A Boy and His Bike by Harry Breiner

boyandbikeA Boy and His Bike

By Harry Breiner

Illustrated by Jeannie Corrandino

24 pages – ages 4+

Published by Unthinkable Creations on May 9, 2013

This story shows that with a little imagination, a boy and his bike can go anywhere or be anything. He can be riding on a horse, flying in a rocket, going on fabulous adventures! Just IMAGINE! 🙂

I really like the idea of this book. It’s true. I used to imagine things like this when I was old enough to ride a bike. I think this book will inspire many kids! The book is a good reading level for age 6+ but I think younger kids would like it as a read aloud. The inside of the book has cool altered pictures that make it look like the colors are coming off the picture into the white space. The interior images kind of look like a cross between a painting and a photograph. The cover photo has some of this but it isn’t nearly as cool as the ones inside. I wish they would have done that with the cover. There aren’t that many words on the pages so it isn’t too difficult for young kids.

I give A Boy and His Bike Four out of Five bookworms! fourbooks

A great activity you can do with your kids is read the book and then watch this video with Danny MacAskill (his bike riding skills are epic) and talk about all the cool things you can imagine with just you and your bike (I like to pretend I am a spy on an important mission, or a superhero (who can’t fly) going somewhere in a jet. 🙂 ).

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  1. Wow! What a totally cool video! Amazing!

    Sounds like a good premise for a book — I used to pretend I was riding a horse on my bike. 🙂

  2. I have a picture book draft a bit like this. I need to finish more 😉 Good one Erik

  3. The track reminds me of hot wheels’ orange tracks. Ny bike and I were unseperable until I learned to drive. Sorry bike. 😀 Nice review.

  4. What a fun book. I like using my imagination. Sometimes I use it to imagine things that are trying to kill me.

    Love and licks,

  5. The cover is nostalgic. Sounds like another great book Erik. Loved the video!

  6. I have yet to learn how to ride a bicycle. I know I know. 🙁

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