Jack Hunter Secret of the King by Martin King

jackhunterJack Hunter Secret of the King

By Martin King

202 pages – ages 10+

Published by Razorsharp on July 25, 2011

Twelve-year-old Jack did not want to move. He liked where he lived and now he has to move away from all his friends and everything he knows. Jack quickly makes good friends at his new home. Jack’s grandfather (which is the reason that the Hunter Family moved – to take care of him) tells him about a treasure he had found when he was a boy and his granddad had a coin to prove it. The rest of the treasure was still out there, somewhere. Jack’s granddad made Jack promise not to tell anyone about the treasure, but Jack accidentally told his new friends and they all set off to find the ancient treasure. The kids have to crack codes and solve puzzles that lead them to the treasure. Unfortunately for them,  there were some other not-so-nice people looking for and wanting the treasure too!

The characters in this book, Jack and all his friends (Holly (Shaun Hollingsworth), Jules, BT and Martin) were all great. I thought they made  a great team and they were really believable kids. The plot of the book was very exciting and I liked the adventure described in the story. The book was a quick read for me, but I think that the story was told in a good way that didn’t leave me thinking it should have had more. In a couple of places I could tell what was going to happen next, but it still had enough suspense and it was a very fun read. I liked the code that Mr. King hid in the book at the beginning of each chapter. He has a great website where you can go and search for clues also (click HERE).

Four out of five bookworms for this fun read! fourbooks

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  1. That sounds really fun, Erik! I bet Matthew will find it with his spy skills 😉

  2. Cool review Erik. I’ve just added it to my to-read shelf.

  3. Ah! The eternal fascination that children have for the hidden treasure. Sounds like a winner!

  4. Sounds like a very run read. How clever of the author to place a code at the beginning of each chapter, thus drawing activity to his website. Great adventure with a strong plot.

  5. Sounds like a great adventure of cracking codes and buried treasure. And just as much of an adventure to read.

  6. I love a book with a mystery/problem to solve. My six-year-old is currently obsessed with Magic Treehouse because of the missions.

  7. Gotta share this one with Micah…

  8. Glad you enjoyed it Erik. I had a guest reviewer and her son (friends of mine actually) read and review this one. They really enjoyed it as well. 🙂

  9. I like treasure books. Once I found a hamburger wrapper on the ground at the park. That is my kind of treasure!

    Love and licks,

  10. I do love books where there is a good clue-search!

  11. I want to read this one! WOW! I am always up for a good mystery. 🙂

  12. I also enjoy books that make me think – when some of the details are not force-fed or neatly spelled out – it engages the reader more, I think. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this one.


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