Perfect Picture Book Friday! Chippy Chipmunk: Parties in the Garden by Kathy M Miller


Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday. It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people. The feature has been on vacation for the summer, but it is BACK! I chose this book because I love how it combines photography with a great story! I have great news too! I have a copy of my PPB pick to give away (so be sure to read to the bottom 😉 )!

chippythechipmunkChippy Chipmunk: Parties in the Garden

By Kathy M Miller

40 pages – ages 6+

Published by Celtic Sunrise; 2nd Printing edition (September 30, 2009)

Theme/Topic – Photography / nature / chipmunks

Opening and Synopsis –

“Chippy the Chipmunk awoke from his long winter nap. Feeling hungry, he scampered up to the top of  a big rock and listened for signs of danger.”

Why I liked this book – Well for one, the photography! It is just awesome! If you click HERE you can see some of the interior pages at Ms. Miller’s website. Anyway, I love the idea of this book!  Taking pictures of an animal and making it into a cute, believable story!  The thing I like most about the pictures is the action spots – very cool! Ms. Miller is a wizard with a camera! Plus she has made a cute story to go with the pictures. Kids can read along to learn about Chippy’s day and all he does and even some dangers he faces! Kids will love the Chippy books!

Activities and Resources –

I found a cool website with all kinds of chipmunk information (called 😉 ) click HERE to go THERE

At the Artists Helping Children’s website there is a cute chipmunk mask you can print out. Click HERE.

You can learn more about Ms. Miller and her award-winning books (Chippy has won 35 national awards!), including the second Chippy book – “Babies in the Garden,” by visiting her website HERE.


BUT, the best activity I can think of is to dress up as a giant chipmunk and terrorize bring happiness to children everywhere.

This brings me to the next part of my blog post –


The Columbia County Library needed help and I was the kid to do it. Kathy Miller was doing an author event at the library and they needed a volunteer to fill important shoes (or fuzzy feet in this case). I told my librarian, Lydia Kegler “I AM THE KID FOR THE JOB!” And after everyone debated whether it was smart to put an 11-year-old in a giant chipmunk costume, I GOT THE JOB!

I became Chippy Chipmunk for the author event! WOO!???????????????????????????????See! It’s really me in there! compress1

Josie loves Chippy!

???????????????????????????????All the kids love Chippy!


I’ve been to a lot of book signings and I have to say, Ms. Miller put on one of the best presentations I have seen. She had us all acting like chipmunks,

???????????????????????????????and we made a chipmunk burrow. We got to listen to the calls of birds and chipmunks too.

??????????????????????????????? She talked about photographing wildlife and how she has to camouflage herself when taking pictures.

???????????????????????????????It was a great time! Ms. Miller is very nice and she liked how I played Chippy so she gave me a signed copy of her book to give away on my blog! To enter, just comment below! I will announce the winner next week on Perfect Picture Book Friday! YAY!


To find more Perfect Picture Books please visit Susanna Hill’s blog  HERE!


Before you go – if you get a chance PLEASE visit Julie Grasso’s (author of the super awesome books Escape from the Forbidden Planet and Return to Cardamom) blog HERE for her review of my book – The Adventures of Tomato and Pea and Beth Stilborn’s blog HERE for a chance to WIN a copy of my book 😀

They are the latest stops on –


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  1. I bet that was a wonderful experience, Erik. The burrow idea is super! What a cute book. Have you found a tomato costume yet?

  2. That is a totally awesome title, Erik! And I LOVE books with animal photography. I’m so excited about the giveaway. This sounds like a great book. Loved seeing you dressed up as a giant chipmunk 🙂 My step-son used to dress up as a giant blue mustang (his school mascot) and gallop up and down the sidelines at basketball games when his team scored! 🙂 The costume was very hot but he had fun 🙂

  3. How FUN! You make a great chipmunk! Now I’m off to catch up on your tour…

  4. Since my kiddo’s nickname is Chipmunk, this appealed to me right away. It looks like you did a great job as Chippy and all involved had a wonderful time for the book signing 🙂

  5. First: I am SO PROUD of you for having a book published!! I did not know. And how could I MISS this event!! *YAY* you!!

    Second: I Love love love that you dressed up as a chipmunk to help promote Kathy Miller’s book. You are one great Kid. So happy to finally catch up with you and learn these things about you.

    Third: I am so Happy PPBF is back. I have missed it terribly. “Chippy Chipmunk” sounds so cute and educational. I have to find a copy. I think Kathy Miller is imaginative in taking photo’s and writing a story to go with it. Great idea. Kids love animals and chipmunks are adorable and relateable. (That’s a word I just made up) anyway, Yes, Chipmunks can teach kids a lot and kids relate to animals.

    Fourth: I am off to read about your blog tour RIGHT NOW!

    • First: THANK YOU!!! And CONGRATS on your book (again) too! 😀

      Second: I LOVED dressing up as a chipmunk! 😀

      Third: This is a great PB! I think you would like it! The idea, and the pictures, are very cute! 😀

      Fourth: Thanks for following along on the tour! 😀

      • Well, as much as I would love to win an autographed copy, I am so proud of you, I went and bought two copies. I bought one book for myself and one for my grandson. IF I win a copy I will give my own copy, not the autographed one, to a young friend of mine. A boy of nine. (maybe I should have b ought three copies, ha ha. ) well I know where to get them. 🙂

        Thanks, Erik. 🙂

      • Thank you Ms. Bowman-Jahn! I hope you like my story! 😀

  6. I used to love chipmunks until they ate all the flowers out of my mother’s planters! You were right with the terrorize verb. They’re just cute to lull us into letting them near. . . .The book looks adorable though, so maybe it could change my mind.

    • Oh, I meant me in costume scaring the little kids. Not the li’l critters terrorizing the neighborhood. 🙂 The ironic thing is, I hate people in costumes. They frighten my nerves away. I become shy, scared, and seldom get within 20 feet of the people/animals/things. 😛

  7. You are one amazing kid! I love chipmunks and have a yard full of them. I would like to read this book. It sounds fantastic!

  8. You are one great kid! I love chipmunks and have a yard full of them. I can even feed them out of my hand. All the best in your adventures with writing.

  9. This books sounds like a cross between fiction/nonfiction. I checked out her website and love the books illustrations. This book looks like it will be a hit with kids. Sounds like Kathy really had a great event for kids! I particularly enjoyed seeing you dressed as a chipmunk — now you can cross that off your Bucket List of things to do in this life. Josie has grown too and looks cute.

    • The book has nonfiction pictures, but Ms. Miller put them together and made a fictional story. Altogether, it’s very adorable. Think CUTE *BABY* ANIMALS (minus the baby, but that’s beside the point) and CUTER STORY. Put them together, and you have this book! 😀

  10. Okay I MUST get this book because when I was a child, I used to sit for hours on our deck with peanuts getting “chippy” to eat out of my hand. And you in that costume? Priceless! 🙂

  11. Super Erik is now super chipmunk? What a great way to assist another author. You made a great chipmunk and this may be our favorite post of the week yet. Thank you for sharing the book and pictures with us all.We are with Catherine – did you find a Tomato costume yet? Sounds like a custom made alien suit, huh?
    Off to visit your stop at Beth’s blog…
    Stanley, Katrina, Neighbor Girl & Cool Mom

  12. This book sounds great, as do your activities. The BEST part was seeing you as Chippy — you make a fantastic chipmunk, Erik. You can add Chipmunk to your list of career options!

    I’m having fun with your blog tour — I’m off to Ms. Grasso’s blog now!

  13. I like to chase chipmunks and squirrels. I’ve never tasted one, but they look delicious. Don’t worrry, E., you’re too big for me to take on. But I would love to cuddle with you in the chipmunk suit! It looks fluffy…

    Love and licks,

  14. That costume is just awesome. I have never yet seen a chipmunk and want to even more after this post and recommendation.

  15. Adorable! I LOVE chippies and Ms. Miller’s photography intrigues me. Thanks for the terrific post.

  16. Erik! I am so proud of all that you have accomplished. Dr. Gaugler stopped by my classroom today to show me your published book and I just bought a copy to put in my classroom library. Remember what I always told you…don’t forget your 3rd grade teacher when you become famous 🙂

    Keep up the good work! This is just the start of an amazing journey for you!

    • HI Mrs. Hower!!! (side note – Everyone who is reading my comments – Mrs. Hower is my AWESOME third grade teacher from my old school!!! 😀 ) I hope you and your class like my book! Thank you for commenting on my blog Mrs. Hower! I hope I can stop by some day and see everyone!

  17. This looks like a fun event! How great that you got to be Chippy for the day.

  18. cute review! I especially like Erik in the chipmunk suit.

  19. Wow! What a great event! Giant chipmunks! What a great way to present a book. Yes, you definitely need a Tomato costume. But then you need a Pea as well! This book sounds cute. I like books with real pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I love the story idea and the photos. We have several chipmunks living under our deck so I can relate. You are such a supportive and enthusiastic person to don the costume for Chippy. I substituted at an event one time for a 15 min. stint in a costume like that. When I was done you could have wrung out my clothes and had enough for a bath. (Sorry, is that TMI?) And congrats on your book!! I plan to purchase on my next trip to Amazon—wouldn’t dare miss a book written by a person I admire so much!

  21. I am late to this post, and would have loved! to win the signed book, but what I really love are the pictures of you on your first book tour, albeit only one stop! What a fun thing to do. I bet it was a riot in the chipmunk suit and probably very liberating. I’ve heard people feel less introverted inside mascots and such. Probably why Halloween is such a huge holiday.

    You are having a great year, kiddo. I hope this continues for the rest of your life!! 🙂

  22. chipmunks! my daughter absolutely loved the movie about the chipmunks and I have a feeling she’d enjoy this picture book too. I loved your photographs, Erik! So cool for you to have that wonderful costume (although I’m sure it must have caused you quite a bit of discomfort).


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