August 2013 Upper Bucks Free Press Article

I write for the UBFP Newspaper!

I write for the UBFP Newspaper!

I wanted to share the article I wrote for the Upper Bucks Free Press (the newspaper I write for) for the August issue! The online version was published. To see the online version of the newspaper, click HERE (see page 13).

Erik’s Picks for Back-to-School Reading!

By Erik

School’s almost here! Can you believe it? The last thing I knew, it was July 4th, but I already see the back to school supplies out in the stores. For some kids, including me, the end of August means back to school. There are a few lucky ones that get to have a few more days of summer, but soon we kids will have long nights working on homework. Most schools also have reading requirements for their students where they expect kids to read every day (which I think is a good thing). I have made a list of my book picks from recently, or soon to be, published books that are great for back to school reading for all ages.

Girl reading a book.

Girl reading a book. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pre-schoolers – “Schoolies” books set by Ellen Crimi-Trent. If you remember your very first day of school you may have been a bit scared not knowing what to expect. The “Schoolies” books/activities by Ellen Crimi-Trent are made to help parents show their kids what will happen when they start school. There are six different books and activities available in the “Schoolies” set. Each one teaches a different topic about starting school, from making friends to learning your numbers and letters.

Kindergarten-2nd grade – I recommend “This School Year Will Be the BEST!” by BucksCounty author Kay Winters. This book is a great way to start the school year! It shows kids saying what they think the school year will be like and what will be the best about it.

“The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt. This is a hysterical story about a boy named Duncan who has a coloring assignment for school but when he opens his crayon box, all the crayons have quit because they are arguing. Duncan has to come up with a solution.

“Princess Posey and the New First Grader” by Stephanie Greene is about a girl named Posey and how a new kid in school comes, acts like a real princess, and makes Posey jealous. What will Posey do?

“My New Teacher and Me!” by “Weird” Al Yankovic! I must admit I love anything by Weird Al. In “My New Teacher and Me!”, Billy and his new teacher, Mr. Booth, get off on the wrong foot. Soon Billy learns that he and Mr. Booth may see things in a different way, but they can still learn a lot from each other. 

“The Wheels on the Bus” or “Rockin’ in my School Shoes” from the “Pete the Cat” series by James Dean. Pete the cat is cool and the rockin’ rollin’ stories can’t be beat!

3rd-5th grade – “The Boston Tea Party” by Russel Freedman, a nonfiction about this historic event told in a very exciting way.

“Dr. Nicholas is Ridiculous!”, from the “My Weirder School” series by Dan Gutman. This series is about a bunch of kids and their very strange and kooky teachers.

“Who/What Was?” This is a great series to learn about real-life people and events. Some of the books recently published in this series are “What was Pearl Harbor?” by Patricia Brennan Demuth and “Who was Christopher Columbus?” By Bonnie Bader are some new books from this nonfiction series! 

A book I know I have been waiting and waiting for is the next book in the “Origami Yoda” series by Tom Angleberger. It’s called “The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett” and it is scheduled to be released on August 6th. This series is one of my favorites.

6th-8th grade – There is a great series called “Middle School” (book 1: “The Worst Years of My Life”) written by James Patterson. It is a funny series about a kid who hates middle school and tries to make it interesting, by breaking all of the rules! The newest book in this series is “How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill”.

Newberry award winning author, Clare Vanderpool (“Moon Over Manifest”) has a great new book out that I just started reading called “Navigating Early”. It is set at the end of World War II and is about two boys who set off on an adventure on the Appalachian Trial. 

A book I can’t wait to read is the fourth book in Rick Riordan’s “The Heroes of Olympus” series, “The House of Hades”. Sadly I will have to wait because it doesn’t come out until October!

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  1. Cute choices for back to school reading. If it were back-to-obedience-school, you’d need more dog books, though….

    Love and licks,

  2. Great choices for back-to-school reading, Erik! Have you ever read Kate McMullan’s “School! Adventures at the Harvey N. Trouble Elementary School” ? It is full of zany wordplay, and funny adventures.

  3. Thanks for all the great book recommendations, Erik and Beth!

  4. Great article, Erik! Some great recommendations there!

  5. Thanks for the recommendations! As a 5th grade teacher I have jotted down the titles you said to read! I have a lot of books I want to read before school starts! 🙂

  6. Some wonderful recommendations Erik. I have heard many good things about “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt. Great article as always. BTW Don’t spend too much time fretting over the start of the school year and enjoy the rest of your holiday!!

  7. This looks like a great list Erik! I’m kind of ready for school to start again. I’ve missed it! What grade are you going into? 6th or 7th? Are those grades in middle school where you are? Will you be going to a new school?

  8. Great idea for a post. There’s something for everyone. I’ll be grabbing Ms. Vanderpool’s newbie. I loved “Moon Over Manifest.”

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