Momo by Michael Ende

Before I get to a review of one of the best books I read this year…

At 4pm today (EST), you can join me today for a TWITTER PARTY for Bruce’s Hale’s book, Playing With Fire (School for Spies Book 1 – my review of this fun and exciting adventure story will be coming soon)!!! The chat is moderated by @DisneyHyperion (Mr. Hale’s twitter name is @storyguy1 and my twitter name is  @ThisKid_Erik). Mr. Hale will be answering questions about being an author and writing and publishing. Disney Hyperion will also ask Mr. Hale to summarize his book in one tweet! I’m looking forward to that! 🙂  Look for hashtag #PlayingWithFire!  Hope to see TWEET you there!


Now to the review!


By Michael Ende
240 pages – ages 12+
Published by McSweeney’s McMullens Anniversary Edition edition on August 13, 2013

Momo is a young orphan girl living by herself in an abandoned amphitheater who has many friends from town because Momo listens. Momo is so good at listening that people from town come to tell her their troubles and Momo makes them feel good again. Momo also helps kids imagine. But it all changes when the “gray men” come to town and start to convince the townspeople to “save” time by doing things very quickly. In reality, everyone who agrees loses time and becomes super grumpy! No one visits Momo anymore except for the kids, who have no where else to go. Momo realizes she must save everyone from the gray men.

This edition of Momo is a 40th anniversary edition (just released yesterday!) and it is a MUST READ book. The plot of this book is very unlike anything I’ve read. It is unique and fun to read. I love Master Hora, the guy in charge of keeping time going. He’s cool. I like the idea of the gray men as bad guys. They are really creepy. Momo is a great character. I like her “power!” I wish I had a power like that. I love the adventure in this book! I really like Cassiopeia, Master Hora’s turtle, which can see exactly 30 minutes into the future and she can also “talk” by having letters appear on her shell to spell out sentences. I find that very cool. The illustrations scattered through the book are awesome. I like the last picture – Cassiopeia showing two words that appear only to the readers – The End!

I give this book 5 out of 5 book worms!fivebooks

PS – My parents were surprised I never heard of or read “The Never Ending Story,” Mr. Ende’s most popular book (he wrote Momo six years earlier than The Never Ending Story). Guess what I will be checking out of the library next? 😉


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  1. I’d never read this one, which seems silly since his books are so popular. Thanks, I just putit on hold!

  2. We have this book on our bookshelf. It’s been there a very long time. I’ve never read it, but the Mom Person likes it quite a bit. And you’re in for a real treat with the Neverending Story!! Enjoy!

  3. Enjoy the twitter party today Erik. Your timing for reviewing Ende’s books was great. I’ll have to admit I think I’ve heard of the Never Ending Story, but haven’t read any of Ende’s books. Thanks for the introduction!

  4. I have never heard of this one. But- you have made me add it to my list. It does sound so unique and I am surprised that it was written so long ago- because I was first thinking the “busy people” were inspired by everyone on their cell phones and computers. 🙂 Can’t wait to check this out. Hope you enjoy the book (and movie) of The Never Ending Story. Sorry I missed the Twitter party! Hope it was a blast.

  5. This book is an all-time favorite in our home, which is a sailboat named — guess what? — Momo. I first read Momo when I lived in Germany in the 1980s — it’s a must-read for every German child and I dare say more cherished there than the much-translated and reviewed Never Ending Story. I have carried it with me ever since.

    Rethinking what is important, why time and busy-ness chase people (or do people chase them?) till they lose sight of life’s color and meaning — that is at the heart of this book. We could not think of a better name for our boat (and it’s easy to say in any language), which has carried our family around for more than ten years at a very very slow pace. Our dinghy (which is kinda like our car) is called Beppo.

    Lovely seeing your review!

  6. Erik, how’ve you been? I heard about MOMO few years ago, put the title on my to-read list and haven’t been able to find it anywhere. But I am still curious. And I will hunt down a copy! Thanks for the reminder. So happy this is one of the best books you’ve read this year.

  7. Erik! I’m so glad to see Momo here. Just to let you know, my GatheringReaders book club has also chosen “The Neverending Story” for our required reading for our Fantasy Special in December. I love the film – have you seen it yet? 🙂

  8. I started the Never Ending Story last year. I had watched the movie and was interested in the book, but it’s a long one, and as I was finishing Taylor 1, I just didn’t commit the time it would take to get through it. Maybe I’ll make another attempt someday. Let us know how you like it!

  9. Well. Isn’t this a surprise! My family loves The Neverending Story; we discovered it years ago when our daughters were children, BUT, I do not know this title Momo! How did we miss that? Thanks for being such a great reader and reviewer, Erik.

  10. Momo sounds fascinating! My daughter and I loved The Never Ending Story when she was your age. I will check it out.

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