Double Vision: Code Name 711 by F.T. Bradley Review and Giveaway!

Happy Monday!

Time for a Reading for Renn update!

That’s right, 84 points! I also have a couple of books I am taking tests on today (Its Halloween and I’m Turning Green by Dan Gutman, Bluffton by Matt Phelan, Escape from Mr. Lemonchello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein and Harriet the Spy By Louise Fitzhugh). I had a busy weekend of reading! WOO!


Now on to today’s review PLUS I get to give away a copy of this great Middle Grade book! Read to the end to see how  to enter!


Double Vision: Code Name 711

By F.T. Bradley

256 pages – ages 8+

Series: Double Vision

Published by HarperCollins on October 15, 2013

Linc Baker didn’t want to be a spy, he wanted to be just a regular kid. When he was recruited by a top-secret agency, Pandora, he was kind of annoyed. Luckily, he completed the mission, saved the world, blah blah blah, and he was called out of action. Well, he was out of action until now. When a secret agent steps out of a black car and asks for Linc, he knows Pandora is looking for him to go on another mission. To make matters worse, Linc is on the same case as agent Benjamin Green, an agent that looks exactly like Linc but is totally annoying and no friend to Linc.  Linc flies out to Washington D.C. to get his mission. Apparently, George Washington’s coat makes the wearer invincible and the coat has gone missing. A villain named “Dagger” plans to kill the president while wearing the coat. Linc and Ben need to find it, but they hate each other. They do what any two feuding agents would do. They make it a competition. Linc finds an ally in Amy, the president’s daughter. Together Linc and Amy set out to stop Dagger, save the president, and show up Ben.

Code Name 711 is the second book in the Double Vision Trilogy. Double Vision (Published in October 2012). doublevisionThe books do not have to be read in order because I was completely into this story even though I didn’t read the first book in the series (although Double Vision is now on my must read list). I really liked this book. Ms. Bradley writes an adventure story that is exciting and interesting and totally appropriate for middle grade readers. I love that it takes place Washington DC and that it involves history a little bit. Linc is an awesome character. He is very realistic and believable as a kid. I like that he has the assignment to guard the FIrst Daughter (Amy) and that they make a good team in trying to defeat Dagger. The idea of two people looking exactly alike (Linc and Ben) and that they hate each other is hysterical.  I like the idea of the “Dangerous Doubles” in the book (things in history that have a magical power that had to have a copy made to make it less suspicious). Ms. Bradley has a great writing style and wrote a thrilling spy adventure for kids. I can’t wait to read Book 1, and then, I’ll wait for Book 3!


I give this book 5 out of 5 book worms!

To learn more about the Double Vision series, please visit the book’s official website HERE!

Visit Ms. Bradley’s website HERE or follow her on Twitter @FTBradleyAuthor.


One lucky commenter’s name will be chosen out of a hat by my sister Josie on October 26th. I will announce the winner on October 27th. To enter, tell me what code name you would use if you were a secret agent (or you could just say I REALLY want to win this book if you can’t think of a good code name).

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  1. Code Name Verity. That’s what I would call myself.

  2. Great review! And hooray for 84 points!

    Code Name Pork Belly 🙂

  3. This series looks really fun! Adding to my list… And you can call me Agent Ghostwriter. (Hee, hee, I’ve always liked that word.)

  4. Code name: SPY (who would suspect, right?) And I would love to win this book. Great post, Erik!

  5. Well, this sounds like a pretty crazy story! I think I will be Agent Bacon. And I would like to have an evil twin too.

  6. This story is packed with thrilling action! I like that it inolves a bit of history.

  7. Hey Erik–I see “It’s Halloween, I’m Turning Green!” is popular today… you’re taking a test on it and I’ve posted a review of it on my blog! Funny stuff. See my thoughts at
    Good luck! Marty

  8. Definitely adding this to my list in case I’m not so lucky as to win a copy. Sounds like fun and a book my MG mc would love too!

  9. Great review. Always love a good spy story. Agent HAWKEYE reporting for duty.

  10. Code name: SPY (Who would suspect, right?) And I’d love to win the book! Great post Erik and best of luck with your reading for Renn.

  11. Hurrah for 84 points and counting.

    These sound like real fast-paced, plot-twisty reads, Erik.

  12. More spy books, awesome Erik! 84 points go you.

  13. Great job on the Reading Points!

    Neighbor Girl’s Code Name: That Person
    Katrina’s Code Name: Spy von Spy the master of Spying and Slinking
    Stanley’s Code Name: Bones
    Zorg’s Code Name: I’m supposed to think of this off the top of my head?

    Answers collected by Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom & Knowledge

    • Great job collecting the codenames, Katrina, or shall I say, Spy von Spy the master of Spying and Slinking? I think you should get Agent I’m supposed to think of this off the top of my head? reading some spy books. He needs a better codename. 😉

  14. I enjoyed the first book in this series, so I’d love to read this. What code name would I use? Um, how about Four Eyes?

    Congrats on 84 books! Keep going!

  15. Well done for all your reading points and for delivering another great review! 🙂

  16. Great giveaway/post. I would be the Agent Stealth.

  17. It’s good to see series books that don’t necessarily have to be read in order. Although my obsessive-compulsive-teacher-like nature would still want me to read them in order. hehe. These books look fun. 🙂


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