Book tour! Seed Savers Book 3: Heirloom by S. Smith


Today I get to be part of a blog tour for a series I have been reading that I really enjoy. I like this dystopian adventure series because it is very different from a lot of story plots out there!

In book one of this series, Treasure – “In a future where processed food is king and gardening is illegal, three friends secretly study about seeds and growing food. Afraid of being caught by GRIM, siblings Clare and Dante run away one night leaving behind their friend Lily and mentor, Ana.” Check out my review of it HERE. Get the book HERE.

In book two, Lily – “After Clare and Dante leave, Lily sets out to discover why. Along the way she makes new friends and struggles inwardly when a family secret is revealed. Lily must decide what to do and whom she can trust.” Read my review HERE. Get the book HERE.

Now check out the new book!

heirloom front finalSeed Savers Book 3: Heirloom

by S. Smith

314 pages – ages 9+

Published by Sandra L. Smith on November 12, 2013

Clare and Dante now live in Quebec, Canada where they learn about growing food and the history of how the USA came to be the place were growing your own food is illegal.

Lily is travelling across the country (USA) with her friend Arturo to find her father who she thought was dead but has found clues that he isn’t. They have to be careful not to get caught by GRIM on their search and find people they can trust to help them.

I like this series a lot. The idea of a government controlling all the food and not letting people know how to grow their own food is creepy and makes an exciting read. I love how in this book a lot of the “history” of how/why the USA is like this is revealed. It really brings the stories together. This book tells two stories, Lily’s, and Clare and Dante’s. As it went back and forth between the two, though, I found myself drawn to Lily’s story more because it had more action in it and I seemed to like that character more.  The ending was great! It is the kind of ending I would want for a book and it left me feeling really happy I read the first three in this series. I am looking forward to reading book 4 “Keeper” when it comes out! If you are looking for a unique MG series (just a note -the word h*** is used in this book just a couple times, and some parents won’t want that for an MG reader) with a great dystopian world, I recommend The Seed Savers!

Four out of five bookworms for Heirloom


Get a paperback copy of Heirloom  HERE and the Kindle version HERE!

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About the author:

smith 5x7 author

 S. Smith grew up on a farm with a tremendously large garden. She maintains that if you can’t taste the soil on a carrot, it’s not fresh enough. Although she now lives with her husband and three cats in the city, she still manages to grow fruits and vegetables in their backyard garden.

A licensed ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, Ms. Smith has enjoyed teaching students from around the world. Ms. Smith is a member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and an OSU Master Gardener. She gardens and writes at her home in the beautiful and green Pacific Northwest.

To learn more, please visit Ms. Smith’s website HERE.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting read and I really like the cover! Great review, as always!
    ~CM 🙂

  2. Great review, Erik. I’ve enjoyed this series. It’s been perfect for M-man–my gardening buddy–as well. And I agree with Standleyandkatrina. The cover is super.

  3. Ooh, a dystopian series set in Canada…I’m all over this. Thanks, Erik!

  4. There aren’t as many dystopian novels in the middle grade category. Nice to read about this one, though a little scary as well seeing as it seems the plot line could actually happen.

  5. Erik, I’m really glad you liked it and you did a wonderful job with the review. You are such a pro! Thank you for being a part of the tour.

  6. Excellent review and interview Erik. This series intrigues me. Will check it out!

  7. Really like the idea here.

  8. I like gardening. I help out a lot here at the 7 Acre Wood. And I agree with Ms Smith – a carrot is best with some dirt on it. The book sounds pretty scary. I can’t imagine not being able to grow your own stuff. I’ll have to get someone to read this one to me. Thanks for a good review – as always!

  9. Sounds like a cool series, Erik!

  10. I have to tell you—-I’m very curious about the origami on the cover! 😀 Between THE HUNGER GAMES series and the LEGEND series, I’ve become a fan of well-written dystopian. You sure make this sound good, Erik! 😀

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  12. Looks like a fun book, Erik. Again, thank you for sharing your candid thoughts about the language used in books. 🙂 Always very helpful.


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