Creative Kid Thursday! Meet The Owner and Creator of Harry’s Duct Tape Designs!

What can be better than a day off of school? How about a day off of school and a Creative Kid?!

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Time for another Creative Kid! Today I want to tell you about Harry Myers, creator and owner of Harry’s Duct Tape designs! He is a kid who made his own business! I first read about Harry in the Upper Bucks Free Press (the newspaper I write for).

mr90043940713.jpgThank you for agreeing to answer my questions. First I want to tell you how cool I think your business is! The fact that you can make all these things out of duct tape is awesome! I think it is great! Can you tell a little about yourself (like how old you are and in what grade)?

harry1I’m 8 and in second grade. Gym and art are my favorite classes. I have 2 little sisters.

mr90043940713.jpgHow did you get started in your business?

harry1I always tried to have businesses since I was like 4. I took orders and made books for friends but it was all for free. I saw a business contest at the Bucks County Library and decided to try to sell something. I picked this business because I love making duct tape stuff. I made a wallet for my dad and had a lot of fun. I learned to make more things by watching youtube shows!

mr90043940713.jpgYou make a lot of different things. What is your favorite thing you ever made?Harry2
harry1The wallets, bows, and rose pens are my favorite. I made mini change purses for all the boys in my class and bows for all of the girls for Christmas and rose whiteboard markers for my teachers. That was great!

mr90043940713.jpgThe roses you make would be a great Valentines Day present! Do you make the designs yourself and if you do, do you have any plans for new creations?

harry1I started out making things I learned from other people but started making my own things after I got the hang of it. I like to try to make up things people ask me for, like a hunting license and fishing license holder some friends wanted. I think I’m going to design a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day next!

mr90043940713.jpg I read on your Facebook page that you sometimes donate some of your profits to charity. Can you tell us about that?

harry1I wanted to donate money to kids who don’t have money because I thought it would be a nice thing. I sold special Christmas bows and set up a table at a charity event and donated half of my sales totals. I gave gift cards to the Quakertown Neighborhood Association to give to kids in my school district. I want find different people to help at different times of the year.

mr90043940713.jpg Do you have any advice to kids who want to start their own business?

harry1You should learn stuff first, like I watched lots of shows to learn to make things before I tried to sell. Make sure your mom or dad can help because they might have to help you drive and send things. Email and Facebook are very helpful for taking orders! I did all of my business on the computer before I had my first craft shows at Christmas time.harry3

mr90043940713.jpg What other things do you like to do besides making awesome duct tape creations?

harry1I like Skylanders A LOT and I play soccer. I like hanging out with my sisters and I’m in Cub Scouts too. 🙂

Thanks!!! I love your website!

Like Harry’s Duct Tape Designs on Facebook and you can place orders for his duct tape creations there too – click HERE!

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  1. Wow, I’m so impressed. Never knew you could do so many things with duct tape! Love that mustache wallet especially :). Thanks for this very interesting interview. Can’t believe Harry is only 8.

  2. I knew duct tape was versatile, but WOW! I had no idea you could do stuff like this. Harry is very enterprising to have figured out how to make all these things and set up his own business! Great job! Thanks for an interesting interview, Erik, and Harry, it was nice to learn about you!

  3. This is so cool, Harry! You ARE very creative, and I’m very impressed. Thanks for bringing Harry to our attention, Erik.

  4. That’s so cool! I was never much good and tape and stuff, but I saw someone on tv today who used to make models out of washing up liquid bottles ,wire and tape, and now creates monsters for films! So maybe you are going to be a hugely successful person in later life, Harry!

    I’d just like to thank Erik for mentioning the Love MG Actually project. I hope you all enjoy it!

    Jemima (The Princelings and the Pirates)

  5. Good for Harry! He’s more successful and smart at 8 years old than I am at 40 :-/

    MacGyver could take a lesson from Harry!!! (all us old people know what I’m talkin’ about) 😛

    And thanks so much for the shout out on the author promo!!! You rock! Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to have you review my book!

  6. Awesome. Who would ever thought about making something so beautiful out of duct tape — but a kid. Love Harry’s work and the fact he’s started his own business. Really enjoyed the post. Erik, this is a nice feature — hope you do more Creative Kids.

  7. Wow! This Harry is totally awesome! Thank you Erik for finding and sharing such an inspiration!

  8. Wow love it!I love these posts!

  9. Wow love it!I love these posts!

  10. Wow. What talent, Harry! I tried to use duct tape once but it stuck to my fur.

    It is so nice that you have a giving heart as well. Keep up the fantastic work.

    Thanks for the Love Middle Grade Actually shout out, too, Erik!

    Popcorn the Technical Ferret, Commenting for Stanley & Katrina

  11. How fun! So many cool things can be made with duct tape. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  12. Well, you must know I’m impressed since I love duct tape! I’m impressed at the young age of entrepreneurs these days! 🙂
    Great interview, Erik.

  13. Oh well hello there, another handsome and talented boy! You guys are amazing. 🙂 I love the photographs here and I love your exchange of ideas. 🙂

  14. Another amazing young man. The world is in good shape when I read about young people like you and Harry!

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