Happy Earth Day! Zombie-Kids Go Green by Julia Dweck

Happy Earth Day!!!

Today after school, my family and I are going to go for a walk on our road and clean up all the litter along the sides. How are you spending Earth Day?

I know every time I think of Earth Day, I think of ZOMBIES! Okay, not really, but it seems that zombies, vampires and other monsters are very popular lately and Julia Dweck wrote a very clever book that combines zombies and caring for the Earth that is sure to get kid’s interest!

zombiekidsZombie-Kids Go Green (KiteReaders Monster Series)

By Julia Dweck

Illustrated by Mark Draisey

20 pages – ages 6+

Published by KiteReaders on February 21, 2013

Have you ever wondered what Zombies did at night? (Just F.Y.I. – I don’t. I don’t think about Zombies and what they do. Especially at night.) Would you think of them sneaking into your house to shut off a dripping faucet? Or battling Energy Vampires in your home? Planting trees? Picking up trash? Apparently Zombies are very Eco-friendly  because they do all this – and more!

I am not a fan of Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, etc. I actually stay away from books and movies with monsters in them (unless it’s like Abbott and Costello meet the Mummy). I also do know a lot of kid/adults are really into monsters and when I heard about Ms. Dweck’s book I was wondering how you combine Zombies and a green message so I thought I’d give it a try. After reading the book, I think kids will really love this book and adults will love the message! Why?  Because the whole idea of Zombies caring for the Earth is hilarious! I also love the illustrations.  They really add to the story. I like that the author mixes a popular culture thing (Zombies) with a message about caring for the Earth! I think kids 6+ would really love this book!

Five out of five bookworms for the Eco-friendly Zombie message in Zombie-Kids Go Green! fivebooks

As a bonus, you can get the ebook version FREE today! Click HERE!

Check out the trailer.

To learn more about Ms. Dweck and the great books she writes, visit her website HERE and her facebook page HERE.ZKG Image

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  1. I lived this one too Erik, so clever and such a great message. Cheers Julie

  2. Great review Erik. I’ve read this book too. I thought that the illustrations were absolutely awesome.

  3. A crazy fun choice, Erik. I’ll have to check it out:)

  4. Another fun choice for Earth Day. The video was cute. I think it’s great author’s use every kind of theme to get important messages across to kids — zombies and conservation. Cool idea.

  5. haha, that’s pretty clever combining zombies and a green message! Love it!

  6. I was actually thinking about doing the same thing–walking our road and pulling all the liquor bottles out of the swamp. Disgusting.

    The idea of zombies caring for the earth is funny!

  7. I love the idea of zombies cleaning up the environment.If that’s how kids can relate to it, then, cool!

  8. It sounds brilliant! I wrote a zombie A-Z pb for my April 12×12 so fun to do.

  9. I spent Earth Day pulling weeds in my own flower beds. Don’t know if that counts! Zombies scare me silly, but this sounds fun and timely. The title alone is pretty funny. Good for you, Erik, for having an Earth Day theme today.


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