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Happy Wednesday! I am VERY excited to be part of the Sidekicked blog tour! Check out all the stops on the tour by clicking HERE! I am also super excited that I get a chance to give away a copy of Sidekicked (read to the end for details). Most of all, I am extremely excited that author John David Anderson did an interview with me about his book Sidekicked! 😀


By John David Anderson

384 pages – ages 8+

Published by Walden Pond Press on June 25, 2013

Middle schooler, Andrew “Drew” Macon Bean couldn’t decide if it was good or bad to be a sidekick. His superpowers (super senses – extra good hearing, taste, touch, sight, and smell) make him super sensitive, so Drew thinks they are super lame. His Super, that he is a sidekick to (The Titan), is a super-drunk. Plus Drew is super-tired of keeping his super-secret identity super-secret. Drew thinks his Super is good for nothing, especially when The Titan doesn’t come to save him when Drew almost died. Instead Drew’s best friend’s Super rescues him. It all gets super worse when The Dealer (The Titan’s arch-nemesis who was thought to be dead) comes back and starts terrorizing the city and The Titan can’t be found. Supers are being kidnapped, and until the only Supers left in the city are The Fox and Mr. Masters (The Sidekick trainer) and the Sidekicks. Drew knows there is a mole in the few good-guys left, so Drew isn’t sure who is trustworthy.  Drew has to call on the Super in him to try to save the day!

This book is AWESOME!!! I love superheroes!  This was one of those books I couldn’t stop reading and I got in trouble for not listening to my parents because I couldn’t put it down (sorry mom and dad). The city that Mr. Anderson created for the story, Justicia, was an awesome setting and it was described very well. There was a bunch of action in this book and the plot was excellent! I was on the edge of my seat – 12 times (maybe more)! 😉 Drew was a great character and I could totally understand how he feels. I love characters that have to challenge themselves to do something they think they can’t. I also think Drew was totally believable as an ordinary kid… with lame super powers. 🙂

I give Sidekicked 5 out of 5 book worms!fivebooks

Now for my interview with Mr. Anderson!

bloglogoHow did you come up with the idea to have a world full of heroes – and one who has the “lamest” powers possible?

sidekickedauthorIt all started with the lame character, actually. I had to build the world around Drew and it took a couple of drafts and guidance from my trusty editor, Jordan, to fully create Justicia and the crazy, tights-wearing kooks that populated it. It was important that Drew not be too powerful—that he actual struggle with his dual identity as a middle-schooler and budding superhero. By granting him the power I did, I made it as much a curse as a blessing, which makes it even more rewarding when he learns how to manage it.

bloglogoWhich character of yours did you have the most fun writing about?

sidekickedauthorBeing the narrator and the driving force of the novel (not to mention having my sense of humor) Drew was undoubtedly the most fun to write. But I also enjoyed exploring the Titan’s character as well. This idea of the “washed up” superhero intrigued me. Juxtaposing the Titan, who obviously has the power but has just stopped trying, with Drew, who is trying so hard but lacks the ability and experience, was one of the joys of writing the book. They both have a long way to go from the first page to the last.

bloglogoIs there going to be a sequel to Sidekicked or are you working on another project?

sidekickedauthorI’ll be visiting the world of superheroes and villains again soon, though it won’t be from Drew’s perspective. This isn’t to say that I won’t ever revisit the H.E.R.O. program. I know “The Sensationalist” is out there, watching, listening…smelling, and I have no doubt he’d be game for another adventure. I just have to make sure I am.

bloglogoWhat superpower would YOU like (the most)?

sidekickedauthorNothing too powerful. I don’t have time to go around saving the world and all that nonsense (unless it was the power to stop time, but even then I’d probably just play more video games or catch up on my reading). Let’s say Food Flavor Transference.

That’s the power whereby I make celery taste like pepperoni pizza and everything else taste like mint-chocolate-chip ice-cream. I would call myself The Flavornator and would build my headquarters beneath the Food Pyramid where I would monitor mealtimes and make sure everyone ate their lima beans. Parents everywhere would worship me. And I’d be skinnier.

bloglogoBatman or Superman?

sidekickedauthorBatman has better movies (mostly). Superman has a more colorful wardrobe and generally better hair. I’m going to cop out, though and go with Man-Bat, a not-so famous villain that Batman has faced on a number of occasions, making one wonder how hard it is to come up with new supervillain ideas. Man-Bat? Seriously?

Find out more about Sidekicked and its author at his website or on Facebook at . Thanks for the great questions, Erik!

bloglogoNo, Thank YOU Mr. Anderson!

And, now, the moment I’ve been waiting for! The part where I take a break and  Super  Reader  comes!


Illustration by Suzanne Bloom!

Why hello there fellow readers! You are now in the presence of the most amazing reader ever – ME! SUPER READER!

I’m supposed to give the rules for a giveaway.

You gotta comment, leave your email address in the little box where it asks for it, and say how awesome Super Reader is… okay they are telling me you DON’T have to say how great I am but you should say what super power you would like… or just leave a nice comment and you will be entered to WIN! The contest is open until July 29th and I will announce the WINNER of the copy of “Sidekicked” on the 30th!
Good Luck!
Good Reading!
Super Reader – OUT!


 If you miss my give away – Walden Books is having their own where you can win  an e-reader of the winners choice, a selection of superhero-themed e-books and signed copies of Sidekicked. It’s called “The Sidekicked Summer of Superheroes Sweepstakes”. Click HERE to go THERE!




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  1. Great article Eric and I like all the great colours you use for the fonts 🙂

  2. This book and the interview both kept me reading to the very end of the post. I loved every bit of it. I like the idea of Flavonator. Not sure what power I would have and yes, you are SUPER, Erik!

  3. Ah, you’ve made me laugh as usual, Erik. And I do love that pic of you and Super Reader. This book looks like lots of fun. Superman did get the hair, but Batman has a really cool car…

  4. Nice and well formatted interview. Another superpower? Super Interviewer!

  5. What an awesome post! I enjoyed your review, loved the interview with John Anderson and his comments about being The Flavornator! Super Reader, Reviewer and Writer is perfect for you Erik! Sounds like the perfect book for a reluctant reader.

  6. This post just flies off the screen!

  7. Erik,
    Great post, you are not only a SUPER READER, you’re a SUPER BLOGGER. Your posts are always the ones I read to find out what kids are reading and I should be keeping up on. My power as the Princess of Poetry is to have perfect rhymes and every day in every way to get a little better. (Royalty has ot try harder.)
    Thank you for a great post.
    Joy Acey

  8. Super post, Erik! I was extremely entertained. The author sounds like a funny guy!
    It must be a good book if you were willing to get in trouble for it:)
    My super power–The Duet-Inator! I’d like to be able to play on my computer and quilt all at the same time.

  9. I LOVE Super Reader! You wear your suit well. Thank you for the fabulous interview, Erik. I wouldn’t have known about this new book if it weren’t for your interview.

  10. I love how you embedded the face shots in the interview. Smart thinking! I’ve always been amazed on how often you post and how well-written your posts are, but it just occurred to me that you read A LOT!

  11. Great Fun! Great interview, Duh! Is that why you are Erik-the-Great?

  12. Great interview! I want the superpower to never need sleep. I would love to never get tired!

  13. Sounds like a SUPER book! And you did a SUPER interview! I’m SUPER excited to look for this book! And if I had a SUPER power it would be — hmmmm — to be able to leap over tall fences and catch tennis balls in one swift bound. And be able to carry 5 or 6 around in my mouth! That would be SUPER!

  14. My superpower is formatting comments to make them look more official.

  15. Everybody wants to fly, so I will assume I already fly. I would want telekenises. “Where’s the remote? Shucks, it’s over there. Oh wait, I can move it with my mind! SWEET!”

  16. Can’t wait to use this book and author interview with my sixth grade writers!

  17. Great post! I love your interview questions, too!

    I would love to have super memory – but the ability to decide what I wanted to remember perfectly and what I’d like to forget.

  18. First of all I loved this review. The book sounds like such fun! The interview was awesome and the super power the author came up with is so clever. I would love the food transference power! But- if I got to pick a superpower it would probably be to stop time (for a variety of reasons). I have also wanted to teleport. 🙂 Super Reader is FABULOUS! Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  19. Fantastic interview! My superpower would be speed reading. That way, I could read every book in my to-read pile.

  20. great, just came across this blog. I will pass it on to my super hero friends. My superpower would be pointing at cars and they turn into colourful happy bicycles and the grumpy drivers turn into happy cycle chic adventurers

  21. My superpower would be sprinkling cars with flowers and they pop out turning into beautiful bicycles with happy people adventurers

  22. I’m thinking that if we have super hero day at school again I need to go as Super Reader!!!!!! And for a super power – I want to be able to move things with my mind 🙂

  23. This book sounds interesting! Maybe I’ll take a look at it.


  24. Hi Erik! I am interested reading this book. If I had a superpower I would pick these. Flying and Invisibility

  25. Just finished reading the book and it certainly was a hard book to put down. If you liked this book, I recommend checking out Jack D. Ferraiolo’s book “Sidekicks.” It’s also more of a middle school/early high school book which has a great hero story.

    Super Reader looks like a fantastic hero who could really save the day with reading power! If I had a super power, it would have to be shape-shifting or teleportation.

    Great review!

  26. wh0 was mikes super


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