Double Review! Alice Parker and the Sound of the Silent (Book #4) by Nicola Palmer and Sinking Deeper OR My Questionable Decision to Invent a Sea Monster by Steve Vernon

alice4Alice Parker and the Sound of the Silent (Book #4)
By Nicola Palmer
144 pages – ages 10+
Published by Kallisto on March 14, 2013

Alice Parker is back in another all-new adventure! Now that her parents know that she, her brother Thomas, and Grandpa are Finwips (Fully Integrated Winged Person/People), Alice thinks that she doesn’t have to worry about a thing now. Of course, since she is a Parker, she’s wrong. When the Parker’s go to London for a concert that Alice (and her friend’s sister) will play in, the new Sinwip (evil Finwips) leader, Fabian, and Isabella Rowbottom (cousin of the sinister Sinwip, Hugh) suddenly think that Alice must be killed or kidnapped. But, of course, Alice Parker has a plan…

The Alice Parker series has become one of my favorites. I think Ms. Palmer combines great adventure with great writing for kids. This was a great book! I love the new adventure Alice gets caught up in! Alice is still the great heroine as always and I really like Thomas’ humor. The new villains are really cool characters too because of their Sinwip powers! I like Fabian’s Sinwip power (he can turn into a pigeon) a lot because it would be one I would like to have (okay maybe not a pigeon but another animal that can fly;) ). The book really keeps you on the edge of your seat! I think kids 10+ would like this book!

I give this book 5 out of 5 book worms!fivebooks

Sinking Deeper OR My Questionable Awesome Brilliant HEROIC Decision to Invent a Sea Monster
stevevernonBy Steve Vernon
168 pages – ages 10+
Published by Nimbus Publishing on September 1, 2011

Roland knew he had it in for him when his grandfather, Angus, and his best friend, Dulsie, broke him out of jail. His dad is the chief of police (and the only policeman in town) and had made Roland sleep there on his 14th birthday so he could keep an eye on him. Well, Angus, Dulsie, and Roland go and cut down a lady’s ugly laundry pole so they could throw it across town like a caber (Angus is Scottish). Roland’s Mom, the mayor, decides that this is the last straw and decides to move to Ottawa with Roland. Roland, wanting to stay, thinks up a great plan to keep business blooming in the small town of Deeper Harbor – to create a sea monster! Which seems like an awesome idea… at first.

I really like the uniqueness and quirkiness of this book. I like how they build the sea monster. It was pretty cool. I really like Angus. He’s a cool, kilt-wearing, adventurous old guy. 🙂 The characters in the book were just awesome! I would love to live in Deeper Harbor! The story and setting were great, although, I didn’t really like the ending mostly because it was kind of sad and I like happy endings.  The ending made it feel like the whole adventure was for nothing.  This book is definitely going on my bookshelf because I am sure I will read it again.  I think kids 10+ would enjoy this book!

I give “Sinking Deeper” 4 out of 5 book worms!fourbooks

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  1. two great adventures, Erik, but we do like a happy ending. I wish you many hours of happy reading. I always enjoy your posts.

  2. Just love the names finwips and sinwips! I actually like the sound of the second one most.

  3. I remember this Alice Parker series. It looks good. I wish I had more time to read right now! What a quirky title on Steve Vernon book!

  4. Erik, you’re always coming up with books I don’t know. And you must read hundreds of books. All great practice for writing! Odd about the Steve Vernon book having kind of a sad ending. I’m with you; I prefer happy endings.

  5. Tow reviews?? You must have loaded your cereal with sugar! You really have enjoyed the Alice Parker series as I remember other reviews. I’ve not read them. The second book really sounds quirky and unique. Love your enthusiasm. Do you have a summer quota for reading books at the library? 🙂

  6. Whoa! Two big reviews? What is up with that? Well, I do not have either of those to review. I think the second one sounds similar to “Elliott Stone and the Summer Vacation Sea Monster,” only instead of finding the monster, this group is building one, but both are to keep business booming in a small town. Odd.

    Well, you must be tired with all this reading and writing. Keep this up and this summer will be a very productive one for you. I hope you have lots of sugar cereal I hear you ate this morning.:)

    I like the cover for the first book, but the second one looks hand-drawn (nothing wrong with that), except this one I do not care for. Nice reviews. I am going to have to check out this Alice Parker series you like so much. Thanks for the tip and the great reviews, per usual. 😀

  7. Great reviews Erik and very interesting comment about the sad ending in the second book. It’s interesting because I wonder how important it is for middle grade books to have a happy ending. I can see how that would make a difference to how much a tween or teen would enjoy a book. Great feedback!

  8. Well, I think these books are too big for me. But you did some nice reviews and they sound pretty good. Thanks for sharing!


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