Lucci the No Smoochie Poochie by Donna L. Sadd

lucciLucci the No Smoochie Poochie

By Donna L. Sadd

28 pages (ebook reviewed) – ages 3+

Published by Donna L. Sadd on January 8, 2012

A family adopts two little puppies, Zoe and Lucci. The family showers the poochies with hugs and kisses. They soon realize Lucci is not fond of being snuggled and kissed. They try even harder to show Lucci they love him, but it doesn’t work. The Poochie Lucci doesn’t want any smoochies!  All the other dogs in the family love to be hugged and kissed, so why didn’t Lucci? Finally the family gives up trying to smooch the pooch and what they find is that Lucci just needed a little less fussing over him… SMOOCH! 😉

This is a cute story. I like the message about how different people…ERR, I mean dogs can show love and affection. Not all doggies like to be hugged and kissed a bunch but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel loved. It is a good message about everyone being different and it is OK to be that way. The story is told in kind of a prose that rhymes and is fun to read. The illustrations are made to look like a kids drew them and that went nicely with the story. At one point there were illustrations of kids (the author’s nieces and nephews) but the heads were actual pictures of the kids on cartoon bodies. It is a cute idea, but the quality of the photos took away from the illustration. I found an editing error in the text and the formatting for the book on the Kindle and Cloud Reader left some blank pages scattered in the book and that broke up the flow of the book. I think the book would make a nice bed-time story that teaches a good message.

Three out of five bookworms for the nice story “Lucci the No Smoochie Poochie”.threebooks

To learn more about Ms. Sadd and Lucci, please visit her blog by clicking HERE.

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  1. Love the concept, Erik, and can so picture this pooch frustrated by too much physical affection, but I find the front cover looks a little amateurish.

  2. Loved reading your honest and fair assessment, Erik. Too bad some of the illustrations and formatting errors took away from a potentially good idea.

  3. I have a No Smoochie Kitty, lol. Good job, Erik. Cute story idea, Donna.

  4. Great review, Erik. It sounds like a sweet story and your experience with the illustration and formatting just proves how important it is to get the art as perfect as the story!

  5. Very cute. I would say one of my kids is smoochie and the other, not so much. You are right. People and pups express affection in different ways.

  6. I like this idea for a book. This is really a big issue for dogs! And I’m sure that the author used a dog to get the attention of kids, but it really is a frustrating problem for dogs! Who doesn’t want to hug and cuddle a cute little dog? And cute little kids. I personally can do without all the hugging, but have learned to tolerate it because I really like being with people, but people just don’t get it. Thanks for the review. And thanks for a good honest review!

  7. This is such a cute story, isn’t it? You did a great write-up of it, Erik. Happy New Year!

  8. It is so difficult to format these little books for kindle. What a shame about the error. Requires lots of knowledge in HTML…not something that authors know about usually. But it doesn’t seem to have spoiled your enjoyment!

  9. Erik, thank you for taking the time to write an extremely honest and helpful review of LUCCI. I have been working with an illustrator to replace the photo heads of the children and will be revising the book. This is the first I’ve heard of any formatting issues, but I will look into correcting any errors promptly. Erik, thank you again for doing great work, and friends, your kind comments are greatly appreciated.

  10. I should read this book. A dog that doesn’t want to be hugged and kissed? OMGoodness – that is the exact polar opposite of me. Mom should write a story called Cupcake: The TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, RIDICULOUSLY ALMOST-TO-THE-POINT-OF-BEING-ANNOYING Smoochie Poochie.

    Love and licks,

  11. I like the idea of this book, Erik – you know you’ve always got me with a book about dogs 🙂 And it’s so true – dogs and people are different in how they like to give and receive affection and some just aren’t cuddlers 🙂

  12. Never nbeen a dog owner, but as we have dog-sat so many, I can attest to the difference in personalities too! I don’t care for the cover illo, and my guess is because someone TRIED to make it look like children’s art. But in my opinion, children’s art is some of the best there is, and there is NO imitating it! I’d like to read the story though – it does sound good!

  13. Perfect lesson for everyone and I love that title :0) Thanks Erik!

  14. Nicely done, honest review that helped the author.

    This is one reason why “negative” reviews should not be shunned by review sites.

    You did a great job Erik. The story seems pretty good. I’ll give the author time to make the corrections she spoke of–thanks to you–and then check it out.

  15. Great idea for a picture. Enjoyed your cute book review. My dog love hugs and smooches from me, but with my husband he prefers playing hard with his ball.

  16. Hi there Erik. I like how candid you are in your reviews – so refreshing, but always tempered with grace and honesty. I’m afraid my kindle fire has been lying unused for months now. maybe in time id pick it up again. 🙂

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