Choose Your Own Path: Quest for the Dragon’s Treasure by Gerry Gaston

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Choose Your Own Path: Quest for the Dragon’s Treasure

Author: Gerry Gaston

Illustrated by Laura Livi

Format: Children’s Picture Book

66 pages – ages 4-8 yrs

HERE YE, HERE YE! The king’s royal crown has been stolen by a terrible red dragon! Many have tried to get it back, but no one has succeeded! Calling all brave knights! You must choose your own path. Will it be the right one?

I have to admit I think the choose your own path type of story like this works better as an ebook than a paper book. Because it is an ebook the whole interactive part works a lot better (and I can’t flip back through the pages and kind of cheat to see where I am going 😉 ). I love the choose your own adventure idea for books. It makes me feel like I am the character in the story. I like the fantasy element in the book – dragons and stolen treasure. It is a good theme for kids. The creatures in the book are cool. The illustrations are great. They fill the page and have plenty to look at. Have a look –


The “choose your own”  part of the book was easy to use. You could easily go back if you wanted to turn around. It worked really well.

Five out of five bookworms for this adventure! fivebooks

This is the second Choose your own Path book I reviewed by Gerry Gaston. See the first HERE!

The book is  available as an ebook on Amazon. Click HERE to go THERE.

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  1. I agree. The choose your own path story makes the reading is very interactive make the read more of adventure as well.

  2. The follow your own path books would work best on eBook since it has an interactive aspect to it. This one sounds like fun. I could see you writing an interactive book with your engineering interests. Enjoyed seeing the interactive pages. Nice review.

  3. Sounds great Erik- The red dragon. I thought only Wales had red dragons! I left a comment on your post on Ms. Isenhoff’s blog about your book too! Bravo all around!

  4. When the Mom Person’s kids were wee tykes, long before I knew them, there was a series of Choose Your Own Adventure books that they loved!! We still have them on our bookshelf. This was way before ebooks and they had to turn the pages, but they evidently had no problem with that. I can see that it would be pretty cool in an ebook tho. Like a video game. And I agree with Ms Tilton, maybe Tomato and Pea’s next adventure should be an interactive one!!

  5. I have always found choose your own adventure books to be very fun! This one sounds awesome. I have never read one on an ereader. Great review!

  6. The illustration looks absolutely great. I used to enjoy choose your own adventure type of books when I was younger. 🙂

  7. Awesome cover. Made me stop and look and stare. Would make me do the same in a bookstore.

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