Pa Dug & Rosie In The Garden Series By Dr. Niamh Clune


Pa Dug & Rosie in the Garden Series

By Dr. Niamh Clune

Illustrated by Marta Pelrine-Bacon

Published by Plum Tree Books 2013

Ages 3 and Up

I love the idea of this series! Not just because it is written by Dr. Niamh Clune, poet, author, and blogging friend of mine (visit her at Plum Tree Books HERE), but because the Pa Dug & Rosie In The Garden series talks about how everything serves a purpose in the garden. It teaches kids about how a garden works and that everything in nature is important. It is a great way to help young kids learn about the outdoors.

In book 1, (Rosie Wears Her Wellingtons) Rosie goes outside while wearing her red Wellington rubber boots. She first thinks she can’t go outside because it is raining, but her mom lets her as long as she wears her wellies. She learns that sherosiewearswellies can do anything outside in them. From jumping in puddles to digging in the garden with Pa Dug, planting seeds, Rosie does everything in her Wellingtons!

wollee the wormIn book 2, (Wollee the Worm) Rosie is helping Pa Dug dig in the flower garden and she shovels out an earthworm (which she names Wollee). Rosie is taught how worms help bring food to the table by helping the soil and plants “breath.” In this story, Rosie learns the (very important) purpose of worms in the garden.

I love these books! I love how it teaches young kids in a fun way. The rhyme in the stories is also great! Another reason I love these books is the illustrations. They are striking!  I like how there is only one or two things colored (in one color – ex: Rosie and her surroundings are black & white, while her Wellingtons are a nice shade of red) on each page.

This is a great series because it teaches kids about being outside. I think a lot of young kids, they just play videogames and know practically nothing about the outdoors. Some kids think that food just comes from a grocery store. They don’t know about gardens and farms. I am lucky because I am outside a lot, and I like being outside in the rain a lot. Because of that I also wear my dark green Wellington rubber boots. You CAN do anything in them (except for flying – trust me, it doesn’t work.  I tried it. Superspeed and superstrength don’t work either. 😉 ). Josie, my little sister, loves bugs, worms, and spiders, so she read this book. Wollee the Worm is why she wants to have a Worm Garden. Our grandfather is helping her build it. Josie wants to have the worms for her garden and to go fishing with. She really enjoyed the Wollee the Worm book. 🙂  I think this series is for kids, their parents and grandparents! 😀

I give both books 5 out of 5 book worms!


You can get the Pa Dug & Rosie in the Garden series at the Plum Tree Books website.

The next book in the series is, Biddle the Bee!


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  1. Thank you mega amounts Erik! And thank you for also being one of my first beta readers! I love your review, am thrilled you like the little books. I am reblogging this to the plum tree.

  2. I’ll be looking for the whole shebang! Lovely review and so glad you are all such enthusiastic gardeners!

  3. I saw these featured on Pat’s site, I believe. They’re absolutely beautiful. My kids are into gardening and would have loved these when they were little.

  4. Love your reivew Erik! I really am impressed with the books too. They are perfect for young children. The illustrations are beautiful.

  5. I love the idea of these garden books. We don’t have a garden, but one of these days, I plan to eat a worm when Mom isn’t looking. They look gooey and delicious!

    Love and licks,

  6. Erik, what a wonderful way you wrote your review of Dr. Niamh Clune’s Pa Dug and Rosie Books. First time I saw the cover of Biddle the Bee. I have a brother who just last year became a Grandfather and he loves to garden. He is expecting another grandchild next year. Well, with Luke who is almost one year old, I can see him in his grandpa’s lap reading these books and when older, Luke would love being out in the garden with his Grandpa. It is a beautiful site to imagine. I do remember playing with worms when I was younger. They were great fun, but as you said Erik, they are gooey and not very appetizing. I’ve eaten dirt but not worms. Great review. They are Delightful Books and the rhyming that Dr. Clune does is fun to read out loud. It makes you giggle. And Marta does some truly magical illustrations. It is enjoyable fun that only one colour is on each page and the rest is black and white. It does draw the attention to one specific object on a page. All of these books teach children and adults alike. The best I think is spending time together with such Marvelous books to Read and to share. It makes everyone feel Good Inside. What a Fantastic Review Erik. Jk the secret keeper but you can call me Jennifer 😎

  7. They sound very cute and a great way to get kids to want to play outside.

  8. I too love this series. What a great review Erik.

  9. Great review! I’ve had my eye on these books. Those illustrations are absolutely yummy!!!


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