Creative Kid Thursday! Meet Kid Author Abigail Brand!

Have I got an AWESOME Creative Kid to tell you about today!

Meet Abigail Brand!

I learned about Abigail and the great books she writes after reading about her in a local newspaper. I learned that she has written several books in her series  called “Hello Little” and that she hand-wrote, illustrated and self-published them! PLUS Abigail donates part of the sales of her books to a Local Hospital’s NICU center!  (Told you she is awesome 🙂 )
I asked Abigail if she would answer some interview questions.
Erik – How old are you and in what grade?
Abigail – I’m 8 years old and I’m in 3rd grade.
Erik – How did you get the idea for your first book and when did you write it?2012-01-24_19-52-39_455
Abigail – I wrote my first published book when I was 5. I had just turned 6 when I published it. I always have so many ideas for books. I had actually written my first book when I was 4, but that one is not published. For the first book of the Hello Little Series, I brainstormed a bunch of ideas that I had for another book and chose the one that I felt the most inspired by.
Erik – That seems like a great way to get ideas, Abigail! Can you tell us about how you decided to donate your profits to NICU hospitals?
Abigail – When my baby sister was born, she needed to be seen by the NICU. She turned out to be fine, but I was really concerned for all the little babies who need to stay in the NICU for a long time. I decided that I wanted to help and so I donate half of the sale of my books to Lehigh Valley Hospital.
Erik – That’s awesome! I read on your website that you have raised nearly $900.00 for the Lehigh Valley NICU center! What else do you like to do besides write books and what do you want to be when you grow up?
Abigail – I like to play with my sisters, ride my skateboard, swim, read, and play games. When I grow up I want to be an elementary school teacher.
Erik – You are a very active kid! Besides your own, what is your favorite book?
Abigail – My favorite author/poet is Shel Silverstein and I really like the Junie B. Jones series, by Barbara Park, but my favorite book of all time is Dr. Suess’s “Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?”
Erik – I love Shel Silverstein too! Thank you for doing this interview, Abigail!
You can find out more about Abigail and purchase her books at her website CLICK HERE and you can go there! Abigail’s website is really great. I found out she even has one of her books translated into Spanish!
You can follow Abigail on Twitter @HelloLittle and LIKE her on Facebook – click HERE.

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  1. Abigail, the world needs wonderful elementary school teachers. You already are a fantastic writer. I’m sure you’ll achieve whatever you set your mind to.

  2. Terrific interview! Way to go Abigail! Such an inspiration to kids of all ages.

  3. Oh wow! Loved hearing about Abigail and her books. She’s a good writer and artist, and a great inspiration to us all. Thanks for the wonderful interview :)!

  4. Great interview Erik and great to meet you Abigail. Keep up the wonderful work and keep writing! Shel Silverstein, Dr. Suess are two of my favorites too!

    Paul R. Hewlett

  5. Thanks for introducing us to Abigail, Erik. It sounds like she is well on her way to enriching the world around her. Keep up the great work, Abigail. I am enamored with your cloud art!

  6. I really enjoyed this interview. Lovely learning about Abigail 🙂

  7. Great interview, Erik and Abigail! Abigail, I love the idea of your “Hello Little” series. What a perfect set of titles for books that help raise money for the littlest people of all. It’s so inspiring that you not only write but want to help people and have found a way to do that!

  8. Brava Abigail. You have a creative spirit, that’s for sure. May it carry you far. Bravo Erik for featuring this magical girl.

  9. What an inspiring story about Abigal! Your ideas are very creative and you are a talented artist with a huge heart! I loved reading your story. Thank you Erik for sharing Abigail with us!

  10. This interview rocks. I love Abigail’s story, heart and art!

  11. Super, Abigail! You’re an inspiration. Heading to your Facebook page…

  12. Abigail is awesome! She draws like my mom! I love how caring she is. I wish I could lick her face. And her neck. And her arms. And her fingers. And…..

    Love and a million licks,

  13. Wow! Abigail really is one creative kid! I am very impressed.

  14. I’m glad you found Abigail and interviewed her. What a sweet young woman with a lot of talent and a big heart.

  15. Nice interview! Superkid supports, inspires and promotes other kid authors! How wonderful!

  16. Fantastic interview. We love meeting creative kids like Abigail (and you!) Abigail, keep up the great work – we love what you are doing!
    ~Stanley & Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge

  17. Nice interview Erik!

    Wow! Abigail, what an influence you must have on the kids around you. $1800 is a lot of money for your work so far. You must be so proud of the help you have given the hospital. Bravo! I love what you are doing.

    Please keep up the great work–BOTH Erik and Abigail! 🙂

  18. Wishing Abigail the best of luck! She has accomplished a lot and I love that she donates her money to such a good cause. 🙂 How kind!

    Shel Silverstein is one of my favorites! His poems just crack me up. 🙂

  19. Erik, you have a talent for finding awesome kids like yourself. I guess you awesome kids attract each other like my blond hair to black pants. I really like Abigail’s idea of the Little Series. I’m going to have to check in to those. I like her clouds. Thanks for sharing this great, inspiring interview!

  20. Well, hello there Abigail! She really is very pretty and highly creative. I love how her handwriting can actually be made into a computer font! So neat. 🙂 And wow, talk about publishing at an early age. You kids are amazing (that includes you too, Erik).

  21. Abigail, you have a wonderful future ahead of you! Thanks, Erik, for introducing us to her. The world is in good hands with the both of you. You are an inspiration to all- young and old!


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