Clueless McGee by Jeff Mack

Clueless McGee

Written and illustrated by Jeff Mack

256 pages – ages 8+

Published by Philomel on August 16, 2012

PJ McGee thinks he’s a detective, ninja and a spy just like his dad…only he’s not. In fact, PJ is kind of a disaster, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to solve the mystery of the stolen Mac’n’Cheese! The school’s most favorite lunch is missing and PJ decides he (along with his friend Dante) is the guy to find out who did it! After searching for clues, and making a few mistakes… OK, not a few, he pretty much messed everything up. PJ is sure he knows who stole the Mac’n’Cheese,  but then that person hired him to clear his name. Is PJ wrong? Probably. After annoying the entire school and getting into all sorts of trouble, PJ is still clueless!

This was a VERY funny book. It was a quick read but it was enjoyable. There wasn’t any message or lesson to the story, it was just fun. The illustrations that Mr. Mack created really made the story. PJ was a very funny character I liked how he was so…clueless. I thought that how the story was told was very unique. PJ tells the story through letters he writes to his dad. PJ thinks his dad is on some super secret spy mission only the reader doesn’t know where he really is.I wonder if we will find out in the next book.  Fans of Big Nate and the Wimpy Kid series will really like this book. I also think kids 8+ would like this book!

Four out of Five bookworms for Clueless McGee!

Clueless McGee Book 2 (Clueless McGee and the Inflatable Pants) comes out in June next year! Click HERE to check it out!

To learn more about Mr. Mack and his books, click HERE.

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19 replies

  1. There’s always something adorable about the bumbling detective stories. 🙂

  2. That sounds super fun, Erik!

  3. I love detective stories. Thanks for sharing another great review Erik!

    Paul R. Hewlett

  4. The mystery about who stole the Mac’n’Cheese would win my vote! My favorite comfort food. Sounds like a fun book. Don’t know how you review and write so many reviews Erik — we need to write a Erik Super Hero book about you! 🙂

  5. I love funny books, and your description makes this one sound hilarious! And I agree with Ms. Tilton – let’s have an Erik Super Hero book 🙂

  6. I wish you never reviewed this book, Erik! Now Mom thinks Clueless McGee should be my new nickname. How rude.

    Love and licks and usually clueless,

  7. I like clueless characters. They can be so much fun. I almost picked this book up, I;ll have to go get it. Seems I made a mistake passing it up. Nice review, Erik.

  8. We could all use a fun book! Thanks for sharing!

  9. This looks really funny!

  10. I like deliriously fun books for the pure sake of enjoyment. Have you read any of Colin Thompson’s YA books yet (The Floods series)? I think you’d love him. He’s one of my heroes.

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