The Key and the Flame by Claire M. Caterer

keyflameThe Key and the Flame

by Claire M. Caterer

480 pages – ages 8+

Published by Margaret K. McElderry Books on April 2, 2013

Holly Shepard wanted an adventure but she should have been careful what she wished for. She found herself, her brother, and a friend, plunged into a world filled with magic and swords. Now all she wants is to have her “boring” life back. When Holly enters this new world, she becomes an Adept, a person with magical abilities, which is outlawed. When Holly’s brother and their friend are captured by and sentenced to death by the royal family, it is up to Holly to save them and find a way back home.

I really liked the Holly character in this book. It’s nice to see a girl main character in a story that has magic as a plot, plus it’s a really good character. I like that she is smart, kind, brave and loyal. I liked the character of Everett too. He was interesting. The dialogue in this book is VERY  realistic. The writing has a good amount of detail, and every question in this book was answered (except one, but that is one that comes into the mind at the end of the book – “Will they go back?”). The plot is very exciting and awesome! I like how the army that Holly leads (because she’s an Adept) executes their rescue mission. The world takes place in a medieval period, my favorite time (next comes Civil War-period and then…) I like the magical twist on the standard “Knights in shining armor”! All the mystical creatures are very cool! I like the Leogryph a lot! I think kids 8+ would like this book!

Five out of five bookworms for a great adventure story. fivebooks

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  1. Another great review, Erik. I’m always amazed at how well you convey the essence of the books you review. Good work. = )

  2. Great review indeed Erik. This sounds like a fun book. I am always intrigued by the female lead in books like these. I haven’t read many, but have really enjoyed the ones I have. Thanks for pointing that out and that it was a success. Best of luck to Claire M. Caterer.

    Paul R. Hewlett

  3. Sounds like you LIKE this book a lot!

  4. What an awesome book! It has all my favourite elements.

  5. Great review Erik. Interesting plot and the fact they refer to her as an “Adept” which has special meaning in the spiritual community. Saw the positive comments about you on Myra G.’s website — so cool they got to hear you talk at the Asian Children’s fesitval. See that you’re reading “Side Kicked” — saw it advertized and thought you would soon be reviewing it. Looks good.

  6. I also like the use of the word Adept! Great review as ever Erik. You really tell us what to expect!

  7. I’d fit right into this story. Sometimes when I jump (fly) across the living room from the chair to the couch, Mom thinks I am magical.

    Love and licks,

  8. This book has now been added to my list! It sounds so good and I love the way you described the story and the plot. Thanks for sharing! Great review.

  9. Thanks for the review! Now I need to look for this book!

  10. I love books with a strong female lead character. Girls and boys will enjoy this book. Great review once again.

  11. Wow, this all different time periods and sounds fantastic! I must make a list of all of your best ones ready for when Matthew enjoys reading better. I like reading MG too but haven’t read one in a while. Thanks, Erik

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