47 Reviews Today! Including Lotto’s Super-Awesome Unbelievable Park Adventure and It’s a Catastrophe!

OK, this is going to take a while and I hope you read to the end of the post. I have 47 reviews for you today. My fingers are a bit tired from typing so I am sorry if I spelledsome words rong.

Here we go…


April fools! I only have two reviews. 😉


lottosLotto’s Super-Awesome Unbelievable Park Adventure
By Jan Ellen Ferrigan
152 pages – ages 10+
Published by CreateSpace on November 17, 2012

Lotto Lewis and his siblings, Armond and Riley, were amazed when they met their late mother’s “fabled” (and rich) Cousin Baxter. The Lewis’ get to know each other well and soon they’re asked if they want to travel with him around the country (and a bit of Canada) to visit National Parks over the summer. Baxter gives them a challenge too – to find words and unscramble them to form a sentence (if they do that, they get to have one thing for completing it, as long as it is within reason) and a clue to find the next park to go to. Along the way, Lotto realizes someone doesn’t want them to find the clues and is trying to stop them!

This was a GREAT book! I love the action and fantasy (there is some magic) in it! There was one swear word used once – the main character says ‘He** no!’ and again, it is only said once. The story plot is unique and it is written well. The cover is nice, and there are photos of some of the places they visit in the book made so they look sort of like a scrapbook. Lotto is a cool, modern boy. I like that he is a very realistic character. I liked learning about the parks that they visit! I think kids 10+ would enjoy this book.

5/5 bookworms for “Lotto’s Super-Awesome Unbelievable Park Adventure”.fivebooks

To learn more about Ms. Ferrigan, please visit her blog by clicking HERE.

**UPDATE! Ms. Ferrigan just sent me the awesome new cover for her book! Check it out –

Lotto's Super Awesome Unbelievable Park Adventure

catastropheIt’s a Catastrophe!
By Sibel Hodge
Illustrated by Leos Ng Okita
296 pages – ages 8+
Published by Wonder Women Publishing Limited on November 9, 2012

The cats of the Katz household have a dilemma. The mayor of their town wants to destroy all the cats at the rescue home because they have a TERRIBLE disease known as “catatonic flu” . The Katz’s cats  and the Katz family need to stop the cat-hating mayor and prove that the cats at the rescue home really aren’t sick.

This was an interesting book. The cat characters were a lot like humans (but they didn’t talk to the humans). I like the action in the story. The character’s were realistic (maybe too much), and there was a LOT of romance between the cats (maybe a bit too much for me as a boy). The writing was good and the plot was good too (sometimes a bit predictable, but still good). There was one “oh gawd”. The cover art is excellent and there are great illustrations of the characters in the book. I think kids 10+ would like this book.

I give this book 4 out of 5 bookworms!fourbooks

To learn more about Ms. Hodge, please visit her website HERE.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to review this, Erik 🙂

  2. LOL! Too funny. You made me look up and down the post a couple of times b/c I was skimming. Great April Fool’s, Erik!

    As always, nice reviews!

    ~Cool Mom for
    Stanley & Katrina

  3. I am so gullible. I thought “whoa, Erik, go crazy!” At least I figured it out before the message fully loaded.
    Well played, sir.

  4. I did it, too. I scrolled to the end to see just how long this bugger was. Ha! Got me, you crazy kid! 🙂

  5. You have to be the best April-Foolser of all time – twice since I’ve known you! I think you need to write a story involving one – or 47! Would love to see what you could pull off!…still laughing…sheesh!

  6. Great April Fool Erik. I really like the sound of the first one. Kids will love them both. Happy Easter Monday!

  7. 47 Reviews — April Fools Erik! Good thing, because I don’t think anyone could sit through that many reviews. But, I did enjoy the two your reviewed the Lotto book sounds lie a great adventure. Love the cover of the second book and it sounds very entertaining for kids.

  8. Ha ha! Very funny! I actually started scrolling down to see if you really had a ton of reviews 🙂 The 2 you did sound like tons of fun! Have a happy April Fools’ Day! 🙂

  9. That April Fool’s joke was very tricky, Erik. I hope you’re April Foolin’ about that WHOLE ENTIRE BOOK about cats!! or at least I hope the sequel will be Dog-tastrophe….

    Love and licks,

  10. Wow! Am I ever glad there were just 2 reviews as it would have taken my entire day off to read all 47! Have a fun April Fool’s Day Erik. This was my Dad’s favourite day of the year and he was so good at fooling us over the years. Not surprising he was born on March 31, just one day shy of April Fool’s Day. So now it is one of my favourite days too. Thanks for the laugh.

  11. Wow, you had me going there for a while!

  12. Woah, you caught me for a second or two. I love the sound of the parks and clues in the first one you reviewed today. Romantic cats! I wasn’t expecting that.

  13. lol! You totally got me! I was thinking- wow, 47 reviews. Will they be one line each? 🙂 The two reviews do sound good. I like the play on words with the names in both of them. Thanks for sharing! April Fool’s Day to you!

  14. You “got me” with your April Fool’s joke! Good one!

  15. I thought you might be out to break my record. Very funny, I thought you were serious . . . until only two reviews showed up in my inbox. Funny joke! Why today? ❓

  16. Brilliant as ever, Erik. You truly are a special boy!

  17. I’m impressed Erik, I too looked up and down your post a couple of times then realised what day it was written ! Great reviews as always 🙂

  18. Great Erik! And thank for publishing the logo. I like it blue!

  19. Action, fantasy, and a dash of magic – perfect for adventure stories. 🙂 I also enjoy books with lovely illustrations.


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