Book review! I’m the Scariest Thing in the Jungle! by David G. Derrick Jr

scariestthingI’m the Scariest Thing in the Jungle!

Written and Illustrated by David G. Derrick Jr

36 pages – ages 3 – 8 years

Published by Immedium on October 8, 2013

Summary- The two GREATEST BEASTS in India face-off in a one-up competition to figure out just who is the scariest thing in the jungle. These pint-sized predators try to show the other why they are the scariest thing! But when they lose sight of their mommies the little tiger and baby alligator figure out  there may be something even more scary than themselves.

Opinion- First off, the illustrations are beautiful (I think they are water-color)!  I love the illustrations with the other animals watching the two predator babies – argue. 🙂 Besides the awesome illustrations, the book is written very well. The conversation between the alligator and tiger really sounds like two kids fighting about who is the best. I like the bragging between the alligator and the tiger – it gets pretty fun! The ending was really nice. I like the sweetness of it and how it shows that even the toughest of predators need their moms. 🙂  The end pages are really nice too. There are illustrations of all the animals in the book together, nice touch. Also the bragging and illustrations teach kids about tigers and alligators (things like the tiger’s camouflage and the alligator’s tough skin).

Five out of five bookworms for I’m The Scariest Thing In The Jungle! fivebooks

You can see what the beautiful interior illustrations look like in the book’s trailer below or check them out at Mr. Derrick’s website – Click HERE to go THERE! Mr. Derrick also has teachers guides for “I’m The Scariest Thing In The Jungle” and his other books at his website (click HERE).

About the author-

David Derrick is a story artist at DreamWorks Feature Animation on the films Megamind, How to Train Your Dragon, Bee
Movie and Flushed Away, and the upcoming Rise of the Guardians, based upon a book by William Joyce. He is the author of
Sid the Squid and the Search for the Perfect Job. A sculptor of wildlife in bronze, he studied fine art at the University of Utah
and graduated from California Institute of the Arts (CALARTS), where his films won a student Emmy award. Please visit his website by clicking HERE!

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  1. There’s always a greater threat than we ourselves can pose. Best to learn modesty! Great review.

  2. That certainly sounds like some fun “arguments” you hear among kids all around, especially when there is someone who always wants to be the best. Being a spectator is usually the fun part lol!! Sounds like a fun book. Thanks for the review, Erik.

  3. Sweet! I love when scary guys show their vulnerable side.

    Love and licks,

  4. If you didn’t think anything looked ginormously adorable, this book does!

  5. The artwork looks incredible in this book. And the story sounds like fun.

    And go you, reading 165 books in one month for Renn! That’s fantastic. Let me know how to pay up.

  6. What a cute book trailer! 🙂

  7. Those two look pretty funny! You’re right — just like real kids! Mr Derrick has a pretty impressive bio!

  8. Wow, what a C.V. No wonder the book sounds fabulous! Can’t wait to read this.

  9. Love this artwork! What a cool-sounding story.

  10. What a lovely book. It looks adorable and what an impressive resume Mr. Derrick has!

  11. I always enjoy books where there is upmanship through bragging. You can really see the wit coming through. Thanks for sharing this book, Erik. 🙂

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