Give Away of the AWESOME Adventure Book Sea Cutter by Timothy Davis!

How are you all doing in the hurricane? Our electric already went out but now we have a generator! 🙂 The good news is I get another day off of school!! The bad news is we don’t know how long our electric will be out.

On to the give away!

The great high-seas adventure story Sea Cutter by Timothy Davis has just been published in paperback! A while ago, I reviewed Sea Cutter (click HERE) as an ebook and gave it a 5 bookworm rating! Sea Cutter is an awesome adventure story with great characters that boys and girls will LOVE! To celebrate the paperback being published I am giving away a copy of Sea Cutter. To enter, just comment and say one (or more) thing(s) you like about the ocean or boats (or you can do both!).  On November 7th I will…well,  Josie will, pick a name from all the people who commented from a hat and that person will win the book! If you want to read an adult’s opinion on Sea Cutter, visit Donna L. Sadds blog (click HERE). She is posting a review of Sea Cutter today! Michelle Isenhoff interviewed her two boys about the book on her blog Bookworm Blather click HERE to go to it and read her kid’s opinions!

Hmm the cover of Sea Cutter looks a bit like the weather we’ve been having! Stay safe from Frankenstorm! 🙂

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  1. Stay safe, Erik! As for what I love about the sea, I love all the fascinating sea creatures, especially the ones you find way down deep. Our science center has a wonderful exhibit of creatures you find near volcanic vents. It’s amazing what lives there.

  2. The ocean is amazing, totally amazing, from its soothing, gentle lapping of waves that trickle and tickle over the sand pushing stones as it goes, to its fury and raging, roaring high tides during storms. Totally amazing! The ocean is to be respected in all ways. Here in Nova Scotia we have the highest tides in the world.

    The boating my husband and I enjoy is canoeing, but not on the ocean. 🙂 We did go tidal bore rafting once on the tide that comes into a river from the ocean .. and that was an incredible experience.

    This book looks like a real winner and I’d love to read it. Thanks for this very interesting review, Erik. 🙂

    • My Mom told me about the high tides in Nova Scotia. I would like to see them! 🙂 When we are at sea, the ocean is our master, good and faithful, yet angry and punishing. 🙂 I think you would like this book Ms. Davidson! 🙂

  3. Yes, Erik, please stay safe. And I hope your power is restored quickly. I love the sea, but I respect it, too. My favorite vacation experience is a cruise – doesn’t matter where we go. The sea is so relaxing at times, but has so many other personas, as well. I love sitting on a beach or a pier and listening to the waves.

  4. Yes, very topical!

    Can I remind you that it’s the last day of my own giveaway tomorrow for a signed paperback of edition 3 (released just last month) of The Serpent in the Glass?


    D.M. Andrews.

  5. How timely to have a Give Away of an awesome sea adventure, as the picture looks like the weather you have been battling! Hope you are all safe and well.

  6. Hope you all stay safe and your town doesn’t float away from your hill!
    I love sleeping directly on the beach – there is nothing like being woken by the warmth of the sun, the tide’s rhythm, sweeping and pounding, and gulls screeching at your presence at their breakfast table!

  7. I have really wanted to read this book, so I will enter. Thanks Erik & Tim for the great giveaway. I have never spent much time on boats, but I did live on the Gulf Coast of Florida when I was in the Air Force. I love the waves and everything about them. I love to let them float me around, I love the sound, you name it (except for Hurricanes:( I hope your electricity returns soon Erik!

    Paul R. Hewlett

  8. I’m sorry you guys lost power but yay for generators! We were lucky down here in central VA and didn’t get hit as hard as was originally expected. I do have some friends and co-workers without power right now, but not nearly as many as last year when Irene came through. I hope your power is back on soon and I’m glad you guys made it safely through the storm!

  9. Hi I am in the Uk so not affected by Sandy, keep safe. I like the wildness and the unpredictability of the ocean but this does add danger into the mix. The ocean reminds me very much of life, you never know whether you are going to get a gentle lulling ride, an adventurous thrilling ride or a hold on by the seats of your pants and pray ride.

  10. For me the ocean means endless swimming! Up and over the waves, through the waves, on and on and on. The Mom Person has to keep a vigilant eye on me or I would just swim to China. Or whatever is out beyond that horizon. And then when I have to come in I can roll around in the fabulously gritty, scratchy sand! I’m glad that we didn’t meet your Sandy tho! And I hope you are not in the dark for long.

  11. Hope you’ve gotten your power back by now, and glad Sandy didn’t get you too bad! I love the sea – mostly Nantucket is where I see it – but I love the sound of the waves, and I love the changing color of the ocean – blue, green, gray – all so beautiful!

  12. Hi Erik, wonderful blog. I love going to the ocean, my husband and went to Maine last year for vacation. We walked along the beach and jumped in the waves, it was a blast. The ships ands boats looked awesome from shore. Took plenty of beautiful pictures of the ocean and all it’s beauty. But then again it can be mean:(.

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