PPBF! Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton

Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday. It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people. I chose this book because this is the very first book I could read all by myself and I LOVE this book!

Blue Hat, Green Hat

By Sandra Boynton

14 pages – ages 1+

Published by Little Simon on October 11, 1984

Theme/Topic – Colors / mistakes

Opening and Synopsis – 

Elephant, moose and bear can put on their clothes right, so why can’t that silly turkey?!? OOPS!

Why I liked this book – This is a hilarious book about getting dressed and making mistakes. I like in the end when the turkey gets something right, and it all goes wrong! The illustrations are adorable and really add to the simple text that teach younger kids how to read (which it did 😉 ) and know their colors! I think kids of all ages would like this book, especially 1-5-year-olds! I like how Ms. Boynton adds humor to her books to make kids want to read it!  You can’t help but giggle at the turkey.

Activities and Resources –

This is a good book for kids to learn their colors and about getting dressed. I think a good activity is to have your child dress with what you tell him/her. For example you could say “put a red hat on, now a green belt, purple socks…”

One really cool thing to do is get the book in Spanish (my parents did this for Josie and I). It was really easy for us to learn the Spanish words when we knew the English book by heart!

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  1. It does look hilarious! Lovely! I bet my granddaughter would love this. But she wears whatever she wants and there is no right and wrong.

  2. Now that put a smile on my face…lol. I bet its full of giggles inside. Since you mention that it would be fun to get the spanish version, I will look for this in my library. Thanks for this Erik.

  3. We’ve got that. It’s so cool! Great choice, Erik!

  4. Erik, a friend sent us a handful of Sandra Boynton’s when Cooper was first born. We love her books. And this one still makes the boys crack up … at ages 4 and 6!

  5. thanks for reminding me why we love her books so much. I gave all my Boynton books away to my nieces, maybe I should get them back. 🙂

  6. I get a kick from books that are brilliant yet so simple! Great choice for colors and clothes, Erik.

  7. Great concept book for kids. It looks so simple, but entertaining. Nice choice for younger kids. And, I liked that your parents purchased it in Spanish so you could learn Spanish words. You have wise parents!

  8. We adore Sandra Boynton in our house! Those are in my keeper pile – I just can’t bear to part with them. The very first book we got for my daughter’s baby shower (she wasn’t even born yet), was Yay You! Love it! 🙂

  9. Love the opening image – made me laugh out loud (always appreciated!), as do all of Boynton’s books – great pick!

  10. My kids love this book. It makes them laugh every time. Thanks for the review, Erik.

  11. Sandra Boynton is such fun! This book sounds great, Erik, and I think it’s so cool that you know this is the first one you read by yourself. I wish I knew which book I read by myself for the first time. I’ve read some Boynton books, but not this one — I need to find this one!

  12. Great review, Erik! I love her books. I was thinking of reviewing Moo, Baa, La La La for next week. Her books are so playful and funny.

  13. The simplicity and the hilarity of this book can’t be beat. This is a fave in our house!

  14. Oh wow! I had no idea that this book existed. I love love love Sandra Boyton! Her artwork is what inspired me to stay true to my own style. Thanks Erik! Awesome pick!

  15. Well, I just love anything Boynton! Although we have many of them, Hippos Go Berserk was always a favorite in our house… hey! maybe I’ll post that the Friday after Marathon Mouse 🙂 Thanks for adding a tons-of-fun book to our list, Erik! (And love your Spansih idea!)

  16. Erik, you picked one of my idols….our whole family is Sandra Boynton crazzzzy. My oldest daughter took an old Sandra Boynton desk calendar apart and framed the pictures. She must have 20 of them decorating the kids’ bathroom. Blue Hat, Green Hat is a favorite!

  17. Sandra Boynton books are deceptively simple…but kids love them and they get the message across with humor! Great choice, Erik…thanks for a wonderful review. 🙂

  18. This looks like a fun one Erik…for all ages!

  19. I love Sandra Boynton. I have a couple of her book apps and they are fun too…even for me. You did a great job on your review!

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