PPBF! Poopendous! By Artie Bennett

Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday. It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people. I chose this book because it teaches the ULTIMATE RECYCLING STORY!


By Artie Bennett

Illustrated by Mike Moran

36 pages – ages 4+

Published by Blue Apple Books on March 27, 2012

Theme/Topic – Ummm… poop … Hmmm (*thinking*)… OK I had to ask my parents on this one 😉  Non-fiction / Books for Boys / Recycling

Opening and Synopsis –

“I’m Professor Pip Poopdeck. Welcome aboard!

We’re exploring a substance that most have ignored.

An icky-poo subject that folks don’t care to visit.

Quite putrid and shocking and horrid… or is it?

Well Professor P. takes two kids (a boy and a girl) on the journey of learning about types of poop and uses for it! He goes on about how farmers use it for fertilizer and how people use it for houses and heat! Animals use it to mark their territories and seeds travel in animal poop. You really get the scoop on poop!

Why I liked this book – 

I liked this book because of my sister’s reaction to it. I had the book sitting on my desk and she came by and picked it up and started reading it and I quote –


“Oh, that’s got to stink!”

“EW! That’s GROSS!”


After she got over the shock of a book about poop, she read the whole thing… twice and was really into learning about all the ways poop can be useful. 😀 Besides me laughing hysterically at the book, the illustrations are great. The flow of the story and the rhyme is AWESOME! Plus the story really teaches you something! Who would have ever thought you could use poop in so many ways?!? It just tells us that we can recycle all kind of things! If you want a chuckle-filled educational book, this is the book to turn to! I really think kids 4+ will LOVE LOVE LOVE this book (or at least have a funny reaction 😉 )!

Activities and Resources –

RECYCLE! Recycle by taking a thing usually headed for a nearby dump and turning it into something else! In first grade, my teacher had us do a project like this. I made a toy submarine out of an old plastic bottle! Just recently Josie recycled an old cheese box and turned it into a jewelery box! Look! –


The home improvement store LOWES is also joining in the fun! My parents ordered some lights from them and when they were delivered to our house, the boxes they came in were designed so that kids would reuse them. One of the boxes was made so you can make it into a puppet show stage.

It even came with puppets to cut out and color. We made a couple of our own too.

Another box we got was made so you can make a robot costume!

Another idea is I made a paperclip and rubber band holder for my mom out of an old flower pot.

There are a ton of things you can do with stuff that is being thrown away.

A great activity is to have your kids try it! Get a piece of trash headed for the dump and make something useful out of it!

Sue Morris of Kid-Lit Reviews reviewed this book not too long ago. If you want an adults opinion, check her review out HERE.

To find more Perfect Picture Books please visit Susanna Hill’s blog  HERE!

***UPDATE – It seems that great minds think alike because Nessa Morris of the Opening a Can of Bookworms blog also reviewed Poopendous today! Check out her review HERE!

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  1. Too funny that we reviewed this book on the same day. You’re right, great minds do think alike!

  2. Erik – what a funny and enlightening book!! I must say as a mom, grandma, and multi-animal user – I’ve never thought about….er….um….poop…in favorable ways. And I love your recycling ideas. And how great that some manufacturers have made their boxes what they always become….playthings for kids!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a fun book. I discovered my library doesn’t have it, so I’ll keep an eye out for it. Wonderful rhyme! I adore that box too. What a great company to do that!

  4. This seems to be the “book of the month” ! I’m seeing it everywhere! I can’t wait to get it from the library. Poop is one of my favorite subjects. It comes in so many varieties! And serves so many purposes – snacks, perfume, message center. It’s glorious. I like your review and your ideas about recycling. what a great idea of Lowe’s with their boxes!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey-don’t target this book just for boys. Girls are 50% (give or take) of the poopers! Ilove books that address real world science. Kudos for the recycling projects.

  6. What a riot, Erik…who would have guessed that “one man’s excrement is another man’s useful treasure”?! Good one…

  7. That sounds awesome! Matthew would love it! :0)

  8. I’m still laughing. Got to buy this book for my granddaughter. We often laugh in our house how fixated we are on whether the dog has pooped — and if there are any piles left in the yard from the deer. Don’t want him rolling in it. Great that someone finally wrote about the subject in an educational way.

  9. Poop? Why not? I have a grown up book about pee!

  10. perfect! Brilliant! About time someone tackled this subject for kids.

  11. Of course a story centred around poop would be loved by children (ok, and maybe adults). So is the message of the book to show love and respect for poop? lol

  12. This book sounds hilarious! I am sure a book about poop is one that will get us all laughing. 🙂

    I love the recycling ideas. I always try to reuse items when I can. 🙂

  13. Awesome choice – go with the laugh and learn apprach every time!!

  14. I did stumble a little over the meter when I read the first verse, but I know kids will adore this subject.

  15. I am an expert on poop. I like to eat goose poop (when Mom doesn’t catch me and yank it out of my mouth and say, “Eeewwww!!!” like it’s MY fault!). Also, mom made my Valentine kissing booth out of an old LLBean delivery box. Now she wants to shop at Lowes to get a puppet stage!! Uh-oh…

    Love and licks,

  16. What a fun and educational book! (And oh, how I want a Lowe’s Puppet Theatre!!!!) I foresee a trip to Lowe’s in my future.

  17. I have some boys in my class who are fascinated with anything to do with poop. But I am not sure if I want to provide them any encouragement! Maybe I will recommend this book to read at home with their families!!

  18. Hi Erik. Good job with the recycling. It’s so important in the world today.

    I love your blog and have nominated you for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’. I know you have already received it and probably don’t want to do all the rules again, but just know that you are honored with the award again.

  19. Terrific choice, Erik! 🙂 I met Artie at a book signing, and got to hear all about this book and his other one – great to get to discuss it with the author 🙂 And I don’t think you can go too far wrong with a book for kids about poop 🙂

  20. What a unique book, Erik! I love the recycle aspect of it…and the rhyme sounds awesome! That’s great about Home Depot thinking ‘outside the box’ or, in this case, ‘about the box’…providing activities with one of the best arts and crafts materials for kids…the packing box! And I love Josie’s jewelry box…clever and pretty and useful.:)

  21. Love this book! I can hardly wait to read it to my class and see their reaction. I also like all your recycling ideas. Thanks, Erik!

  22. I enjoy a good poop book. For some reason we have an extensive collection of poop and fart books. But mostly I love those Lowes boxes! I think I need to order some home improvement stuff.

  23. I know this book, Erik! 🙂 Fats reviewed this as well for GatheringBooks. We featured two of Artie Bennett’s books and we really enjoyed both of them. This one’s particularly hilarious.


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