MageFable by Heimdall Thunderhammer


by  Heimdall Thunderhammer

216 pages – ages 9+

Published by Eagershelm Publishing on August 30, 2012

Durbin (a mouse) didn’t understand what he had gotten into when he and his best friend, Morro (a hedgehog), followed a spear hog (porcupine) named Herod and his friend Clove (a mouse) when they left their village. Durbin always wanted more adventure in his life by he was stuck in the  boring land of  Verdancia. When Herod and Clove came to town they told Durbin they were fleeing from Sinvicious (an evil lion) in Feralis because he wants to stop Clove because she can get her full powers as a geomancer (a Mage who can control the elements). Clove said she was trying to find a temple somewhere in Verdancia so she can become a better Mage. After Clove and Herod leave to find the temple, Durbin convinces Morro to come with him to find them Even though Sinvicious sent a band of vicious rats to get Clove and kill anyone in their way, Durbin is still convinced to help Clove and Herod.

I really liked the story in this book. I liked the anime style illustrations all throughout the book. Durbin is a great character. I like a character that is seeking adventure and goes to find it. He also seems like a brave and dedicated mouse. The book was an easy read for me and it seems it was written for a middle-grade level. There was some violence with the animals fighting each other but nothing graphic. I would have liked a little more description of Verdancia. The plot was fun and kept me reading. I think that the story and characters reminded me a little too much of Brian Jacques’ Redwall series (my favorite series of all time) but I would also give the next book in this series a try. I also found quite a few small errors (typos) that were throughout the book.

I give MageFable 4 out of 5 bookworms.fourbooks

To learn more about the MageFable Series, please visit the official website by clicking HERE.

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  1. I thought Redwall too, as soon as i had started your review. Do you think that is the author’s real name?

  2. Love the cover. Not familiar with anime illustrations. But, the story sounded like a great middle grade read packed with action. Yeah, the author’s name is interesting.

  3. As you were describing the story, I was thinking, “gee, this reminds me of Redwall” and then you said the same thing 🙂 I love Brain Jaques, so if this is like that, I’m sure it’s good. I like the cover!

  4. Sweet! That cover makes me want to snag the book and now I’m sure I want it after reading your description. I don’t like typos, because they distract me, but I can deal with it for great story line. I too thought Redwall. Just like EVERYONE else. Ha. Great job!

  5. I really like the cover too. It sounds as if it had lots of adventure, and I love the idea of a brave mouse. This is an interesting metaphor, as mice are usually stereotypes for being timid and quiet.

  6. I like the name Verdancia. Do they dance there? I like to dance.

    Love and licks,

  7. Like everyone else, it seems, I was put in mind of Mr Jacques. His books are so exciting! Even for big books, they don’t put me to sleep. Maybe this one will be worth checking out. Thanks for the review.

  8. My son’s favorite series when he was your age was also the Redwall series. I really like the book cover here.

  9. Love the cover! Sorry I’ve been falling behind on posts lately. Been very busy! Oh, my word, I need a vacation! (Summer vacation.)

  10. Came by to say I did what you suggested. That art is fantastical! Thanks and happy #bepositive day. Sending you a HUGE smile. 🙂


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