Today I interrupt the regularly scheduled book review (which will post tomorrow πŸ˜‰ ) for a special post.

Meet Renn.renn

Renn is the youngest, toughest, Grand Master Jedi ever to walk the sands of Tatooine. Besides battling evil Sith lords, Renn is also battling Epilepsy. Renn is the son of Bethany Telles, author of “Waiting for James in a Sea of Pink,” who’s blog I follow. That’s how I “met” Renn. Renn is in the hospital right now and Susanna Leonard Hill came up with this great idea of sending Renn get well wishes. A bunch of bloggers are doing that. Click HERE to see a list of all the other creative get well messages for Renn. You can read more about Renn and learn about Epilepsy by visiting The Brain of a Jedi blog by clicking HERE.

This is my get well wish for Renn –

*note move your cursor off the video after starting it so you can see all the words.

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  1. Aww, sweet video for Renn. πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome Erik. You should be so proud for doing something so good.
    I’m sure Renn is thrilled with your get we’ll wish.

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Too cool. Faboo job, Erik. Of course I LOVE the pizza box boomerang :D. Get Well Wishes to Renn!

  4. You are so clever, Erik! That is wonderful. I’m sure Renn will love it.

  5. Erik, that is so cool! My boys are going to love this. (We just ordered the Star Wars trilogy through NetFlix–again!)

    Micah has a very good friend with epilepsy. It’s a tough thing to live with. Wishing you all the best, Renn!

    Stunts by Erik–HA! πŸ™‚

  6. This is great, Erik. You did an amazing job! And The Force be with Renn as he battles on!

  7. That video is terrific, Erik! Renn will love it! I know I did. May the Force be with you as well as the fine, young Warrior, Renn. Greaat post. πŸ™‚

  8. Erik, this is awesome!

  9. OMG, Erik! You are INCREDIBLE! I can’t even begin to imagine how you did this, but it’s fantastic and Renn will love it! I think I need video lessons from you πŸ™‚ Awesome job!

  10. Wow!! Totally awesome, man! That is going to have Renn laughing and cheering! Good Job!

  11. LEGO + Star Wars = Win for Renn! That was very cute and clever, Erik!

  12. How awesome Erik! I’m sure he’ll enjoy it. I did.

  13. This is FANTASTIC, Erik! Renn is going to love it.

  14. Ha, ha! Loved the box-o-pizza-rang! You’ve got skills – great editing, writing, lego-building and art direction!

  15. You are so creative, Erik!

  16. Erik, way beyond cool! Renn is going to love this video. How did you know to put this together. So creative!

    • Thank you Ms. Tilton! I actually made a video earlier for Renn, but I used copyrighted stuff, so I couldn’t post it so I just emailed it to Renn for him to see. This video is a second episode and this time I made sure everything I used in it wasn’t copyrighted!

  17. Erik – you are so AWESOME!!!! Renn will be thrilled to see himself starring in this movie!! What a generous and thoughtful thing to do! I can appreciate the work you put into this….I made one video (only 45 seconds long) and it took my daughter and I 3 days to edit it.

  18. This is FANTASTIC, Erik! I loved EVERY minute of it and I’m sure that Renn and his family will also.
    Do you give lessons in video production? I would have NO CLUE as to how to do what you did…I am impressed by you once again.:)

  19. Great idea and I wish Renn a speedy recovery.

  20. Awesome! The dark side doesn’t stand a chance.

  21. Epic win! I’m sure Renn will be thrilled. Thanks a ton for making this post, Erik. It inspired me to make a little something for him too (although mine isn’t quite as epic).

  22. What a lovely idea! I’ll click on those links to wish him well too!

  23. ERIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The pure talent you have is quite impressive!!! Holy wow!! Thank you, kiddo… Renn and I have watched this 22 times already!! And now Renn wants to say something (remember, he’s in Kindergarten, and he’s learning how to spell πŸ˜‰ ):

    hi. this is vere cool. i luv it so much. thank you. you are my new jedi frend. come to my hows now ok?

    May the Force be with you, Erik… You have truly brightened my little boys’ day!!

  24. Wow Erik! This video is spectacular – so creative. I’m sure Renn will love it almost as much as I did! πŸ™‚

  25. Awesome video πŸ™‚ I’m sure Renn will love it.

  26. Erik, you are a young man of many talents. This is brilliant! Arthur and I have enjoyed watching it several times and the ending gives him the giggles.

  27. Outstanding Erik. Glad to see Renn invited you to his house. Stay strong Renn!

  28. Wow! Erik you keep surprising me with the talent you possess. You’re what . . . 35 years old, now? You’re an amazing kid.

  29. That was awesome, Erik! Renn must have LOVED it!

  30. That’s really great, Erik. You must have put a lot of time & dedication into it. You rock!

  31. Hope you’re feeling better now, Renn! πŸ™‚ Very nice tribute, Erik.


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