Leaf and the Long Ice by Jo Marshall

leafandthelongceLeaf and the Long Ice

By Jo Marshall
llustrated by D.W. Murray
Published by CreateSpace on January 21, 2011
264 pages – ages 9+

Taken from the Twig stories website – ”Twigs are impish stick creatures – not much taller than robins. Tiny leaves sprout from their arms and legs, and their toes are very curly like roots. Their long, leafy hair can be many different colors – emerald, bronze, flaming red, and gold, for example. Twigs live in all sorts of trees, but the knotholes of enormous ancient cedars, big leaf maple, silver-leafed poplar, and whitebark pine are their favorite havens.”

Leaf is back on another adventure! This time, Leaf’s Mumma and Pappo ask Leaf to look after his twin brothers because they are taking Leaf’s sister off on an “adventure” (to check on something from the end of the 2nd book). After an exhausting time of babysitting, Buddy and Burba (the twins) fall asleep. Leaf decides to take a nap too. The only problem with this plan is that the twins were only faking and when Leaf goes to sleep, the twins sneak out! The twins decide they want to go and see the “Long Ice,” a giant glacier on Echo Peak (a mountain). The twins don’t know all the dangers that are at the glacier. When Leaf finds out their plot, he has to race to rescue them so they don’t get hurt!

This is the third book in the Twig Stories series and this one is as good as the others (see my reviews of book 1, Leaf and the Rushing Waters HERE and book 2,  Leaf and the Sky of Fire HERE)! Like books 1 and 2, Leaf and the Long Ice has an environmental theme. This book has a message about global warming and what may happen because of it. The action and adventure in the book is great and it isn’t too scary for younger kids. Ms. Marshall writes very well for children. The twig characters are very unique and I love reading about them. Leaf is a great main character. I like the environmental messages in Ms. Marshall’s books because they are important for kids to learn about. I also love the illustrations in the books! Take a look –


Five out of five bookworms for Leaf and the Long Ice! fivebooks

To learn where to purchase the Twig Story books and to learn more about them, please visit the Twig Stories website by clicking HERE! There are also great activities on Ms. Marshall’s site.

I can’t wait to read book 4 (Leaf and Echo Peak) when it comes out later this year!


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  1. I didn’t realize Ms. Marshall had so many books in this series. I read the first one. It was cute. I LOVE the beautiful artwork.

  2. The entire series sounds very fascinating. I’ll have to check it out as it’s very nice having a book that reads wonderfully while sharing a heartfelt message.

  3. I have already downloaded this one but haven’t read it yet, Erik. I LOVE the twigs!

  4. Sounds fantastic, Erik. I had stick characters in a story, what fun!

  5. I downloaded the first book on my husband’s iPad some time ago, but haven’t gotten to it because he’s always has his iPad. I really want to read this series, but I have difficulty reading eBooks. I love environmental stories and Jo’s series sounds wonderful.

  6. Here’s what I know for sure about those stick kids. Sneaking out is naughty. They might need to stay on leashes, like I do.

    Love and licks,

  7. Nice that it has an environmental message. And timely, too!

  8. I’m heartened to hear that you liked the book partly because of the environmental message. It sounds like a great book with a good message.

  9. The art work looks lovely! And a great theme…anything that makes kids aware of the environment is much needed.

  10. These books look and sound pretty cool. Those twigs look like they’re having a lot of fun. I like the illustrations and the message. I’ll have to check these out. thanks Erik!

  11. Sounds like a very entertaining series, Erik!

  12. I’m sorry to be so late with my thanks for your wonderful review of Long Ice, Erik. Your recommendation and praise mean a great deal to me and all the young fans of Twig Stories, especially those in youth programs with nonprofits working for conservation. It’s exciting to be rated 5 bookworms! Very cool! I’m sure Leaf considers you his best bud!

  13. The illustrations look absolutely gorgeous, Erik! Lovely!

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