PPBF! Anisha’s Adventures in Bangladesh by Moinul Islam

I hope you guys are having a nice week and are faring well with the weather (It’s nice and freezing where I am, but NO SNOW!!!). We pretty much recovered from the hurricane. I hope others who haven’t are OK. I am excited because  I am going to the Kid Lit Festival in Lititz, PA this Saturday! It was really fun last year.

Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday. It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people. I chose this book because of the multicultural theme of this book and I really enjoyed learning about a country I really didn’t know too much about -Bangladesh!

Anisha’s Adventures in Bangladesh

By Moinul Islam

Illustrated by Calvin Innes

48 pages – ages 6+

Published My Little Big Town on July 31, 2012

Theme/Topic – Multicultural / Bangladesh

Opening and Synopsis – 

“In the south east of Asia in a country called Bangladesh there is a small town named Sylhet.

Sylhet is made up of many smaller villages.

Kashimpur is one of those many villages and it’s here that a little girl called Anisha lives.”

Anisha is a little girl who lives in Bangladesh with her Dadda (Grandpa), Dadde (Grandma), Am’mu (Mom) and Ab’bu (Dad).  When Anisha’s birthday comes up, Dadda and Dadde each ask her what she wants for her birthday and says she wants something that can fly her anywhere in the world and something that helps her learn about everything she sees. When Anisha’s birthday comes, she gets two necklaces, one from each of her grandparents. She put the purple heart necklace on her pony Chloe and the pink heart necklace on herself. Chloe turns into a gold and pink pony with blue spots and wings, and Anisha gets a handbag on her side, filled with a flask that never empties, a lunchbox that is always full of her favorite foods, and a camera that when pictures are taken it prints information about what is in the picture too. She flies off on Chloe going towards adventure around Bangladesh!

Why I liked this book – This was a cute picture book with a nice story. I like that it teaches you about the country of Bangladesh, it”s culture and a few words in Bangla (their native language) like Dadda, Dadde, Ab’bu, and Am’mu. The illustrations are big and colorful. I like the adventure in this book, flying off on your magic pony with a never-ending supply of food is pretty cool! I think girls will especially love this book. Anisha was really cute. She seemed really smart too. I like that in a main character! 🙂 The story has a lot of words so it would have to be a read aloud for younger kids. I think it is a good book for parents to teach their kids about another country / culture.

Activities and Resources –

I found a great coloring page at Crayola.com that has the Bangladesh flag an a couple of facts about Bangladesh (click HERE).

You can get a map or globe out and find where Bangladesh is with your child. Show your child where you live and where Bangladesh is.

On the Child Fun website I found instructions for a game rural kids play in Bangladesh called Dung Guli. Click HERE to go to it. It sounds pretty fun, kind of like a cross between golf and marbles. 🙂

To find more Perfect Picture Books please visit Susanna Hill’s blog HERE

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  1. Learning about different cultures at such a young age is a priceless opportunity, opening the mind beyond the norm. Doing so through cute picture books like this is great. Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. A very cute book and bold illustrations a real winner. I love that it teaches the young about another country and culture, something I am very interested in. Thanks for sharing and for this great review Erik.

  3. This book sounds really fun, Erik! And I’m sure I could learn some things about Bangladesh from it too – not a place I know much about. I love the whole concept of the flying pony and limitless supplies – what kid wouldn’t want to set off on an adventure like that?! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sounds like a magical adventure. I really like the camera detail! Fun idea.

  5. You all have inspired me with all these international tales in PPBF. I now have an idea for one myself! Thanks Erik.

  6. Love your multicultural choices in recent weeks. Have never heard of it. Sounds like a great adventure book to learn about Bangladesh and another culture. Great choice.

  7. Erik, I like books about other countries and cultures and how they usually show more similarities than differences. thanks for the recommendation!

  8. Great review Erik! I just learned a bit about Bangladesh from the Amazing Race. They spent some time there, I really like that show because you get to see all kinds of cool places. Best of luck to the author. Enjoy the KidLit festival, it sounds like lots of fun!

    Paul R. Hewlett

  9. The camera adds so much fun to this story! It’s great that it has the native language interspersed.

  10. Thanks for pulling out a few words to share with us too – never knew their language is called Bangla!

  11. Pretty interesting. I have some very good friends who spent several years in Bangladesh. We did a big homeschool report on the country a few years back. This would have been handy. 🙂

  12. Guess what, Erik – I’ve lived in Bangladesh for four years, so was thrilled to see a book with this title pop up on Susanna’s blog this morning! Got down to reading all the reviews only now, and I can’t say how happy I am to read about this Sylheti girl! Great pick!

  13. How super to be learning about other cultures. And marvelous that you are going to a kid’s lit festival. Tell us what you learn there. I would be most interested.

  14. This book sounds great, Erik! I particularly liked your activity choices, especially the one that’s a game played in Bangladesh. Cool! Have a great time at the Kid Lit Festival!

  15. What an interesting book! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about it. Have fun at the Kid Lit Festival- sounds like it’s going to be a blast! ~ Jess

  16. Another great book that teaches about another culture! You seem to pick the good ones Erik! Hope you had fun at the festival.

  17. Hi Erik, I can totally see why you included this for PPBF – we need more books like these. I am also on the lookout for more multicultural books – particularly coming from Middle Eastern countries that have water as its theme in picture books. Let me know if you have recommendations. 🙂

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