Creative Kid (Character) Thursday! JJ from S.W. Lothian’s Quest Series!


That makes yesterday May 15th. Hmm – there was something about May 15… what was it? I know, it was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!  Wait… that’s not what I was thinking about. Well, I mean it was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and that was pretty exciting, but there was also something else…



How many did I end up with?!?


Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson  and Eclipse by Erin Hunter put me over the top and I added Brian’s Hunt by Gary Paulsen for a few extra points (they were excellent books by the way). 😀 The old school record was 945 points and the goal for a fifth grader is 50 points.

Next year my goal will be to beat 1503.9!

Now for something really cool!

I have an exciting interview today! I’m interviewing JJ: the kid/main character from S.W. Lothian’s Quest Series! I have really enjoyed the first two books in the series, The Golden Scarab (click HERE for the review) and The Cursed Nile (click HERE for the review). I was very excited to learn that JJ will be going on another adventure in the third quest, “The Fallen Pharaoh!”  The book is going to be officially released on June 1st, but JJ is going to give us a preview!

Q3 - Cover V1.0

And now… HERE’S JJ!!

Erik: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

JJ: I’m really an average kid, just like you, who has been lucky enough to get caught up in the most awesome adventures.  I’m nearly 13 and I live in Grandovia with my folks, and I have a little sister called Grace.  Before all this Egypt stuff started, I always wanted to be a pilot or an astronaut, but now I think I want to become an archeologist.  I think I could use my inside knowledge of ancient Egypt to make some great discoveries.

Erik:  Great career choices! Can you tell us about your latest adventure?

JJ: Hey Erik, good question.  I don’t want to give everything away, but I’ll tell you a few things.  Just between you and me, the latest quest is the most exciting so far.  It all started with a simple idea.  We decided that it would be great to meet up, just to have a laugh, without the pressure of a quest.  But, you know what they say … nothing is ever simple.

So there we were, back in ancient Egypt, when Khafre dropped a huge surprise that none of us expected.  Before long, we found ourselves caught up in the middle of an ancient legend, and we got to learn a whole lot more about how time-travel works.  Here’s a tip for you – time-travel is even more awesome than I ever expected.

We even ended up jumping back to the future to a place that I know everyone will recognize.  It was amazing to learn the real reason that it exists – you’ll never think of that place in the same way, once you know what it really is.  The whole quest was packed full of surprises and mystery, and as usual it was another full-on race against time.  There was heaps of danger too, but we’re getting use to that.

Erik: WOW! That does sound awesome! What is it like to travel through time?

JJ: Travelling through time is like eating the world’s biggest ben-n-jerrys-krispy-kreme-oreo sundae (I love ice cream and donuts sooo much) ….. It’s brilliant.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that it’s not possible, because I know for sure that it is. When I’m actually travelling it’s like I’m floating on the spot and everything around me is moving.  It makes me feel so calm, like I have no worries.  One of the weirdest things is that my clothes change mid travel.  I don’t know how, but they do.  I don’t even notice when it happens.  You’ll have to try it sometime, Erik, I bet you’d love it.

 Erik: I think I would LOVE it… well maybe not the clothes changing thing… that would be kind of weird. 😉 What is your favorite part of being an Ancient Egyptian hero?

JJ: An ancient Egyptian hero!  Whoa, that’s a cool way of putting it.  Well, to be honest, it’s a bit weird but I wouldn’t change it.  Whenever we go back to ancient Egypt I do get recognized.  There are autograph hunters sometimes.  I like to meet them and hear what they think my adventures, but the weirdest thing is when I get followed by the papyrazzi.  They hide all over the place and sketch me on pieces of papyrus.  Sometimes when I see them hiding I stay still for a short time so they have time to do their sketch.  

I do love being a hero, thanks for noticing <blush>, but I don’t let it go to my head.  When I’m home, it’s back to reality and I’m really just another kid who no one knows about.  So, it’s like I have two lives . . . one famous . . . and one not-so-famous.

Erik: If you could be in any book (other than the ones you are already in 😉 ), which would you choose? Who would you like to meet from that book?

JJ: Wow, another great question Erik.  ‘If I was in another book, which book would it be?’  . . . Hmmm . . . that’s tricky.  I think I’d have to say I’d love to go to Hogwarts.  I’ve always been a huge HP fan and if I ever got the chance, that’s where I’d like to go.  I could explore the famous castle.  All those hidden passages and moving staircases would keep me busy for ages.  And I’d love to go inside the Room of Requirement too.  

I’d love to meet Harry of course, but I think Snape would be fun.  I’d try to break his sour mood and make him laugh a bit.  I could meet Hagrid, and Ron, and Hermione . . . ah sorry, I’m getting carried away now.

Erik: What a great choice! When you go, can I join you? 🙂

I can’t wait to read “The Fallen Pharaoh”! 😀 Thanks for stopping by JJ!

Mr. Lothian is hosting a book giveaway for  a paperback version of The Fallen Pharaoh on Goodreads, click HERE to enter!

There is also a Rafflecopter give away for a set of ALL THREE quest books – click on the link to go there and enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To learn more about the Quest series, JJ and Mr. Lothian, please visit Mr. Lothian’s website HERE or his Amazon author page HERE.

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  1. Wow…Great interview and post Erik. I’m gonna call JJ and tell him to check it out.
    Thanks…. 3 Cheers.

  2. You rock, Erik! How many books in how many months?

    • Thanks! Uhhh… I don’t know how many books… I just started keeping track of them. In April I wrote down 31 books. I think that is pretty much what I read a month – around 30? I got to take AR tests on books I read from July on so that’s like 10 months. I am going to keep a better record next year… 😀

  3. YES! Over 1500 points, that’s awesome!

  4. You did it — great goal met! Loved the interview with he character — really gives insight into his motives and personality. Sounds like a good book!

  5. Well done, you are a reading machine, lol. I loved the interview with JJ, very funny. Best wishes for the release and I can personally say, it is one exciting tale, oops, said too much.

  6. I love that you interviewed the main character. How cool.Great interview! And well done for all your collected points.

  7. Congratulations on meeting your personal AR point goal! Also, that was an interesting interview. Sounds like a wonderful series!

  8. What a great interview Erik!! That JJ is pretty awesome. Wouldn’t it be fun to join him on an adventure! Congratulations on reaching your big goal! You’re awesome too!

  9. Oh my goodness, while I loved your interview I was also floored by your accelerated reader points! Oh wow! How awesome. My daughter is also in the fifth grade but not nearly close enough to your number of AR points! 🙂 Amazing. She has also just read Gary Paulsen’s The Voyage of the Frog. She is currently reading Because of Winn Dixie and Flipped. 🙂

    • 😀 My principal congratulated me at lunch today! I haven’t read The Voyage of the Frog! I will look for it. I thought Because of Winn Dixie was good (I hated the movie). I haven’t read Flipped either! Now I have some books to add to my list!

  10. Congratulations! I’m so glad you made your goal 🙂


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