Spanky: A Soldier’s Son by S. L. LaNeve

spankySpanky: A Soldier’s Son

By S. L. LaNeve

263 pages – ages 9+

Published by My Climbing Tree, LLC on January 4, 2012

11-year-old Spanky has been trying hard to make his Dad (a member of the military who was sent to fight in Afghanistan) proud. Spanky wants more than anything to be a hero like his dad. But it’s hard being a new kid in school with a Mom who is depressed and barely gets up in the morning each day. Spanky can’t be a hero when he is being bullied at school all of the time by Mack Malone. It doesn’t help that whenever he has a chance to prove that he’s a hero, he keeps freezing with fear. Like when his teacher needs CPR, a thing Spanky knows how to do, he freezes and his best friend has to do it. Spanky wants to be like his dad, but it’s hard when you’re only a kid that has to deal with a lot.

This is a great book about a kid with an Army parent. I like how it covers other subjects, like dealing with depression and bullying, too, put in an older-kid(9+)-understandable-sort-of-way. It was written really well for that age. The writing style is  very good and realistic for me. I thought “Spanky” was a very moving story. Spanky is a normal kid who goes through a lot in a few days. He is a character that I really cared for. I wish that there were more books like “Spanky”.

I give this book 5 out of 5 book worms!fivebooks

I first read about Spanky on Sue Morris’ blog Kid Kit Reviews. Check out Ms. Morris’ review HERE.

Ms. LaNeve writes for the Quirk and Quill blog. Check out the interview she did with me HERE.

You can find Ms. LaNeve’s book on Amazon HERE.

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  1. I love that front cover and your review, Erik. I am putting this straight on my TBR list.

  2. This is an excellent review Erik. Great to hear there is a MG novel for military kids going through a similar experience. I’ve heard about this book before, but I don’t remember how. I was really searching for military books like this for different age groups. Sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mom read this book and she LOVED it. I can’t read, but I licked her Kindle.

    Love and licks,

  4. Sounds like a good one, Erik!

  5. Thanks for the link, Erik. I am putting one to this review from mine. We’ll get the word out about Spanky. NIce review. I am glad you liked the book. 😀

  6. Well I guess if you and Ms Morris both like this book so much, it MUST be a good one! I really like that cover too!

  7. This sounds like a really good subject. It must be so hard for a boy to live up to a hero dad. And to freeze with fear! And then to have a mother who suffers depression, which is also so difficult for a child to cope with. Great find, Erik!.

  8. Hello Erik, Thank you for taking the time to review Spanky and linking him with those who follow your blog. Reading the responses made a gloomy rainy morning a bit brigher! I look forward to seeing your thoughts on B&N/Amazon/Good Reads and I hope you’ll review some of author friend’s books that are coming out. I’ll send them your way.


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