J.J. Bear by Tosca Schauer

jjbearJ.J. Bear

by Tosca Schauer

28 pages – ages 4+

Publisher: AbbottPress (January 28, 2013)

J.J. Bear was a teddy bear who was sad to be stuffed in a box and left in a factory.  (J.J. was brought in by a the owner of the factory whose grandchildren outgrew J.J. and some other toys). Then J.J. met Charley the Company Cat. Charlie and J.J. became friends and J.J. told Charlie how sad he was not to have a home. Charley came up with an idea! He would push the box the toys were in over the edge of the shelf they were on, so somebody would notice J.J.!

The story of J.J. is adorable and would make a nice read aloud for parents and kids. The characters are cute and the the story reads nicely. I am calling the book a good book not a great book because of the formatting and the illustrations in the book. The book is a picture book and the pictures are as important as the story. First J.J. is drawn with a nose and he isn’t supposed to have one until the end of the book (something my little sister saw right away). Maybe it’s because I am a kid but, I like a talking teddy bear to be drawn with a mouth. I thought the illustrations were cute, but a little drab in color. There were also too many words on the pages making it look crowded in some places. This could have easily been a 32 page picture book. Having said that, the story is very good and I think any kid would like to have it read to them!

I give this book with a great story and okay illustrations 3 out of 5 book worms!threebooks

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  1. This reminds me very much of Corduroy. My daughter LOVED Corduroy when she was little, and it sound like this has the same kid appeal. Insightful review, Erik.

  2. I also thought of Corduroy and the Velveteen Rabbit. It sounds like a lovely read. Enjoyed your honest review, Erik!

  3. Good observations, Erik. I also thought of Corduroy, and also Paddington, whose creator, Michael Bond, “rescued” a left behind bear at a department store.

  4. Can’t fool Josie. She is a visual person and obviously on the ball! I might take a look at it out of curiosity. Thanks, E.

  5. Cat book. Ugh. I hope Mom writes a book about me and my teddy bear. …oh – that’s right, my friend Lila ATE my teddy bear. 🙁

    Love and licks,

  6. Great review Erik! I think it’s important to point out when the illustrations just don’t cut it. I do agree that illustrations are super-important in PICTURE BOOKS! Good eyes! 🙂

  7. Looks like a nice story Erik. I just want to apologise for my lack of presence lately. My computer is at the emergency department of the hospital being fixed, I hope!

  8. I like the cover. It looks nice. I’d like to have seen a page from the inside. The story is cute. Cats knock things off tables and shelves all the time. Too bad the illustrations didn’t pay attention to the text and that the text didn’t spread and use those 4 extra pages. All is all it looks like a good story. Nice review, Erik!

  9. Good review Erik! I really like the cover, but you’re right that the pictures need to match the story.

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