Triple Play!

Happy Wednesday! Baseball is back this week! My favorite team, the Philadelphia Phillies, play their first game of the season tonight against the Atlanta Braves. I didn’t have any baseball related books on my review list, so I thought I’d do a baseball-ish style review today.

First up to bat is the power hitter Charlie Sparrow! He steps up to the mound and…

charliesparrowCharlie Sparrow and the Secret of Flight

By David Anderson

91 pages – ages 6+

Published by Underdog Books February 28, 2013

Charlie Sparrow was going to help his Dad fix the guard rails in Tree City. The guard rails are there so no bird falls out of the tree they live in. In Charlie’s world, none of the birds fly. They actually don’t know they can fly! While Charlie is helping his dad, he slips and falls, but when he spreads his arms something miraculous happens! He floats down and lands softly below. Charlie realizes there is something special about the feathers on his arms. His parents take Charlie to see Doctor Nightingale. He says Charlie has Leaping Syndrome. The doctor recommends clipping Charlie’s feathers! Charlie needs to find out why feathers are special before he is plucked!

The story in the book was good. The plot had a message about how one person can make a change, even if it means going up against a whole bunch of people who don’t believe you. Charlie was a very good main character. He was brave and believed in himself. I really like the message the book gave. I didn’t care for the illustrations in the book and thought they didn’t really add to the story. The book was a quick read for me, but I didn’t think the story was cut short because of it.

Four out of five bookworms for Charlie Sparrow. fourbooks

To learn more, please visit the Charlie Sparrow website HERE.

Charlie makes a nice triple play into center-field! On deck now is the rookie Chloe Diggins. Diggins digs in and SWINGS!!!

chloedigChloe Diggins and The Eternal Emperor (Volume 1)

By Jennifer Amiel

Illustrated by Ricardo Guimaraes

228 pages – ages 9+

Published by 2 Muses Publishing on July 13, 2012

Chloe Diggins was excited to be going to Peru to help her archeologist father. Her dad was looking for the legendary Inca Disk while also teaching high-schoolers about archeology.  The Inca Disk is a clue to find the Eternal Emperor, a guard of a fabulous treasure. When they find an ancient skeleton that goes missing the next day, Chloe’s dad is arrested for the crime (his trowel was found at the crime scene). The next day Chloe makes a discovery of her own; the Inca Disk! The problem is, someone else knows it and they are after her and the disk. Chloe sets off to see where the disk leads her in hopes of finding the Eternal Emperor and clearing her father’s name!

This book was EXCITING!!! Chloe is an awesome main character. The story was action-packed and very well written for kids. I also like all the legends you learn about in the book and I also learned some about archeology too. The setting was great and described well.

Five out of five bookworms for Chloe Diggins. fivebooks

To learn more, please visit the Chloe Diggins website HERE.

Batting in the clean up position is the left-hander of the team. He takes a low inside pitch, swing and a miss. He steps back up to the plate and digs in. A fast ball comes screaming towards the plate…

losttreasQuest for the Lost Treasure (Interactive Pirate Adventure)

By Gerry Gaston

Illustrated by Laura Livi

50 pages – ages 3-8

Published by CreateSpace on December 2, 2012

Taken from the back cover –

This book’s alternative storyline pathways concept allows you to actually choose where you want the adventure to go! The choices you make on each page determine what happens in the story, and you control every step of the way!”

Pirates have stolen the riches of your town. You need to find the treasure and stop the pirates before it is too late!

This is a very good choose your own adventure book . It is written very well for younger kids and the “chose your own” part of the book works really well and it’s fun to do. The main character in the book is you (illustrated as a young boy) and that’s kind of cool. The illustrations are great, very colorful and detailed. Overall the story is very fun and I think younger kids will love it!

Five out of five bookworms for Quest for the lost treasure. fivebooks

To learn more, please visit the Quest for the Lost Treasure website HERE.

…and he hits it OUTTA HERE!!! HOME RUN!!! That’s all for today folks! Game’s OVER! The score’s: Bookworms – 3 and the Joysticks – 0!

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  1. What fun reviews! 3 great books, thanks Erik. I love the cover of Chloe Diggins and The Eternal Emperor (Volume 1) & the story sounds really good and how cool is a choose your adventure? I used to love those type of books growing up.

    Paul R. Hewlett

  2. I definitely agree about the illustrations in the first book. The next two sound exciting and fun. I love those “determine the path” stories. Lots of extra work for the author coming up with alternatives, but worth it for the reader. Great reviews. I love baseball and will read anything baseball related.

  3. Very entertaining post, Erik. 🙂 The second book appeals to me, though I always loved Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. Brings me back.

  4. Quest for the Lost Treasure is my favorite of the three books. I wish there was a treasure in my neighborhood. I would try to find it. Once I found some Popeye’s chicken and a biscuit out by the garages behind our building. Mom said, “Ugh! Who would be such a pig?” I said, “YAY! Somebody left me a yummy snack.”

    Love and licks,

  5. All three sound fab! Is the third one an ebook?

  6. Love the style of your review. I think the name Chloe Diggins is a good one for the character you describe, so this is the one I will DIG INto first!

  7. What a line-up of books! Three tripple hitters??? I liked all of your reviews, especially Choe Diggins. They really all sound like excellent books. Great reviews and a very entertaining blog.

  8. Three great reviews, Erik, and I love the baseball analogy. I especially like the archeological setting in Chloe Diggins!

  9. yes! The baseball analogy through which you deliver your hits scores a goal with me! Sorry! English…we don’t have baseball here, only football!

  10. It’s great to see new publishers and new books in your site, Erik, as always. Haven’t heard of these books at all. Nice to see you give them a bit of love. 🙂


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