The Monstore By Tara Lazar

monstoreThe Monstore
By Tara Lazar
ages 5-101.5 years old – 32 pages
Published by Aladdin on June 4th 2013

Zack didn’t want his pest of a sister to come snooping into his room anymore. That’s why he went to the Monstore. To buy Manfred, who’s job is to keep little sisters away. Sadly, Manfred “doesn’t work”. Nor does Mookie or Mojo. Zack keeps buying monsters, but none of them do their job. What’s worse is that the Monstore has one policy – NO RETURNS. As the monsters keep piling up, Zack isn’t sure what to do.

Okay, I must honestly say that I wish I had a Monstore nearby. And I must honestly add that I have been waiting for this book for TWO YEARS! Ms. Lazar’s blog is one of the first blogs I followed when I first started my blog and I kept hearing her talk about her book that would be coming out and I REALLY wanted to read it. I even sent her a drawing of a monster I would like to buy in the Monstore. And now, I FINALLY GOT A COPY! WAHOO!!! It was worth the wait! I love the story idea and the whole idea of a Monstore! The plot was unique and totally fun to read. The illustrations are AWESOME! The colors and the way all the monsters are drawn go so well with the story. I enjoyed reading this book SO much, I read it 18 times (okay maybe more)! 😀


I give the Monstore 100,000,000,000,000,000 (a Monstrous number) out of 5 book monsters! … Errr… I don’t have any book monsters nearby, but what about my friends, The Worm Family? “Hey! Guys! I need 5 of ya!” 😉fivebooks


I am going camping for a week so I am sorry if it takes a while to respond to any comments!

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  1. Is that age range in dog years, too? I think Mom needs to get me a copy. I’m afraid of monsters, so I won’t look at the pictures.

    Love and licks,

  2. Looks great! Have a lovely holiday!

  3. Yes, but did you LIKE it? 😀

  4. That’s the most enthusiastic review yet! Thanks, Erik! And enjoy your camp out!

  5. Great review Erik. I have the book and find it hilarious! It is eye-popping and colorful! Have a great camping trip.

  6. 100 gazillion? Wow. That is much more than I gave the book, and I gave it 6 stars for this winner. Glad to *finally* read your review, slowpoke. haha 😆

    Hope you have a great time camping. Will miss your reviews – unless you are prepared already, then I won’t miss them. Take pictures. oops, you won’t read this till after – I hope you took pictured! 😀

    I am going to link up with this review. 100 gazillion? My readers, including you, need to know about this.

  7. 1,000,000 out of 5 is perfectly accurate for this book! Have fun camping. Don’t kiss the poison ivy!

  8. We finally got our copy from over the seas hoooooorrrraaayyyyyy We love it too.

  9. Great review Erik. I’ve seen this book around and you’ve sold me. I’ll need to grab a copy.

  10. My son and I really loved this book too! Glad you liked it as well!

  11. I love the cover and the idea of a store full of monsters. I am glad you finally got to read this one and that you enjoyed it so much. Yeah! I will have to check this out. 🙂


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