spinelli

Where I Live

By Eileen Spinelli

Illustrated by Matt Phelan

112 pages – ages 8+

Published by Dial on June 21, 2007

Diana loved her life. She lived in a house she loved surrounded by things she loved. She had a great mom and dad and a terrific best friend, Rose,  that lived right next door. Diana was very happy.

Then she started to notice that her parents weren’t very happy. Her mom had to go stay with her Grandpa Joe. Then came the news that her dad lost his job and they were all going to have to move to Grandpa Joe’s house and his house was far away from Diana’s house and her friend Rose. Even though Diana loves Grandpa Joe, she doesn’t want to move away from everything she loves. 

This book is an excellent book about moving and how kids feel about it. It is also a very special book to me. I got the book at a book signing I went to and Mrs. Spinelli was there. It was right after my parents told me we were moving because my Dad’s job got moved. So I knew  I was going to be the new kid. Mrs. Spinelli signed the book for me. I liked how Diana (the main character) told how she felt, and I think she is a great character. I like how the book is written from Diana’s point of view and it is in free verse (Diana wants to be a poet),  like Mrs. Spinelli’s book “The Dancing Pancake” (see my review HERE).  Mrs. Spinelli is a great story-teller and I think this is one of my favorite books of hers. When I saw that Matt Phelan did the illustrations for this book, I was even more excited! I am a fan of Mr. Phelan’s books like “Around the World” and “Storm in the Barn.” Mr. Phelan’s sketched illustrations added to the story and helped me picture it in my head. I recommend the book to any kid who is moving or if you are looking for a great free-verse middle grade book! 

Five out of Five Book Worms for “Where I Live”!

Eileen Spinelli is the award-winning author of loads of AWESOME children’s books.  To learn more about Mrs. Spinelli and her books, please visit her website HERE!

Matt Phelan is an award-winning author/illustrator! Check out his website by clicking HERE!

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  1. Children experience many feelings when things that impact their parents also impacts their world. It’s good to have books, like the one you reviewed today, as a reminder for this experience…a reminder especially for parents.

  2. Very thorough review, Erik. It sounds like a great book. I admire someone who can tell a story in free verse (I just read “Out of the Dust,” which does the same), but I still like traditional prose a little better. I’m going to put this one on my TBR list anyway.

  3. You made me want to read this one, Erik. What luck that it came just in time for you.

  4. As a military family, we moved so much when I was growing up. This looks like a wonderful book that would help with that experience.

  5. Just put it on hold, along with Dancing Pancake – thanks!

  6. What a perfect book for you, Erik…God knew you needed it. And how fun that you were able to meet the author!

  7. So many kids needs a sensitive story like this one, Erik. Being military also, I’m familiar with children being uprooted. Also, many families now must move many times in search of a job so this story helps them realize job hunting sometimes means sacrifice. I’m glad you chose it to review. Eileen and Matt make a super pair. Thanks, Erik!

  8. What a great book for kids who have to move, leave behind friends and and school. Glad it fell into your hands at the right time. You did an excellent job of reviewing the book and it sounds great. Will you still write your newspape column? You really like Eileen Spinelli’s books. You’ve reviewed a few.

    • Thanks Ms. Tilton! Yes the editor of the newspaper I write for wanted me to keep writing for it. I was happy because I really wanted to write for a newspaper. I do like Mrs. Spinelli’s books (and her husband’s, Jerry Spinelli, too 😉 ). It was a good book for me to have when we moved!

  9. This sounds like an excellent book. Most kids experience moving at least once in their lives and a book like this would help.

  10. Having no computer certainly doesn’t distract you from writing wonderful reviews. Such an important issue…moving. I can’t count or remember how many times I have moved. It is really difficult. I wish you well in your new home.

  11. First, Welcome Back! I have missed reviews from my favorite reviewer. This sounds like a terrific book and helpful for kids experiencing moving and losing everything and everyone they knew. Plus, being the new kid is horrible those first few weeks at a new school.

    I am sorry who had to experience this Erik. Going through this has given you a better insight into books like Where I Live. Nice review.

  12. Hi there Erik! I read The Dancing Pancake and loved it. This book, I believe is something that my daughter would also resonate with given our ‘huge move’ (as she called it) from the Philippines to Singapore when she was six-turning-seven. She’s ten now and she can still recall the details quite vividly. Would look for this book, dearest Erik. 🙂

  13. Erik, as someone who has moved a lot as an adult, but not when I was young, I wiill find kid’s books about moving resonate with me. This is a great review and as a Spinelli fan, it is going right onto my TBR list. Especially as I am writing more for this age now and am always keen to read great examples of literature for the age group for which I am writing!

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