Fly Catcher Boy by Rebecca Kool

I know you are all waiting to hear who won the copy of the AWESOME adventure book Sea Cutter by Timothy Davis! I’ll tell you after today’s review 😉

Fly Catcher Boy

By Rebecca Kool

Illustrated by Hailey Sabourin

40 pages – ages 4+

Published by Rebecca Kool in 2012

Kenji finds a cat (Neko) outside in the rain during a thunderstorm. Kenji keeps and cares for Neko. Kenji takes Neko everywhere with him. They visit a sumo wrestler practice, eating Japanese food and going to Kenji’s cousins’ shichi-go-san, a special religious event. Through Kenji and Neko’s travels the reader learns about Japanese culture and some Japanese words!

This was a cute story. What I really liked about the book was that by reading the story, you learned about Japan, Japanese culture and also Japanese language. There are Japanese words throughout the book and also a glossary in the back. The English translations are there too. The manga-style (Japanese comic) illustrations were done by a 16-year-old artist named Hailey Sabourin! I really liked the illustrations (except for the flies…they only have four legs…for some reason I find that odd 😉 ). On Ms. Kool’s website there is all kinds of information about Japan. There is also an audio guide to tell you the proper pronunciations of the Japanese words in the book (click HERE to go to it).

Four out of five bookworms for Fly Catcher Boy.

I put all of the names of the people who commented on the Sea Cutter post last week in a hat and my sister Josie picked a winner!


Julie Rowan Zoch!!!

Congratulations! I will email you to get your mailing address 😀

Sea Cutter is a great adventure story with awesome characters and a lot of excitement (see my review HERE). To learn more about Sea Cutter and Mr. Davis, please visit his website HERE.

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  1. Congrats to the winner. And today’s book sounds very interesting. I’m particularly thrilled to know the illustrator is so young. Great to see such talent on display.

  2. This looks like a really great book! What a fun way to be introduced to another culture.

    It seems odd to me, too, that the illustrator wouldn’t have a fly with six legs. It’s an unfortunate mistake, especially since it’s not hard to check the accuracy of that. One time I came across a child’s book in which the illustrator had drawn ducks with chicken feet. Can you imagine! 🙂 So funny.

    Congratulations to Julie for winning a copy of Sea Cutter.

    Keep up the great work here, Erik!

  3. Lol, I picked a winner of the same book today, too. 🙂

  4. What a great sounding book and a very informative video! Thanks so much for sharing Erik & best of luck to Ms. Kool. Oh, and congrats to Ms. Rowan Zoch on winning Sea Cutter.

  5. Four legged flies!? They must have been some of the flies I tried to eat at the park. I may have knocked off a leg or two.

    Love and licks,

  6. Congrats to Julie! And I like the sound of this book, with the art by such a young person and the chance to learn Japanese words!

  7. Oh, I really like your choice today. Love to read about the Japanese culture and it sounds like a fun but educational book for kids. Great entry for “Reading the World” challenge.

  8. Wow you read some great books, Erik. They both sound fab!

  9. Wooo-hooo! I won, I won, I won! And this great news after I was so bummed because my son’s friend didn’t want to share a slice of pizza with me! Yahooooooo! Thanks Erik…trying to calm down and pull myself together now! Nope, ain’t workin’! Yowza! Yippee-aye-yay!

  10. Rebecca Kool is a friend of mine and a wondeful writer. I’m so glad you enjoyed her book and gave it a great review Erik. You seem to enjoy reading about other countries.

  11. Congratulations, Rebecca Kool!

  12. Cool!
    Isn’t that certain style of art called ‘Manga’? I’m not sure…

  13. FlyCatcher Boy sounds like something that my ten year old daughter would enjoy a great deal. She’s big on graphic novels now and she has also taken a liking to manga. I have not visited Japan yet but I know quite a few friends who live there, so I’m excited to know more about the culture and the language through this light-hearted and fun book. Thanks for sharing this, Erik!

  14. Hi, this is Hailey, illustrator for Fly Catcher Boy, Just wanted to thank you all for your nice compliments. What I love about drawing manga is the exaggeration of characters and challenging the reader’s expectations. Perhaps my Fly lost two of his legs escaping capture from Kenji.

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