Charis Journey To Pandora’s Jar by Nicole Walters

charisCharis Journey To Pandora’s Jar

by Nicole Y. Walters

214 pages – ages 10+

Published by Booktrope Editions on May 11, 2013

Charis is stunned to learn that she is the chosen one and that the Greek myths really aren’t myths. She is the 13-year old mortal girl who was chosen to undo all the evil that Pandora did when she opened the jar. Hades found the jar after it went missing for years and years. Hades is determined not to let the jar be opened so Hope can’t be released. Hermes steals the jar  and hides it so Hades can’t continue with his plan. Now it is up to Charis and her friend Gabe to release Hope before it is too late.

I am a fan of mythology. I was happy that Ms. Walters was careful to stay true to the Greek myths in this book. The dialogue between Gabe and Charis (two modern teenagers) was natural and believable. Charis is a great heroine. She is strong, smart, brave and admirable. It is great to read a book with such a great female lead character. The plot was good and I really like the main idea of it (the battle to open Pandora’s Jar). The illustrations scattered throughout the book were nice. The story was a quick read for me and I would have loved some more details in it as far as the myth background and why Charis is the chosen one.  Don’t think Charis is  just a female Percy Jackson! She is an awesome hero that is unique and interesting. The story told by Ms. Walters was totally enjoyable and I hope to read another Charis adventure soon!

Four out of five bookworms for Charis. fourbooks

To learn more about Ms. Walters and Charis, please visit the book’s official website HERE!

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  1. There are lots of stories out about mythology, but Pandora is often an intriguing one to see modernized in a tale. Thanks for sharing your review 🙂

  2. I enjoy mythology, too, but honestly, I’m burning out on it. Not to say there can’t be great stories out there, but I’m seeing it everywhere.

  3. I am a big myth fan, too, Erik! I haven’t read a modern Pandora tale in a while.

  4. This book sounds interesting, Erik. I wonder if you’d enjoy Kate McMullan’s “Myth-o-Mania” series. They’re funny books that sort of turn the myths upside down and look at the stories in a new way. There are several titles in the series, the one I’ve read is “Keep a Lid on it, Pandora!”

  5. Sounds great, Erik. I haven’t found an awful lot of kids’ books on mythology, so it would be good to read this.

  6. I love a strong female character, too. She reminds me of myself. ….I mean the opposite of myself.

    Love and licks,

  7. Glad to see that there is a work of fiction for kids dealing with mythology. Pandora was not my favorite, but I imagine that updated it would be a fun read. Great review.

  8. The book cover looks fun, Erik. I am not as familiar with my mythology as I should be. Maybe we should devote an entire year in GatheringBooks just unpacking myths from all over and its many modern variations. 🙂

  9. I like the cover! There are a lot of mythology based books out and about and I don’t get to read many of them. But I like the idea of a girl hero. I don’t think there are many of those. Thanks for the great review!

  10. What a great way to introduce children to mythology. You know I love a book with a great female lead character!


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