The Case of the Blue-Hair Heist by Mandy Broughton

bluehairThe Case of the Blue-Hair Heist

#3 In the Alphabet Girls Series

By Mandy Broughton

147 pages – ages 7+

Published by Cypress Professional Group, PLLC on June 13, 2013

Summary- The junior detective sisters Cece and Dee-Dee (cute names) visit their grandparents house for the holidays. When other people living in the community (the little neighborhood is filled with older/retired people) report that they are missing their costume jewelry, The girls are on the case! But there are a  ton of suspects to go through. Will they ever find who did it?

What I think – This is a good mystery for younger kids. The plot of the story was fun to read and kept me reading. It was a pretty quick read for me and the story was easy to follow. I didn’t see an age range for the book, but I put it at 7+ because I think advanced younger kids and older kids will enjoy this completely clean-read mystery. My mom had to explain the “Blue-Hair” part of the title to me because I didn’t know that meant an old lady’s hair.  😉  The characters in the books were fun to read about (the old people in the book were kind of zany, except the grandparents of the main characters).  The main characters are nice, though Cece is really the main character. Dee-Dee usually goes out on a limb and just accuses people, but Cece actually takes the time to get solid evidence. Overall it is a fun mystery even young kids can read.

Four out of five bookworms for this kid-friendly mystery! fourbooks


This is the third book in Ms. Broughton’s children’s mystery series – The Alphabet Girls. The first book is NOT “The Cat’s Last Meow” as I said by mistake, “The Cat’s Last Meow” is Ms. Broughton’s ADULT mystery (but the cover is still super cool). The first book in Ms. Broughton’s Alphabet girls series is “Cream Cape and the Case of the Missing Hamster” and the second is “The Case of the Flying Saucer”.

Thank you for correcting me Ms. Broughton!!!




To learn more about Ms. Broughton and her other books, please visit her website HERE.

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  1. Cute cover for the Cat’s Last Meow. I have seen a lot of purple hair back in the day too!

  2. These mystery series really seem to be popular with that age. I can think of several. This one definitely has the best artwork I’ve seen of any of them.

  3. Thanks Erik for the great review! I’m so happy to see my book included with so many other awesome books. I’ve really enjoyed your web-site on finding books for my own kids.

    And I’m thrilled about the nice comments about artwork.

  4. Mystery series are so great for young readers. Gives them things to think about. I’ll have to look into these. Thanks Erik!

  5. Another great spy book for Matthew. Cheers,Erik!

  6. I like the idea of Alphabet Girls. 🙂

    Fun review. Now that you know about blue hair, do you know about bluestockings?

  7. So, Erik, somebody stole a wig? Or does it just mean the crimes are all against blue-haired people? Sounds funny 😀

  8. I like the cover. The author’s name makes me think of embroidery – which would make a cool cover if the entire illustration was embroidered – probably expensive, but cool. The series sounds very interesting. I like that the detectives are girls. Nice review. NIce job on your Reading for Renn. Your, I mean my, donation is in, kiddo.

  9. The book covers all look interesting, Erik. Glad to see a mystery book for younger kids. We don’t have many of that.

  10. This does sound like a funny mystery series for young readers. Always great to learn about new books. 🙂

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