Halloween is Almost Here! Do you have a book to read?

Halloween is almost here! Do you have a costume? I do! I am going to be an admiral or maybe a pirate. Josie said she wants to be a princess (but she changes her mind a lot).  To get ready for Halloween, I have some fun Halloween book reviews!

For Young Kids

Playtime with Monster

By Michael Yu

26 Pages – Ages 3+

Publisher: Yu Family Publishing on September 1, 2012

Eric didn’t like to go to bed. In fact, he hated it. He didn’t want to get changed, brush his teeth or get in bed. He didn’t want to do any of that until his mom told him about the monster. The monster will come and play with you if you give him cookies. Eric LOVED this idea and couldn’t wait to see if the monster wold come play at bedtime.

The story and illustrations in this ebook were excellent. If you want a nice friendly monster story for your young kid, this is the book for you! I give this really cute book four out of five bookworms!

Ages 6+

A Big Spooky House

By Donna Washington

Illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

32 Pages – Ages 6+

Published by Hyperion Books June 20, 2006

He was a BIG man. He was a STRONG man. He wasn’t afraid of NOTHING….or was he?

This is one of my favorite Halloween books and I blogged about it in my Halloween post last year, but since it’s my favorite I am including it in my post this year! This book has been out for a few years but it was the first “scary” book that I really liked so I am recommending it! The story is great and the reading level is a little harder. It is also a little more spooky of a tale. I really like this book! I give this book five out of five bookworms!

For ages 8+

Saving Halloween

By Lisa Ard

Illustrated by Christopher R. Adams

Edited by Shuba Ramaswamy

144 Pages – Ages 8+

Published  by CreateSpace on September 5, 2012

(*Note I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

Anne’s parents expected a lot from her. They made sure she did well in school, but didn’t spend a lot of time with her. Anne didn’t have any friends and, in fact, she was bullied in school, until she met Halloween Spavento. People in Anne’s town thought the Spavento family was really nice and kind, except for the bullies, and Anne became close friends with Halloween. Anne finds out that Halloween’s family does some pretty strange traditions on Halloween, like talking to deceased relatives, but that doesn’t bother Anne because Halloween is a good friend. When Mrs. Spavento overhears the bullies from school in an ice cream shop saying that they “hate Halloween,” Mrs. Spavento thinks that they mean the holiday, not her daughter and tells the family (and Anne) that they need to do the best Halloween party in town! Will it work? Will the bullies get in the way? Will the party get ruined or will Halloween be saved?!?

I really enjoyed this book! I like how Ms. Ard tells the story. I love that one of the main characters is named Halloween. In addition to a great and unique plot there are really nice pictures throughout the book. I like how Anne and Halloween are good friends and like each other for who they are. I think this is a good Halloween-y book for young advanced readers. There is just the right amount of spookiness for kids 3rd grade and up. I give this book five out of five bookworms!

Kids 9+

All Hallows Eve: Book 2 Face the Music

By David Eveleigh

12274 words (ebook reviewed) – ages 9+

Published on Sep. 24, 2012 by Smashwords

(*Note I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

“Eve, the superhero with the powers of Jack O’Lantern, is back!” (Taken from book description).

My favorite Halloween superhero…ERRR – heroine is back in an all new adventure! An evil villain from the Muse dimension comes and kidnaps Mary-Sue Wertham, one of Eve’s classmates, for “killing artistic thoughts.” Eve’s transforms into All Hallows Eve and rushes to save her (even though Mary-Sue Wertham is SUPER annoying and Eve can’t stand her). Eve soon finds that the villain she is up against can actually use music as a weapon! Will she save Mary-Sue Wertham? Will Mary-Sue Wertham continue to annoy her? Read it to find out!

I like this series. Eve is a great super hero and the stories have a lot of comic book type action/adventure in them and they are written for kids so there aren’t inappropriate things in them. Face the Music has a fun story to it and I think some kids who are reluctant readers will like the comic book style (it isn’t a comic book, but the story reminds you of one). I liked the cover of the first book in the series better (see my review HERE), but the story is just as good. As a bonus part, there are some Halloween safety tips in the back of the book. Mr. Eveleigh is publishing his next book, “All Hallows Eve Vs. Fantomas”, in a series of short stories! I am really anxious to read it! Four out of five bookworms!

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  1. What a great group of books. I’m still undecided on if I am going to dress up. My daughter is going to be a ninja 🙂

  2. Good book choices, as usual, Erik. Mom will dress me up like a nurse. I don’t trick or treat, because I’m not allowed to eat candy. But I will wear my costume to work at the Veteran’s Home and for Read to a Pet Night at the library.

    Love and licks,

  3. Thanks for these fantastic resources. We are looking forward to watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” I wonder if I can find the book version.

  4. I’m going to show your favorite one to a kid across the road, she’ll love it. Thanks Erik!

  5. What a great list of Halloween book, Erik! I am forever stuck in picture book land 🙂 so I have to recommend Room On The Broom and The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything and Haunted Party and… OK, I’ll stop 🙂

  6. Room on the Broom is one of my favorites and I still believe in The Great Pumpkin too. Can’t get Saving Halloween (nice cover illo) from my library system, so I’ll have to recommend it for purchase! Looking forward to more title suggestions this PPBFriday!

  7. Great selection with lots of choices. We’re reading “Things that go Bump in the Night” right now. Loving the videos that finish the stories!

    M-man’s going as a ghost next week. We picked up a five dollar sheet today from Walmart. T-man’s a hunter. And Bailey our black golden retriever gets a line of baby powder down her back and she’s Peppy Le Pew. 🙂

  8. Great selection for Halloween for all ages. Thank You, Erik, as always for keeping us all up to date.

  9. Great list, Erik. I will probably not be wearing a costume. I don’t need to, my normal face is scary enough :).

  10. All of these books sound excellent. I haven’t read any of them- and they are all so festive. Thanks for sharing/

  11. What a lovely spread of Halloween-themed books, dearest Erik! Love it! I hope my own ten year old daughter decides to dress up this year, but I doubt it. She didn’t go trick or treating last year. 🙁 My Halloween reading as of the moment is Bradbury’s The October Country. 🙂 It’s a Bradbury phase, my dear.

    • Thank you Ms. Bascal! Since we just moved, I am not sure where we’ll be going trick or treating this year. I think you should convince your daughter to go trick or treating. If she doesn’t want her candy, just mail it to me! 😉


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