Robot Zombie Frankenstein! by Annette Simon

robotzombieRobot Zombie Frankenstein!

Written and Illustrated by Annette Simon

40 pages – ages 4+

Published by Candlewick on April 24, 2012

Purple Robot and Green Robot are best friends. But then suddenly Green Robot leaves. Where has he gone? What is he doing? What is that over there? It looks like a zombie… a ROBOT ZOMBIE! Green Robot has changed to a Robot Zombie costume! But wait, Purple Robot is jealous, so he changes in to ROBOT ZOMBIE FRANKENSTEIN costume! Then Green Robot Zombie leaves to try to be better than Purple Robot Zombie Frankenstein. Who will turn out to be the best between the two friends or will they ever come to a compromise?

This is a funny hilarious book about a battle of buddies! I like the uniqueness of the book and the repetition of words adding one more to the phrase before (ROBOT ZOMBIE FRANKENSTEIN PIRATE!). It makes it easy to read for young kids AND it’s funny! The story has a nice ending because the friends finally compromise (let’s just say there is pie involved). The illustrations really make the book awesome! They are simple shapes just put together in different ways.


I also like that on the end pages, there are pieces to make the Robots!


I think that would be a fun activity to copy the end pages then you can cut out the shapes and make your own robots (hmm that gives me an idea)! I recommend this book to kids 4+!

I give “Robot Zombie Frankenstein” 5 out of 5 bookworms!fivebooks


To learn more about Ms. Simon and Robot Zombie Frankenstein!, please visit her website HERE.



P.S. I have a surprise for you! Enjoy!



Robot Zombie.



That’s not right…






Robot. robot

Robot Santa Claus!robot santa


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  1. This book sounds so fun! and as a parent, I am all too familiar with the one-upsmanship that kids often get involved in 🙂 Great choice of book and great review. Loved your surprise! And I have one for you – don’t miss today’s post… look who made the finals 🙂

  2. ROBOT SANTA CLAUS is the best! Do you think he likes cookies more than pie?

  3. Wow. Love that Robot Santa Claus! (Maybe he prefers cookies that LOOK like pies?) Erik, thanks so much, and CONGRATULATIONS on your own writing!

  4. What a cool story. I wish I’d thought to write that book. Dang it all! Great choice, Erik! I love your choices each week. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  5. So much fun! Robot Santa is awesome! You’re a cool kid, Erik! xoxo

    Love and licks,
    Robot Cupcake

  6. I love it. What a fun book, I want it. I will have to ask Santa for it. Thanks for a great review and your very own Roboto’s at the end. Very cool. Happy Holidays

  7. Friends and siblings love to try to out do one another. Great teaching moment done in a fun way. Looks funny.

  8. Great review Erik! 🙂

  9. Great review! My boys would love this book. Who doesn’t love robots, zombies, and Frankenstein? Thanks for sharing. :]

  10. Great job Erik. I love Zombie Santa. You have been a busy beaver lately. Lots of great posts and reviews. Happy Birthday — a little early.

  11. Nice job Erik. You sure have been a busy beaver lately. Lots of good reviews and posts. Ringing out your year on a high note? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Eric! Yeah, I’m a little earlier, but better than late. Hope you have a great Christmas and a better new year.

  12. I have nominated you for the Blog Of The Year Award 2012. I hope you will accept. But there is no obligation, other than to enjoy the nomination! Come and see your nomination ontheplumtree…Well done!

  13. This book does sound fun! I love the simple shapes and the fact that you can make robots at the end. Loved the ones you did- especially Robot Santa! Fabulous!

  14. I’ve seen this picture book for quite awhile now, but haven’t borrowed it yet from our libraries. Sounds like a lot of fun and one that would resonate with a lot of young boys. 🙂 Will check it out.

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