Creative Kid Thursday! Meet Kid Author Emma Wosje!

Today’s Creative Kid has a ton of talent! Meet Emma Wosje, author and illustrator of the book “Red the Cardinal.”

Emma2Red the Cardinal

Red the Cardinal

By Emma Wosje

Published on by Emma Wosje on January 31, 2013

24 pages – ages 5+

Red the Cardinal has a great message that kids and adults will love (and the cover art is awesome)!

The mean Mr. Oris, a horned owl, keeps stealing Red the cardinal’s food. Red is upset, and takes his frustrations out by makes things hard for a couple of house finches nearby. Red learns that just because YOU are bullied, doesn’t mean that you can bully others!

Emma was nice enough to answer some questions about herself!

mr90043940713.jpg How old are you and in what grade?


I am in 5th grade and I am 11 years old.

mr90043940713.jpg HEY! Me too! Which do you like better, writing or illustrating?


I love illustrating a little bit more than writing, because it has been easier for me to express myself and my feelings with visual art more than with writing. Writing is something that I am still learning to master and I am enjoying it very much! I have been doing visual artwork for quite awhile — in a pretty serious way, but I didn’t start to really get serious about writing until this year. For fun, my mom contacted a teacher to tutor me in writing and, I think, that has helped me to figure out how to express myself and my feelings in my writing.

red2 (2)

mr90043940713.jpg Well, you sure are good at both! What do you want to be when you grow up?


I want to be an illustrator and an author of books about fun adventures and fantasy. If not an illustrator, I also love doing lots of different kinds of art. My favorites are sketching and 3 dimensional art. For 3-D art I especially like reusing recyclable items and using fabrics or clay to make my final pieces.

red2 (1)

mr90043940713.jpgBesides writing and drawing what else do you like to do?


I love to read and go outside with my friends, family, and my dog, Duke. I also like to play many sports including lacrosse, field hockey, and running. I am hoping to be able to play lacrosse or field hockey when I grow up too.

mr90043940713.jpgHow did you get the idea for your book and to self-publish it?


I was given this project in school to write and illustrate a book that had a moral as part of the story. The idea of bullying as the moral immediately came to me. After I wrote the book, my mom helped me create the published version of it. When it arrived in the mail in its published format, I decided it could be much more than just a school project. My mom and I decided we wanted to raise money for one of our favorite charities, Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, and so I have been selling it and giving 50 percent of the proceeds to Lost Dog. That has been my favorite part — helping the dogs and cats find homes.


I think it is totally AWESOME that you donate part of your profits to such a good cause! Thanks Emma!

Here is some more fabulous artwork by Emma.

red3 (2)

red4 (1)

Find Emma’s book on by clicking HERE. Find it on iTunes HERE. Follow Emma on twitter @RedtheCardinal !

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  1. Wow! Emma, you’re a beautiful girl with some amazing talent. Gorgeous illustrations!

  2. Wow! What a clever girl. I have a bird story about bullying too. I look forward to reading Emma’s. Beautiful pictures!

  3. You are right, Erik, Emma has a ton of talent! (plus I like your alliteration). I am VERY impressed by the artwork – the compositions are not only well balanced, but inviting, the use of color (love the purple mountains!), and especially the drawing skills – Emma has a keen eye for detail. I bet Emma would enjoy a blog I follow called Red and the Peanut ( The photographer/watercolorist/author is a bird watcher and nature lover too. Enjoyed today’s post immensely! Thanks Emma and Erik.

  4. Great photo of Emma as it shows self-confidence. Congratulations on publishing your first book. I am impressed with your artwork. You show so much emotion in your work! Follow your dreams!

  5. Emma is flat out a rock star. Writing, illustrating, self-publishing – go girl! Thanks for sharing her with us, Erik. And thanks, Emma, for donating to an important cause. If it weren’t for people like you, I might still be waiting in the shelter for a forever home.

    Love and licks,

  6. Great interview, Erik and Emma! Wow, Emma! You are busy and productive and talented! I love the cover of your cardinal book, and I think it’s terrific that you’ve written a book about such an important topic AND that you’re donating part of the proceeds to charity. What a wonderful example. (Erik – I thought I left a comment here this morning… but I don’t see it… so sorry about the mistake or delay or whatever!)

  7. What a talented young woman you are Emma. Thank you for the interview Eric. I love the illustrations very much. Good luck on following your dreams Emma!

  8. Erik, you made a great find in Emma! And did a fine interview. Emma, the book looks great! The subject matter is an important one these days and your illustrations are lovely! Thank you for being so generous! Thank you both for sharing!

  9. Emma – beautiful illustrations and a great story. We’ve all had a problem with a mean horned owl at one time or another!

  10. What a great find. You 5th graders are so impressive!

  11. Emma is quite the artist! Wow! I am a 5th grade teacher and this book looks and sounds great. It is a theme many kids could benefit from reading. I especially like that Emma took a school project and made it so much more. Great about the donations, too! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Erik, you did a very enlightening interview with Emma. I am impressed by the focus in her life. Her talent and insight is extremely thoughtful. I feel their is a sensitive kid in Emma, choosing Bullying as her topic. This is a topic that I am interested in myself and want to see it come to an end. And she shows great generosity in donating 50% of her earnings from her book to charity to help save lost cats and dogs. Emma, if I may say, you have struck a chord in me. What you are interested in doing now and in your future is right along the lines that I am following. It is great that you know now that you want to be a writer, an illustrator and to play field hockey. Erik, you did a fabulous interview, and Emma you are talent and gifted young lady. I am impressed with all your drawing but particularly I find in the last drawing that Erik posted was very intricate and shows great potential. I did also love all your other drawings. The owl is a favorite of mind. Thank you Erik for your interview with Emma. Wosje. I hope you both have a rich and creative future. Your example here makes me sense and think that you both will. Thank you. Jennifer Kiley
    jk the SK

  13. This is an outstanding post in so many ways. Emma and her talent, great interview by Erik, awesome illustrations, a favourite charity benefits… shall I go on? Very impressive 🙂

  14. I love it! I am so glad to meet many new smart, creative, talented kids through you, Erik! 🙂 Very good to know you Emma!

  15. I love your work so muck emma!!!😄

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