Creative Kid Thursday! Meet Kid Author Hattie Byrd

Today I have a Creative Kid to tell you about! Meet Hattie Byrd; kid author of “Brothers, Brace and Bullies! Hattie co-wrote the book with her dad,Chris Byrd. Hattie is eleven years old and in the sixth grade. Hattie agreed to do an interview with me about her book and about being a kid-author.

Brothers, Braces and Bullies

By Hattie and Chris Byrd

163 pages – ages 8+

Published by Wartooth Ebooks on September 10, 2012

Taken from description –

“It was Louise Sowders’ first day back at school since her life had been ruined. Dad called it a rite of passage, but she knew better. It was the beginning of her dork years. Doing what any level headed fifth grade girl would do, she kept to herself and kept her mouth closed.

Everything went great until lunch…

Thanks for agreeing to do this interview Hattie! You are a published kid-author who wrote a book with your Dad! How cool! Can you tell us a little about your author self and what else you like besides writing?

As an “author” I like to make up outrageous ideas that people think are unreal.  Then I turn them into something that everyone enjoys.   As a normal kid, I play bass and trombone.  I like to sing, and I also participate in Japanese Jujitsu.

Your book has a good topic. Bullying and kids not feeling good about themselves are big topics, and your book talks about it. Can you give us a summary of your book?

Our book basically shows how every day kids have to work together to stop bullying  just like you or me would.  It has a great message in a fun way. 🙂

What was it like to write a book with your Dad? How did you do it (you wrote, he edited; you wrote some, he wrote some; you both wrote together; etc.)? Was it fun, hard, easy, horrible…?

To work with my Dad is a whole bunch of things.  We see things differently.  He can be a pain in the butt! 🙂 When we are writing, I tell my Dad what to write.  He did the writing because he has been writing stories for a long time, and I tweak it just right.

That’s cool that you could work together like that! I noticed that Louise’s (the main character) best friend is a girl named Hattie. Is this story based on a true event or did you just want to name a character Hattie?

Actually, Louise is based on me. Hattie was a combination of different people I know. The story was not based on a true event but could’ve happened.

I think it’s cool that you can form characters using different parts of people you know. Are you planning on writing another book?

My Dad is going to write the sequel to this book with my brother.  If you read the book, Stanley Huggins is the main character in the new story.

Cool, two kid authors in one family! You guys are really talented 😀 What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would like to be a prosecutor in criminal law.  When criminals get off the hook in court, it makes me upset.  I think they should have a fair punishment for what they’ve done.

That is really cool! Thanks for participating in this interview Hattie! Stay creative!

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  1. Wow! How inspiring! Loved the interview, Erik and Hattie, and Hattie – your book sounds great! I also think it’s cool that you already know you want to be a prosecutor. Also fun that your dad and brother are going to write a story. What a talented family!

  2. Enjoyed this interview! Thanks, Hattie and Erik :).

  3. Hattie and Erik, thanks so much for this fun interview. I love hearing about writing teams especially among family members. I love the alliteration in the title and am wondering who came up with this idea?

  4. Really enjoyed the interview. Hatte, you sound like you’ve written a good story. Hattie, love your comment about the differences in your writing — LOL. Sounds like you taught him some things and you learned from him. Great family project.

  5. Wow – I couldn’t imagine writing with someone, but this interview is planting an idea already! Thanks Erik for introducing us to Hattie and the book! Who drew the fun illustration on the cover?

  6. It’s always great to “meet” another creative kid!

  7. interesting interview. You have the most inventive kids on Thursdays. Good job. I am interested in reading this book. This is an important topic.

  8. Good interview, Eric! This book sounds good. Mom loves books about bullies. Some kids need to read lots of bully books to get the message. I wish this book was called Brothers, Braces, Bullies, and a Dog.

    Love and licks,

  9. Thanks for introducing us to Hattie, Erik! Hattie — this book sounds fantastic! I hope you’ll continue writing, even when you’re busy prosecuting!

  10. Hattie and I are so happy you guys liked hearing about our work together. As her father who has been an avid writer since the third grade, I could not be prouder. She and I had a great time making up this wild adventure. The writing process will prepare kids for any academic undertaking, and there is nothing more fun that creating a world with your child.


  11. Such an exciting book project! How positively awesome! I like how Hattie described her father so eloquently – I’m sure my daughter feels that way about me on occasion too. Which reminds me, Erik, you should definitely publish your own book too!!! 🙂

    • Thank you Ms. Bascal! Hattie did do a good job describing how it was working with her dad 😉 I am writing a book and I am in the final editing stage before I send it out to some people for review. It is called … The Adventures of Tomato and Pea. It is about space aliens that crash land on Earth and have to survive and get along with each other.

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